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Liberi v Taitz Opposition to Taitz Motion Document 144-3 Strebel Affidavit Exhibit H Part 3

Liberi v Taitz Opposition to Taitz Motion Document 144-3 Strebel Affidavit Exhibit H Part 3



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Published by nocompromisewtruth

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Published by: nocompromisewtruth on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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Liberi\Affidavit of K. Strebel 09.14.201021
Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 144-3 Filed 09/14/10 Page 1 of 14
HomeAppeal of Carter CaseFrom reader CarolQuo Warranto Filed and ServedUS state dep is paying to restore mosques around the world
Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire
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Judge swap, official swap and what else can be done.
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| July 21, 2010 |1 Comment
Submitted on2010/07/20 at 8:20pmDear Lady Liberty, This is outstanding for Patriots everywhere to learn about! Ithink you have the Supreme Court right where you want them! Still not enough people know about your amazing fight. I have friends at ABC and talked with themabout you for the TV show “Wife Swap.” It’s a very long running successful showand in the show, the wives swap lives for two weeks. You could teach a whole newfamily (and the Nation) about your brilliant ideas. Would you consider it? If youwould I’ll ask them to come visit the site. Keep up the greatwork!Motion -request for verification of signature of JusticeThomas was submittedto Chief JusticeRoberts I got this comment. I clearly don’t like the idea of wife swap , there is something very weird about this TV show,and the whole comment is probably a joke anyhow but it got me thinking: I like the idea of a judge swap or officialswap, where judges or maybe retired judges are shown the cases, where presiding judges were flagrantly arrogant,where they disregarded the law and the Constitution and retired judges are asked to step into the shoes of theordinary citizens and try to fight this arrogance and corruption.
udge swap, official swap and what else can be done. | Dr. Orly Taitz Esquirehttp://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=12458
Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 144-3 Filed 09/14/10 Page 2 of 14
Let’s bring investigative reporters and retired judges, retired congressmen, senators, even presidents and ask themto confront their colleges. Maybe, there will be less corruption.I received a comment from someone, saying, how come you didn’t put any authority or precedent cases in the latestmotion. I dare them, if they are so good, such great attorneys, be my guest and find a precedent, where there is a pattern like this.Did we ever have a person sitting in the White House without a long form birth certificate and without a validSocial Security number of his own? No. What precedent can I bring?I know there were rumors regarding president Chester Arthur, but both of his parents were US citizens and recordkeeping in those years was not as good as today.Obama’s father was never a US citizen, he didn’t even have a green card. Minister of lands of Kenya, JamesOrengo, stood up on the podium on March 25 2010 and stated that Obama was born in Kenya, and we don’t haveone honest judge: from lower courts to the Supreme court, who will state: this is fraud, it is the most despicablefraud in the history of this Nation and the history of the World. Fraud is fraud, it needs to be heard on the merits.We get all kinds of excuses, saying it is a political question, even though it has nothing to do with politics.Does any attorney know of a case where there is a pattern in the Supreme court or any other court, where a casedisappears from the docket, somebody deletes it from the docket. Later an entry appears on the docket on theweekend, when judges are not there and clerks are not there, where judges don’t have a clue about the mostimportant case on their docket? Tell me, when did it happen, what was done? How do you fight it? I am not lookingfor a monopoly here. Anyone can jump in and help, but most attorneys talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. Nowonder attorneys are the most hated profession, no wonder there are so many attorney jokes. The Nation no longer  believes in the honesty and integrity of the legal profession. We don’t have examples of honest, decent attorneystanding up for the system of justice against massive corruption at the top. Do you think this nation would havearound 120 trillion dollars of total debt: between foreign debt and unfunded obligations of the Social Security andMedicaire, if we had decent people at the top and attorneys who cared about the system of justice?Unfortunately even among patriots and people who started this fight there is a lot of posturing butvery little action. Iremember, that both I and Leo Donofrio were asked to go on a radio show, which we did together. We talked aboutthe fact that members of the military, particularly active members of the military have great standing. Leo justtalked the talk and went back to playing professional poker, playing in his band and whatever else he is doing. Iactually did the work and took some 34 trips around the country to gather a large group of military plaintiffs, I brought those case to court, I didn’t run away from the battle field, I was attacked by the judge, who was simply pandering to Obama. What did Donofrio do? He turned around and attacked me for doing what he, himself, saidwas a great idea to do.Let’s take quo warranto. Donofrio talked about it. He said he will file in DC a legal action on quo warranto, he willdo it with Chrysler dealers, as they were hurt by an illegitimate president. He said, that he will do it together withSteven Pidgeon. Did they do it? No. It was a lie, they never went to DC, they never filed a quo warranto. they justdealt with the bankruptcy matter and that’s it. I was the one who went to DC and filed Quo Warranto with judgeLamberth.Let’s take Philip Berg. He was the first one to file a case against Obama. His case was dismissed. Second case,which was recommended by attorney Thompson, a Qui Tam, False claims case, was dismissed by the court of appeals and the third case, inter-pleader, which was written by attorney Laurence Joyce and handled in DC byattorney Hemenway was dismissed in the district court, Berg handled an appeal for a short while until the clientfired him and that was it. What was Berg’s main occupation for the last year and a half? Attacking me. I will postlater a letter from his former volunteer, as well as actual counts of indictment and convictions of his assistant LisaLiberi, so everyone can see what this man is doing and what his assistant is doing, as well as the transcripts of thecourt hearings so everyone can see.Here is another example. Berg wants to keep sealed the transcripts, he filed documents stating that the presiding
Judge swap, official swap and what else can be done. | Dr. Orly Taitz Esquirehttp://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=12458
Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 144-3 Filed 09/14/10 Page 3 of 14

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