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Aswang story

Aswang story

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Published by Chino Fernandez
A vampire I wrote back in 2001
A vampire I wrote back in 2001

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Published by: Chino Fernandez on Sep 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chino Fernandez
47 Matimpiin St. Pinyahan1100 Quezon City, Metro ManilaPhilippines(632) 434-10083600 words
In Pursuit of Aswangs
By Chino Fernandez
There was a young Filipino who came home to Manila from his job abroad. Hisname was Juan Tanggulan, and he worked as a paranormal scientist, aninvestigator of strange, unexplainable events who tries to find out theircause and, if a threat, their possible solution. He told his family that hewas going to Capiz province invited by uncle Tadeo to vacation there. Butin fact, since he was also an officer in the U.S. military, he was calledin by his uncle to clandestinely investigate reports of vampires runningrampant in a certain town. He brought with him a team of American andFilipino soldiers.The town was called Manduguan, named from a legend that marked thesite as the former battleground between ancient human heroes andsupernatural forces of evil. But Juan remembers it as a place, when as achild, he would go there on vacations and play and practice in the forestsnear the town, against his uncle’s advice.One day, he met a strange but very beautiful young girl deep in theforest’s heart. She was afraid of exposure to the sun, but she climbed
Chino FernandezIn Pursuit of AswangsPage 2
trees as well as a lizard could and her eyes seemed to glow in the shadows.When she smiled, he noticed two of her teeth were pointed. Then as nightfell, she hurried home, but not before giving her name to Juan: Liwanag.After that, she darted deep into the woods and was never seen again.Juan had wondered if he had dreamed that encounter then, and hoped tofind out for sure in this mission. But for now, he had a job to do.Manduguan remained the primitive rural town it was. All nipa-madebahay-kubos. Dirt roads. The first house he visited was his uncle Tadeo’s,deputy to the town’s captain. He and his wife told Juan of the rash ofeerie events, where children were found so drained of blood, that they hadto be hospitalized, and of people seeing threadlike cords dangling from theroofs or worming through the floor slits at some of these cases. The peoplebelieved that this was the work of aswangs, Filipino vampires.Interviewing other people, Juan learned of strange travelers comingin at night looking for a place to stay. These strangers looked suspiciousbecause of their glowing eyes and tongues that looked pointed when theyspoke. And they were often absent from their provided rooms in the middleof the night. Many of them knew each other. Furthermore, most of them camein generally from the west, where there was an underground war bunkerabandoned since World War II.From these, Juan hypothesized that there was a vampire communityliving in that direction and found the people of Manduguan the nearest foodsource. Upon hearing this, Tadeo and other town elders urged Juan to getrid of all the vampires. Juan wanted to learn more about them, however, andhe said it would be easier to let the aswangs come to him. So he postedsoldiers around in hidden guard positions to watch for any unusual event.He himself roamed around the town to scout areas within.A few nights passed with nothing happening. One night, however, aguard radioed in seeing a group of people, mostly women, coming in from the
Chino FernandezIn Pursuit of AswangsPage 3
forest in the direction of Surayan. They soon stopped behind a mound ofearth while one of them, someone like a young girl, left them and enteredthe town. Juan went to check it out.He spotted the lone girl as she sneaked through the shadows of thetown. She then went under a house where the owners just had a baby. As heknew the parents, he pretended to visit their child while waiting foranything to happen.He was alone beside the sleeping baby when from the slits in thefloor rose an extremely thin, red, snakelike extension that slowly crepttowards the child. Quickly, Juan grabbed it and tied it to a table leg.Then he ordered the family to wait in the room while he went under thehouse.In the dark underneath the house, a pretty young girl was sweatilywaiting for the moment when her tongue met with the soft skin of a humanbaby. Then she would look for the ears or nose and tap the baby’s bloodvessels and suck them. Once finished, she would have had her first taste ofhuman blood.She was sure of her direction when her tongue was suddenly grabbed bysomething above, then it was twisted painfully. She was so startled andfrightened that she quickly tried to pull back her tongue, but it seemed tobe stuck fast to something. Desperately she kept on pulling, but to noavail, until a hand suddenly seized her neck from behind. She screamed outin fear.“No! Please, don’t hurt me! Please!”Then the hand turned her face around to see the incredulous face ofJuan. He was amazed because that girl’s face seemed unusually familiar. Hehazarded a guess.“Liwanag?”The girl stopped screaming but was trembling greatly, and she opened

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