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YouSendIt Case Study: AMAG

YouSendIt Case Study: AMAG

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Published by Hightail

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Published by: Hightail on Sep 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2009 YouSendIt. All rights reserved.
AMAG Pharmaceuticals
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc., basedin Lexington, Massachusetts, usesproprietary technology to developtherapeutic iron compounds to treatanemia and to create imaging agents ordiagnostic procedures.
AMAG was relying on e-mail to delivercritical fles but the organization’sexplosive growth soon bogged downthe e-mail system creating challengesor the marketing, sales training andclinical organizations.
AMAG’s clients, vendors and partnerswere becoming increasingly challengedwhen it came to sending or receivingcritical documents due to the size.
The company needed a secure way tosend training and sensitive drug dataout to the employees in the feld.
YouSendIt Corporate Suite
Deployed to the sales, marketing, clinicalgroup and legal teams, YouSendIteliminated inbound and outbound largee-mail attachments; oered completesecurity through passwords; replacedthe need or courier services; and cutapproval times rom days to just minutes.
YouSendIt SiteDrop
Now clients, partners and vendors canupload revised and edited documentsdirectly to the AMAG Web site throughYouSendIt’s SiteDrop application.
YouSendIt Microsot Outlook Plug-in
AMAG employees have YouSendIt’sservice embedded directly into theire-mail, making secure fle transer evenaster and seamless to end users.
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AMAG Pharmaceuticals drastically cuts completion time o critical projects byeliminating e-mail transer o large fles and implementing YouSendIt’s Corporate Suite
Situation and Challenges
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a 25-year-old biopharmaceutical frm that has developedintravenous drugs to treat anemia. The company employed 60 scientists, sales sta, andother employees until it began a rapid and signifcant expansion in early 2008, growingquickly to 280 people.This rapid expansion created inormation-delivery challenges or the marketing, salestraining and clinical organizations when they had to send and transer large fles viaemail. The fle attachments were becoming too heavy to be accepted by the recipients’e-mail systems, plus the company needed a secure way to send training and sensitivedrug data out to the employees in the feld.
Marketing challenges
current and new pharmaceuticals.
agency to AMAG. Ater marketing sta made changes, fles would have to be burned
Sales training challenges
and confdential PowerPoint fles weighing in at dozens o megabytes each.
ederal rules when presenting inormation on the company’s products.
Clinical group challenges
 patient inormation.
Case Study
© 2009 YouSendIt. All rights reserved.
Prior Experience—Doctors Using Hotmail, Gmail or File Transer
Senior Director o IT, Nate McBride, came to AMAG in January 2008 ater heading IT
process. “The fle delivery became so complex that doctors would call their children to
accounts to send attachments.”
with YouSendIt. When I inormed the company that all transactions to and rom partnerswould be handled by YouSendIt, I received wide praise. People really dug it.”
AMAG Corporate Suite Roll Out
When he moved to AMAG, McBride implemented YouSendIt Corporate Suite right away,rolling it out to 30 users. Currently the company’s most requent fle senders have theYouSendIt Microsot Outlook plug-in embedded directly in their e-mail, so they don’teven need to open a browser or application to send fles, while others simply go to theYouSendIt Web site to transmit documents.
A Solution to Empower Users
large fles into multiple smaller ones, as well as costly delivery charges or courierservices.
make changes in the text or graphics, and return the fles in just a matter o minutes,instead o the two to three days previously required.
fles to auditing companies.
send their PowerPoint reports back to managers directly through the AMAG Website, via YouSendIt’s SiteDrop application.
A Winning IT Solution
lited rom AMAG’s servers, and employees are no longer handicapped with e-mail
Instead o waiting until they brought their computers into the ofce or havingthem send us their laptops, we sent them the YouSendIt link to download a Zippedexecutable fle. They let it run in their hotel rooms and our tech support peoplelogged in remotely to install Ofce on their computers.”
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AMAG Pharmaceuticals drastically cuts completion time o critical projects byeliminating e-mail transer o large fles and implementing YouSendIt’s Corporate Suite
YouSendIt has changedthe speed at which wedo business, with secure,instantaneous turnaroundor documents and projectreview. Its simplicity iswhat makes it such agreat environment.I can’t imagine not havingYouSendIt.
Nate McBride
Senior Director of IT  AMAG Pharmaceuticals
Case Study

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