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Published by Dan Feidt

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Published by: Dan Feidt on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Red Flag Dates
Current-13 May - India:
Five-phase staggered general elections
4-15 May - USA:
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty countries meet toprepare for key 2010 conference (New York)
4 May - UK:
May Day
4 May - Czech Republic:
EU-Japan summit in Prague
5 May - Germany:
Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso to visit Berlin
5 May - Europe:
Europe Day and 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe
5 May - Spain:
Socialist Party leader Patxi Lopez to be sworn in asprime minister of Spanish Basque region
5 May - Mexico:
Cinco de Mayo
5 May - Albania:
Martyrs' Day
5 May - Denmark:
Liberation Day
5 May - Ethiopia:
Liberation Day
5 May - Netherlands:
Liberation Day
6 May - Syria/Lebanon:
Martyrs' Day celebrated
6 May - Brazil:
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits
6 May - Germany:
Jordan's King Abdullah to meet GermanChancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin
6 May - Belgium:
Brussels Palestinian National Football Team playsfirst game in Europe
6-7 May - Czech Republic:
Senate's decision on EU reform treaty
6 May-1 June - Georgia:
NATO military exercises
7 May - Czech Republic:
European Union's Eastern Partnershipsummit in Prague
8 May - Czech Republic:
EU's Southern Corridor summit in Prague
8 May - Czech Republic:
New caretaker government to be appointed
8-15 May - Middle East:
Pope Benedict XVI to visit the region(Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority)
P.O. Box 56555Philadelphia, PA 19111P.O. Box 18356Jerusalem 91182, Israel215.922.1080www.terrorresponse.org
Actionable Intelligence Briefing
4-11 May 2009
Red Flag DatesThreat MatrixContributing FactorsNew Threats,Targets and TTPsDomestic/Eco-TerrorAlertsStrategic Analysis
9 May - Germany:
Anti-Islamization conference in Cologne
10 May - Germany:
Afghan President Hamid Karzai to visit
11 May - Israel:
UN experts to visit and to investigate environmentaldamage left by the recent Israeli offensive in Gaza
11 May - Laos:
Independence Day
12 May - Egypt:
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and EgyptianPresident Hosny Mubarak to hold talks in Sharm el-Sheikh
13-24 May - France:
Cannes Film Festival
Threat Matrix Contributing Factors
Capture of Iraqi jihadist insurgency leader al-Baghdadi confirmed byIraqi governmentFirst trial of native German jihadist cell underway in Dusseldorf; heavysecurity in the regionTamil Tigers vow to continue fighting against lengthy Sri Lankancounter-terror campaign; battles continued at seaMEND threatens "civil war" in Nigeria Delta region; targets oil producersfor attacksArrests of dozens of people charged with operating a Hizbullah cell inEgyptArrests of AQ cell members in UK; more suspects still at largeSomali piracy spreads out from Somali waters as endangered nations'navies patrol the region; pirates declare "war" on Americans aftersuccessful rescue missionBasque regions: Terror increasing as Basque Y progresses; Frenchuncover ETA bomb factoryIndian legislative elections continue as Communist, separatist violenceescalatesAmerican airstrikes against Taliban-jihadist targets in Pakistan'snorthern tribal regions; threats by Taliban to strike USNew Israeli government ratcheting up warnings over Iranian nuclearweapons program
P.O. Box 56555 Philadelphia,PA 19111P.O. Box 18356Jerusalem 91182, Israel215.922.1080www.terrorresponse.org 
Global Anarchist unrest and propaganda efforts continuing; led byGreek anti-authoritariansHeightened threat from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula; Yemen keytargetNorth African states combating AQIM activityCoptic-Muslim tensions, violence and jihad-inspired attacks on foreign-ers increasing in EgyptJihadist success in Somalia; capture of most major citiesSub-Saharan Africa: Islamic radicalization on the continentOngoing: New US administration in the White HouseOngoing: Hizbullah seeking revenge for Mughniyeh assassination.Ongoing: worldwide targeting of maritime venuesOngoing: worldwide targeting of mass transit; electronic, physicaltargeting of national infrastructure grids
New Threats, Targets and TTPs
 Jihadist communications uncovered by TAM-C analysts include efforts tocollate and share information and intelligence useful for various attackson Western targets. Similar to the idea behind the "Osama College of Jihad", which TAM-C revealed in late April, a 28 April 2009 jihadistcommunication is entitled "A Complete Terrorist Ideabook", and calls togenerate "a guidebook for every brother who wants to carry out this orany other mission."The purpose of the message was to elicit responses that would provideintelligence and instructions to be used by jihadists in planning specificattacks on Western targets, as well as new ideas for attacks.The very first potential attack tactic for which the jihadists requestrelevant information is "poisoning reservoirs or water pipelines in thelands of the infidels." Specifically, the communication requestedinformation on poisonous substances such as: their potency andeffectiveness; how long it takes them to kill; their cost; and where theycan be obtained.
Continued on next page.
P.O. Box 56555 Philadelphia,PA 19111P.O. Box 18356Jerusalem 91182, Israel215.922.1080www.terrorresponse.org 

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