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Texas Rodney King Scandal

Texas Rodney King Scandal

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Published by Allen Carlton Jr.

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Published by: Allen Carlton Jr. on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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How about them Cowboys? The way they beat Andrew Collins reminded you of Rodney King did itnot. Let's see who in the racist or shall I say rookie media will be responsible to deliver the “blame thevictim”scores.Let's try and think of ways that would have prevented Andrew Collins from being beaten by Dallas.Perhaps Andrew would not have received that beating if only he could have attended Steve Harveymentoring camp for boys.If only Deion Sanders could have spoke to him like he did Dez Bryant and he could have been ruledineligible for that beating. See you in the Elite News Hall of Fame, Deion Sanders love how youmentor our children; not for personal gain.Maybe none of this would have happened if Andrew Collins would have received one of those muchsort after scholarship that Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson earmarked for her family andfriends. Let's ask Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. Better yet let's ask his son.If only he had a nurturing grandfather like that of the child of David Brown Jr. none of this would havehappened?Recognizing that Texas is trying to minimize this cancer not isolated to Dallas. Like the stars standingup for cancer you must be like my messenger and stand up for injustice. For injustice is the deadliestform of cancer; and its cause and effect.Because you suffer from immaculate deception can you not identify the real terrorist? You continueto complain to the proper authorities about YHVH messenger CN, CooN by YA (YHVH), NationalWhistleblower Allen Carlton (http://www.scribd.com/doc/34226750/The-Changing-of-the-Gods
). Mr.Carlton continues to be a whistle blower and YHVH don't mean the kind that moves the police cameraand then tells a lie. He is perfect. That is why YHVH choose him to deliver YHVH solution PeoplesRighteous Kill Defense (PRKD). YHVH informed him that those deceived would inform those doingthe deceiving on him. Those informers who continue to be deceived continue to wonder why nothingis being done to YHVH messenger; Mr. Carlton the one they continue to report. Here's a teachablemoment: Mr. Carlton knows all to well what happens when you tell satan on the devil (http://www.scribd.com/doc/16712387/US-Supreme-Court-Case-99565-Supplement). The question is will god followers keep up the deception? I AM YHVH Matthew 5:33-37(http://www.scribd.com/doc/18676547/James-Broadnax-Trial-The-Message
)Texas tolerates racism. Anytime you have a white whistle blower on discrimination at TexasCommission on civil rights that is proof enough.http://bodilyinjuryblog.com/texas-agency-ordered-to- pay-damages-to-whistleblower/All questionable investigations done under Texas Governor Rick Perry should be re-investigated due to
Collusion under the Racketeering Influencing Corrupted Organization (RICO) Act. The present and past agents who work or worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have an allegiance toTexas; not the United States of America, nor the United States Constitution. It's the Texas Way.Invisible Empire. Klandestine.So when Texas says they are gonna bring in the FBI. satan is being called in to police the devil.Generation Y, the children of YHVH knows Collusion.Why does Texas do better than other states? If you could police yourself under the guise of the bible belt; yet you had no Jesus / Justice wouldn't you. Not only can the state of Texas do better placingeconomics over justice creating terrorism. But Texas based corporation can continue thereklansdestine activities protected.Let's take the murder case of the City of Lancaster, Texas Police Officer Craig Lamont Shaw. A casewhere a criminal investigation most likely won't be conducted by the department’s Public IntegrityUnit. One where the grand jury hearing will most like be closed because its dealing with a minorityand in order to cover up the Collusion on the part of the state of Texas and its media. See this is past practice. So what is being done in the Nidal Malik Hasan case will be pass practice. You think god isgood. YHVH is better. Now back to Officer Craig Shaw. For those of you who have not recognized the Collusion responsiblefor the American Holocaust in numerous case to include the Shaw case because you were busy readingthe bible. Like the American Holocaust Perpetrators there is no excuse.On YHVH day, June 21, 2010 David Brown Jr. the son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown Sr. wassaid to have shot and killed Jeremy McMillan and Officer Craig Shaw this was reported by TanyaEiserer of Dallas Morning News / WFAA-TV.
She also reported that Tiffany
said she witnessedthe shooting "When I walked over here, I seen the lady, um, the people in the car dead, and I heard theofficer say, 'Ooh, I shot the wrong person,' and he busted out crying," The part of the story has since been revised by Dallas Morning News / WFAA-TV. By the way Tiffany James is black and her statement continues to be left out. Out like slavery in Texas textbooks. No autopsy and ballistic report have yet been produced to prove who and what bullets killed Officer Craig Shaw. Yet a toxicology report on David Brown Jr. came back faster than Michael Jackson andAnna Nicole Smith saying he had drugs in his system. Drugs in his system does not mean bullets froma gun he fired killed Officer Craig Shaw.Remember how many different law enforcement agencies were present and involved in theinvestigation (Dallas, Lancaster, Desoto, Red Oak, etc). The speed in the way deceased were laid torest. The way the victims, and their family members were treated and then acted. The pastors andchurches involved. That father's day signifies that Texas is the father of Racism. This is just oneincident that exposes and defines Texas Law Enforcement character. Economics over Justice / Jesusequals Terrorism. god - governing oppressive device, government of decievers I AM YHVH (Ex 23:13, Ps 16:4)
This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal /government congressional, federal,state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love onesand those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with
; your remembrance and your strength.

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