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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

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Published by JellyfishJoJo

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Published by: JellyfishJoJo on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is one to think about the
OrdoTempli Orientis
as it is today, and notas it was, good, bad, or indifferent,during the caliphates of Kellner, Reuss,Crowley, Germer or HymenaeusAlpha? Is it a silver shining star high inthe spiritual firmament, or so low in amire of its own making that it is best toleave it to sink into the dark and murkywaters that lie beneath contempt?The O.T.O. is probably not what it wasafter Crowley’s death, more than half acentury ago. But neither was it what itsubsequently became under Crowley’s
revolution. A former O.T.O.initiate that I did have time for was the Czech magician
Franz Bardon
.As I understand it, he left the Order along with several others whenCrowley appeared on the scene. Now I feel the same way about our ‘
Uncle Al 
 Israel Regardie
did,expressed in both his biography, ‘The Eye in the Triangle,’ and preface to‘Gems from the Equinox.’ When Crowley was good, he was very, verygood; but when he was bad... Ai-Yai-Yai! It is interesting though that
had not even an iota of interest in covering the A.A., Cefalu, or the O.T.O., in fact going so far as to say that it would have been best if Crowley had just fallen down stone dead after having achieved theGolden Dawn’s summit of 
 Mount Abiegnus
!If Crowley and Reuss had not met and come to an understanding, perhapsthe
Ordo Templi Orientis
would have gone the way of the Dodo, onceReuss had finished giving out honorary Seventh degrees like sweeties tolittle children! But the O.T.O. has survived, I think, on the considerablekudos of one Aleister Crowley. Without him, what would they be now? Isuspect that ten percent of Crowley’s later output was gibberish, andintentionally so. Presenting these works to members of the Order he hadtaken under his wing, he expected them to rightly balk at such contentand ask what he thought he was trying to peddle. But no, this they did notdo. On the contrary, they hailed such work as holy epistles uttered fromthe mouth of the pen held by
To Mega Therion
.’ He could hold them inthe very contempt they deserved; but he needed these monied sheep tohelp fill his purse, by then empty.

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