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Published by kylegaze

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Published by: kylegaze on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Data Sheet
M1000Process Alarm Monitor
Reliable Supervision and Control
10 inputs with LED indicationsSupports both NO/NC input contacts10 open collector outputsBuilt-in siren relayText label or alarm descriptionsFirst alarm indicationProgrammable time delays, reset unctions etc.RS232 interace or PC based conigurationRS485 interace or ield-bus communicationStandard MODBUS-RTU protocolAvailable with degree o protection IP54 at rontCertiied or marine use
The SELCO M1000 Process Alarm Monitor is a compact 10 channel programmableunit with many eatures. An input signal originating rom a potential ree contact,normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), will cause the appropriate alarmLEDs to lash and simultaneously the related output will activate. The internal sirenrelay will be activated on the detection o every new alarm.The M1000 unit has indications o frst alarm, ollowing alarms and acknowledgedalarms and possibility o cable ault indication. Multiple M1000 units can beinterconnected to orm a large-scale alarm system.Alarm related parameters like time delays, reset unctions and other eatures canbe conigured by use o 16 programming switches. Alternatively, the M1000 canbe conigured via the built-in RS232 interace rom a standard ANSI / VT100terminal, e.g. a PC with the HyperTerminal application (which is a part o theMicrosot Windows operating system).The M1000 can be conigured or cable monitoring (indication o cable breakand/or short-circuit), and it can be conigured to monitor its own supply andinsulation level.The M1000 is also equipped with a built-in RS485 serial communication interace.The RS485 interace supports the standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, enablingremote equipment to read and write alarm and LED states.
Flush mounted unit with standard measurements of 144 x 144 x 35mm, available with
 protection degrees IP32 or IP54 at the ront.
General Function
The unction described in this sectionassumes that the M1000 unit has beencongured or deault operation – all theprogramming switches are ON and theE²PROM is reset using PC based con-guration.A potential ree contact connected to oneo the 10 input terminals will cause theappropriate alarm channel to activate.The activation o an alarm is indicated by a fashing light in the related LEDsand the activation o the related opencollector output.
First incoming alarm is indicated with a
quick fashing light, ollowing alarmsare indicated with slow fashing light.The LEDs will keep fashing until thealarms are acknowledged, even thoughthe signals have been disconnected romthe input terminals.Pressing the RESET button will acknow-ledge all new alarms and all LEDs willchange to steady light, provided that
Process Alarm Monitor
Figure 1: The M1000 Process alarm monitorwith the Standard IP54 Front.Figure 2: As a spare part SELCO can deliver theM1000 Process alarm monitor with IP32 rontand protruding LEDs.
the related input signals are still presentupon acknowledgement. Pressing theRESET button will also cause the sirenrelay to deactivate.Each open collector output will stayactive as long as the related LEDs are lit.
SELCO is widely known or its line ogenerator controls. But the M1000 is notonly intended or use with generatorsets; today thousands o M1000 unitssurvey alarm points all over the world.The M1000 unit has been installedaboard ships, at chemical plants, atnuclear acilities and many other placeswhere clear and concise alarm monitor-ing is absolutely vital.The M1000 is a versatile andprogrammable process alarm monitorand controller. It can be used or shut-ting down alarm dependent equipmentcontrolled by the unit’s open collectoroutputs.Multiple M1000 units can easily beinterconnected to orm a large-scalealarm system. A number o M1000units can also be used as part o alarge computer based alarm systemwith RS485 / MODBUS based buscommunication.Still, the simplicity can be maintainedwith the text label based design. Besidesinormation on active alarms on the textlabel, you also have inormation onwhich alarms to expect.
Figure 3: Control Room Featuring M1000Process Alarm Monitors.
TEST - terminal 11
Will activate all LEDs to perorm a lamp test.Active when connected to positive supply(terminal 28).
INPUTS - terminals 1-10
Alarm inputs or connection o potentialree contacts, normally open or normallyclosed with positive reerence. Negativereerence is also possible through use oexternal pull-up resistors.
Programming switches S1 -S16 are used or coniguration.The table printed on the rearside o the unit describes theunctions.
GND-REF - terminal 16
Used as a ground reerence or theinsulation monitoring unction. Con-igured by programming switch S15.
ALARM-OUT - terminal 27
Activates when the irst alarm is detected. Used orindication o irst incoming alarm in a multiple unitinstallation. ALARM-OUT is an open collector output.
OUTPUTS - terminals 17-26
Open collector outputs or remote control orelays or external lamps. Operates as“electronic contacts” to minus supply(negative reerence when active).
SIREN - terminals 30-32
Internal siren relay witha potential ree contact,which is activated at anynew alarm.
POWER - terminals 28-29
DC power supply.
RESET - terminal 12
Resets the siren relay and the ALARM-OUTsignal (terminal 27). Flashing light in the LEDs willchange to steady light i the input signal is stillactive. Active when connected to positivesupply (terminal 28).
BLOCK - terminal 13
Will block or new incoming alarms. Active whenconnected to positive supply (terminal 28).
ALARM-IN - terminal 14
Provides indication o irst incomingalarm in a multiple unit installation.
SYNC-IN - terminal 15
Provides synchronization o LEDlashing between units in a multipleunit installation. Conigured byprogramming switch S13.
Interace or ield-buscommunication. Supports MODBUS-RTU or SELCO BUS protocol.
Voltage Monitor Adjustment.
Adjustment o the voltage monitor.
Interace or PC basedconiguration. Cable with RJ11 modularplug can be supplied rom SELCO.
Terminal Connections

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