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ENVY Magazine interview with Ashton Kutcher Part 2

ENVY Magazine interview with Ashton Kutcher Part 2

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Published by Paul Salfen
Ashton Kutcher interviewed about his film Spread in ENVY Magazine by Paul Salfen.
Ashton Kutcher interviewed about his film Spread in ENVY Magazine by Paul Salfen.

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Published by: Paul Salfen on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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love scene. [Laughs] In thismovie, there were so many[sex] scenes that ater a while itstopped being awkward, whichwas kind o scary. That was kindo bizarre. It’s weird when it’s notawkward, and it got to that point.
Well, it certainly looked likefun, especially to the guyswatching the lm
.They’re all easy on the eyes.There are going to be some guysthat will be slightly pissed o atme. They’ll be like, “That son o a bitch! What does that guy notget?
This guy 
 —some guys haveall the un.
It was nice to see AnneHeche again, too. Was thatnice to be able to offerher a juicy role that shedeserved?
Anne blows me away. She’s sogreat—so available, so vulnerable
Unless you’ve been livingunder a rock, you’veprobably been hearingquite a bit about AshtonKutcher lately—well, thevirtual Ashton, anyway. The31-year-old actor/TV host/producer/restaurateurconstantly updates anyonethat cares to hear abouthis life via Twitter, thelatest social networkingcraze. From mundaneposts about his day-to-dayactivities to commentaryon national and celebritynews to intimate picturesof his wife, Demi Moore,Kutcher has made himselfmore available to fansand curiosity seekers, somuch so that he has themost followers of anyone—almost three million.Kutcher even challengedCNN to beat him in numberof Twitter followers. Notsurprisingly, CNN lost.
Kutcher is well-known or hisroles on TV in “That ’70s Show”and “Punk’d” and in flmslike
Dude, Where’s My Car? 
  Just Married
The Butterfy Eect 
, but beyond the screen,the Iowa native and ormermodel has shown promise latelyin entrepreneurial roles thathave showcased his talents inmarketing and business.This month, Kutcher returns tothe big screen in
, wherehe plays Nikki, a jobless playerwho bounces rom place to place,living o o his charm, goodlooks and the open arms andwallets o the women he meets.That is, until he meets his matchin Heather (Margarita Levieva,
), who changeshis perspective on the game.Kutcher admits, “It’s been a longtime since a movie like this hasbeen made, and I think peoplewill appreciate it. It’s rated R or areason [laughs] so people shouldbe ready or a ride, because that’swhat it is.”Kutcher is currently flming
in New York City with
The Ugly Truth
directorRobert Luketic and co-starringKatherine Heigl. The next projectwill be
Valentine’s Day 
, GarryMarshall’s new romantic comedyset or release next year withHollywood powerhouses: JuliaRoberts, Anne Hathaway, JennierGarner, Patrick Dempsey, JessicaBiel and Bradley Cooper. Fromthe set o 
Five Killers
, Kutcherflled in
on everything thathe can’t ft into 140-characterposts.
: Do you know a lot ofpeople that are like yourcharacter in LA?
Ashton Kutcher: I think everyoneis like this character in someway, shape or orm … This is justmore o a dramatic version o what we all are. Think about it:you did something you thoughtwas bad, but it wasn’t as bad asyou thought it was going to be— like when you sneak a beer romyour parents or take a pu rom acigarette behind their backs. It’s acompromised situation …
You are listed as a produceron this lm, but you didquite a bit more to get thislm made than usual,didn’t you?
Everything rom top to bottom,rom choosing the script tohiring the director to hiring theDP to picking the catering all theway through to post-production.I didn’t put up the money but wewent out and got the money. Ibasically gave the tools needed toget the movie made.
And it was really shot in LA,which must have been nice.
Yeah, it was un, and it wasgreat to be in Los Angeles. Thereare so ew movies shot in LosAngeles with a real house andreal things. The cast was antasticand un to hang out with, and westayed within our budget, whichwas nice, but really hard to doshooting out there.
You had quite a few, er,“love scenes” in this lm.Are those as awkward aseveryone says?
I wouldn’t call them “lovescenes.” I think there was one
I thINk It’svaluable toshare myexperIeNces

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