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Shadow People, Astral Spiders, And Hypnagogia

Shadow People, Astral Spiders, And Hypnagogia



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Published by C.H. SCARLETT
Various articles written concerning the unexplained events of Shadow People, Astral Spiders, Hynagogia. Including ancient lore, theories, and interview.
Various articles written concerning the unexplained events of Shadow People, Astral Spiders, Hynagogia. Including ancient lore, theories, and interview.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: C.H. SCARLETT on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shadow People, Astral Spiders, and Hypnagogia
A note from the Author 
The pages below are a series of articles based on vast research concerning
extraordinary, butunexplained phenomenal events. While nothing is set in stone concerning these things, and there is still atreasure trove of information to be had, I hope anyone who reads this can embrace it with an open mind andenlighten themselves concerning something that is all too real for countless people. Personally, I found theresearch and their experiences to be so amazing, I based my novelThe Web & the Willow and the entireEnter the Webseries on it. That's how inspired I was when walking away from this. And I still have a ton of data yet to be written. So for those who like all things Paranormal, keep watch, because there
be morearticles and updated pieces in the future.Thanks & Enjoy!
C.H. Scarlett
Subjects Covered & Page Numbers:
What Are Shadow People & Astral Spiders? -- 3When do these Sightings Happen? -- 4Shadow or Astral Spiders -- 7Hypnagogia -- 10Terms & Theories -- 11Ancient Lore -- 13
Shadow & Astral Spiders -- 13
Shadow People -- 19
Daimons & Daemons -- 21An Interview -- 23Final Questions & Thoughts -- 29The Web & the Willow --31C.H. Scarlett Contact Information -- 32Resources & Further Reading -- 32
 What are Shadow People & Astral Spiders?
e all know what spirits or ghosts are, so I suppose we can place them in
, there is no proof that these beings are either dead, repetitive echoes, a haunting or evenformless.They appear void at times, if not strangely solid. They are still dark and solid as a shadow, buthave an even more black color outlining their features.One of the most common sightings has been the figure of a man with or without a hat, and orsomeone in a cloak. Sometimes they are seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Some have seenthem take the shapes of what would appear to be small children, or even animals
fromrealistic ones to the mystical variety. Whatever they are wearing or are shape shifting as,though, they lack color.Imagine
you are staring into an actual person who is nothing more than solid smoke or evenslightly transparent at times. The strange thing is, you can catch detailed outlines concerningtheir face or clothes.
It‖s hard to think that anything
, which appears to be solid or merely bleak, can have
sort of outline about it. But people have reported that they can make out their features clearly, as wellas the smaller details of their clothes, characteristics, and so on. Some reports claim they have glowing eyes, mostly red. Some reports claim that they act unaware, as if you are not there,passing from one room to the next, while others claim these beings have had their attentiondirectly on them . . . watching.Many reports claim that the energy or feeling in the room changed to something fearsome.Other reports claim that the person witnessing this act was attacked, unable to scream, or evenparalyzed.Nearly everyone has a theory 
or a guess 
concerning what they are: Demons, OtherDimensional Beings, Past Life Connections, Angels--Watchers, etc. But no one has made uptheir minds . . . as no one has collected enough data.

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I refer people to this all the time when they are doing AP and see these entities.
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