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Thinking is Serious Business

Thinking is Serious Business

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Published by Chuck Sink
A summary of all the personal development philosophies in one brief article.
A summary of all the personal development philosophies in one brief article.

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Published by: Chuck Sink on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thinking is Serious BusinessBy Chuck SinkWhen the problem gambler finally accepts the whole truth, his gaming ceases to be fun. It's like thealcoholic who is no longer in denial. Reality has ruined his drinking! He may persist but, henceforth, inshame and guilt until his internal honesty finally moves him to get help. Accepting the whole truth canoften be uncomfortable but it is an amazing a gift when one finally sees clearly for the first time.There can be a twisted sort of satisfaction, even comfort in complaining about failure, lack of progress,victimhood, or being defeated. "Misery loves company" is the old saying. Two or three people can behaving a perfectly good time commiserating and gossiping about the various bogeymen in their lives. Inwalks the optimistic, successful leader. He completely annihilates the dour BS by demonstrating how heovercame the same obstacles and came out way ahead!There are times when my conscious thinking, by default, goes down the wrong road and imaginedconflicts; even all out wars, erupt in my head. I imagine second and third parties doing and saying thingsI would dread. And its all fantasy  rather a bad daydream. I have discovered that when I catch myself doing this, I can turn a potentially rotten day into a wonderful slice of life by reversing my thoughts andseeing the reality of the world through the lens of enterprise and abundance rather than scarcity andfear.I firmly believe in positive (good) and negative (evil) forces working in everyones life. Ill leave theologyout of this but most everyone understands light and darkness, love and hate, health and illness, life anddeath and so on. Heres a fact of life. There are positive influences and negative influences in everyoneslife and that which you dwell on or feed with your thinking creates your attitude as well as your ultimateposition in the world.The habit of catching yourself in fear-based, bogeyman thinking and then channeling your thoughts backto realistic and productive ideas is extremely empowering. Thought habits are hard to change but themore we learn about ourselves internally, the more naturally our thinking can change for the better.There is a multi-billion dollar industry in personal development and life coaching. There are perhapsmillions of practitioners that basically try to teach only one thing: the fact that we have the power tochange our thoughts; we can channel or direct our thinking where we want and reject negative thoughtimpulses when we want. That which you think about, so shall you become is one of the simplestprinciples to grasp and yet it is elusive to the vast majority of human beings. Perhaps more instructive itis to say that we dont control most situations but rather our responses to them.Mastering emotion is the skill by which we can be a beacon of sanity and hope in the most chaotic of situations. Great business leaders understand this notion and have learned to be the masters of theirresponses to any stimuli.

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