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e - Marketing

e - Marketing

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Published by Priya Mistry

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Published by: Priya Mistry on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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e-Marketing is still quite a controversial subject to talk about,since no one succeeded to unify the various theories around it;however there is one thing upon which there is no doubt – that e-Marketing first appeared under the form of various techniquesdeployed by pioneer companies selling their products via theinternet in the early 90's.The frenzy around these new marketing techniques created by e-tailers and supported by the internet rapidly gave birth to anew dimension of what we knew as Marketing: the e-Marketing(electronic Marketing).There are many definitions to what e-Marketing is, the simplest and shortest one being formulated by Mark Sceats: e-Marketingis Marketing that uses the internet as manifestation media. Aworking definition is that coming from a group of CISCOspecialists: e-Marketing is the sum of all activities a businessconducts through the internet with the purpose of finding,attracting, winning and retaining customers.Email is a very versatile medium. Formats range from simpletext to HTML & rich media. Content can be one-size-fits-all or highly customized. Frequency can consist of fixed, frequent intervals or sporadic intervals, with transmissions occurringonly when something newsworthy comes along. Sophistication(and cost) can be very low or very high. Along with the power of email comes the abuse of email,commonly known as spam. Is spam email consideremarketing? Technically, the answer is probably yes, but it iscertainly not responsible email marketing. While some usersfail to distinguish between permission marketing and emailspam, spam is actually a major threat to legitimate emailmarketers, as a glut of messages could make the entire emailmedium less effective.
What is e-Marketing?
e-Marketing is a subset of e-Business that utilizes electronicmedium to perform marketing activities and achieve desired marketing objectives for an organization. Internet Marketing,Interactive Marketing and Mobile Marketing for example, areall a form of e-Marketing.
The term E-Marketing is one that simply stands for themarketing of products over the Internet. It is thanks to theInternet that we are greeted with lower costs and greatecapabilities for the distribution of information and media to aglobal audience. Here at Article Alley we appreciate theimportance of this form of marketing, which is why we havededicated this section completely to E-Marketing. It is here that  you will find all of the latest information, help and advice to dowith all aspects of E-Marketing through the articles that aresubmitted by our authors. These articles are then yours to useas you please, you may simply want to read them to find out a particular piece of information or you may want to include themon your website, the choice is yours so enjoy and keep checkingback as we are inundated with new articles on a daily basis.
eMarketing, e-Marketing, or Electronic Marketing is theact of trying to achieve marketing objectives through electronicor digital means. Most eMarketing campaigns are performed through the use of Internet-based content, such aseNewslettersand emails. See alsoInternet Marketing.
E-marketing, Internet marketing and Digital marketing aredefined in this article based on the introduction to my Internet marketing book.
#B2B(Business 2 Business)
(business-to-business) Between separate businesses. B2B is ahandy term used to describe transactions, collaborations orother interactions that span separate business entities. It isused to distinguish these external interactions from those thatoccur within a single organization, and also from those that runfrom businesses to individuals (ie business-to-consumer, orB2C).
Business that sells products or provides services to otherbusinesses.While business-to-business activity exists both online andoffline, the acronym B2B has primarily been used to describethe online variety. There has been a significant amount of hype given to thepotential size of B2B markets--and how much bigger B2B willbe than B2C. Despite the potential size, however, some B2Bmarkets may be overcrowded, too.
#B2C(Business 2 Consumer )
Business that sells products or provides services to end-userconsumers.

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