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Herbicidal Maniac: Daisy

Herbicidal Maniac: Daisy

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Published by C.H. SCARLETT
Herbicidal Maniac: Article 1 Daisies
Gives a deeper insight to the herb and its medical uses.
Herbicidal Maniac: Article 1 Daisies
Gives a deeper insight to the herb and its medical uses.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: C.H. SCARLETT on Sep 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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aisy, belonging to the Aster Family
 ,means "Day Eye"
for the simple fact that whennight falls softly over the world, so does a Daisy shut its eyes. Even on shady days, aDaisy is known not to even peek. In Latin, the Daisy's name is
Bellis Perennis
, meaning"beautiful." The reason I'm including the Daisy in our Medical Plant List, is that it growseverywhere-- Europe, Asia, North America, etc--and is very easy to find.
The Daisy, often thought of as a weed much like Dandelion, will grow absolutelyanywhere: paths, lawns, wooded areas, meadows. Accused of being a stubborn weed or
not, doesn’t change the fact that for decades, this plant has been well admired and used
from folklore to remedies.Daisies contain something called saponines and tannins
good stuff.Saponines are famous for kick starting and stimulating the old metabolism, by way ofthe liver and gallbladder. While also being famous for helping the appetite and having amild analgesic (
pain killer
), antispasmodic (
relieving muscle spasms
) effect, as well asaiding gastrointestinal (
stomach and intestines
) functioning. And Tannins, themiraculous good stuff which is also found in Green and Black teas, is considered a bitterastringent, toning tissues and helping to remove the body of toxins. (Note: This is whymany age defying creams now have green tea in them.)Now, while you won't find doctors writing out prescriptions of Daisies, in FolkMedicine the plant was treasured. Not only for its pain killing effects, metabolismsupport, and or all of the wonders I listed above, but also for its ability to purify theblood, relief of gout, rheumatism, lung congestion, illumination of swellings, bruises,varicose veins, sprained muscles, healing of wounds, and many infections includingthat of flu and bronchitis.
The fresh flowers, leaves, and stems can all be dried, stored, and saved for Medicalpurposes.Tea for Metabolism
ne cup of boiling water for every teaspoon
of dried flowers and leaves. Let it soakfor ten minutes, then strain. Drink two to three times a day and remember, the tea canbe mixed with other Metabolism supporting herbs as well.
ake a washcloth and soak it in Daisy tea
(warm or cold--whichever is needed).Then, place the cloth over the desired area.
oak 1 oz of the dried Daisy in 5 oz of Vodka
for a total of two weeks, shaking it upevery day. Strain and then store in a closed bottle. Take twenty-forty drops 3 times aday.
Superstitions & Lore
Wreaths of Daisies were made and placed under children's pillows to protectthem from cramps.
Daisies represented innocence, and modesty, so in the Victorian era popularnaming of sweet young girls was Daisy.
Daisies gave rise to the whole "pluck off a petal--he loves me--pluck off a petal--he loves me not." Another form of this was to name names: Does Jamie love me,
Does Timmy love me, Does…the name you end with on the last petal is the one
you are meant to be with.
Sleep with a Daisy under your pillow and an absent lover shall return to yourbed.
Wearing a Daisy in whatever way shall attract and bring love.
Whoever is lucky enough to pick the first Daisy, which buds in its season shall bepossessed by a spirit of uncontrollable flirting and shall wreak of sexual desire.
A Daisy is of the feminine gender while its planet is Venus. It is represented by theelement of water, governed by the deities of the Norse Goddess Freya,the Greek Goddess Artemis,and the God Thor.The Daisy is famous when doing magic of Lust and or Love.

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