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Selective Fire Kit for Lightning Link Using AR

Selective Fire Kit for Lightning Link Using AR

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Published by Spector_275
AR-15 lightning link up grade
AR-15 lightning link up grade

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Published by: Spector_275 on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Selective Fire Kit for Lightning Link Using AR-15 partspresented with a little help from Mouseomatic of AR15.com
Drawing showing modified Disconnector of the selective fire kit described on this page.
The best way to begin this page is by referring you to my Lightning Link Page which provides an overview of the Lightning Link. The Lightning Link works in a standard AR-15 as described on theLightning LinkPage and one of the historical disadvantages of the Lightning Link had been that the Lightning Linkconverted an AR-15 to full auto only (non-selective fire). Scott Bell and John Norrell developed a solutionto this problem a few hours back in 1990 by creating a selective fire parts kit using a M16A2 style selector and trigger along with two disconnects as described at the bottom of myLightning Link Page.One disadvantage with the selective fire parts kit as developed by John Norrell and Scott Bell, which issold by Scott Bell to this day, is that the parts used to make the Lightning Link selective fire are M-16parts and if the Lightning Link was removed from the AR-15, the owner of the AR-15 could findthemselves in an legally compromising position for having M-16 parts in an AR-15.
Legal note: as long as a LL is installed in an AR-15, then the AR-15 is part of the machine gun or in thiscase the AR-15 is a part which is connected to the lightning link. As soon as the LL is removed, the AR-15 is no longer part of the machinegun and all NFA rules would apply. Any M-16 parts that remain in the AR-15 would need to be removed to prevent a potential violation to the National Firearms Act.
Following is a diagram that shows how a Normal AR-15 looks and then a normal AR-15 with a LightningLink..Normal AR-15Normal AR-15 with a Lightning Link
In this page, I am going to present a new design for a selective fire parts kit that uses AR-15 parts. The use of AR-15 parts should be obvious as with these modified AR-15 parts, no M-16 parts are ever used in an AR-15 so theLightning Link can be removed and the rest of the parts can remain in the lower until the next time the registeredowner wished to use their Lightning Link!Well, let's try to discuss this new kit! The selective fire parts kit that I am trying to describe in this webpage consistsof two modified parts. The first is the disconnector and the second is the selector. When you look at the photo aboveand to the right that the selector is round inside the receiver pocket and it holds the link up slightly on thedisconnector as illustrated. This selective fire parts kit uses this fact to allow the lightning Link to become selectivefire with AR-15 parts.This is accomplished by milling the top of the selector that is exposed in the receiver pocket flush to the top of thereceiver pocket ledge when the selector is set in the semiautomatic position. A scribe is then used to mark where thetop of the lightning link rests on the disconnector. The disconnector is then removed and an angled notch is cut intothe disconnector 0.020-inch wider than the link and .035 deep. With these changes, a Lightning Link will not catchthe disconnector when the selector is placed in the "SEMI" position.To allow the lightning link to work in an third "AUTO" position, the selector will then need to have a groove milledinto it with a small detent recess for the third position. As long as the selector retains it's original diameter this third

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