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Be Witched

Be Witched

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Published by Ajanae Clark
Bella is a witch and her best-friend name Alice. how Bella and Edward meet first chapter.
Bella is a witch and her best-friend name Alice. how Bella and Edward meet first chapter.

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Published by: Ajanae Clark on Sep 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Bella Swan & Edward CullenLove Affair
By: Ajanae Clark
 Chapter 1 (Bella POD)
´Hey! Bella wait upµ a voice came from behind me. I lookedover my shoulder to see my best friend Alice running in mydirection. Alice and I have been best friends since I first move toforks, I was in the 3
grade; she was more like my sister. Shenew ever thing about me as I did her, I even told her my secret.In 8
grade I told her I was a witch. She was speechless, sheasks me about everything and at the end she was still my friend.But she could also be a pain some times as well. ´What is itpixie«..I have to goµ I said trying to get away as fast aspossible. ´Wait please I·m sorryµ she said. Alice new I was madat her because she signed me up for cheerleading«.I mean whothe hell do cheerleading!!!!!. Most of the girls on the cheerteam was sluts and brats, the only real cheerleaders was Alice,Angela, and Rose.´Okay, I forgive you Aliceµ I told her smiling.Alice looked so relief all she could say was ´thank youµ. As if Icouldn·t help my self I gave her a hug
, I shouldn·t be so hard on her I
 though. ´Let·s go get some lunchµ Alice said. I was staving so ofcourse I said yes. Once we got to the lunch room, sat and eat,
Alice asks me an unexpected question. ´Are you a virginµ shesaid. I just choked on my water and was speechless ´what! I·mjust askingµ she added.´Yes, I·m still a virgin«..why?µ I asked. Me and Alice all waysbeen able to talk about boy problems and thing s like that.´Nothingµ she said, she look surprise from my answer. I wasabout to push the situation when Tanya came to our table.´What is it Tanyaµ Alice said. Tanya was the biggest slut in theschool. Tanya had long Blond hair that came to her back andblue eyes. She wore short clothes, lots of make-up, and had anasty attitude. Me and Tanya were once friends but she was tofake.´I can·t believe your trying out for cheerleading Bellaµ she said´I hope you don·t fallµ she smirked at me.´I hope your face don·t be against my fist todayµ if she wantedto play games with me then lets play.Tanya smile started to faded ´bring itµ she said to me. I stoodup from my table to get in her face.´Wanna try me, Tanya.µ I could have sworn the whole lunchroom went quiet, so I continued ´I will beat your ass in front ofevery one, so try if you want to, I·m not the oneµ.´It·s not worth Bella let it goµ Alice said. But I just said theiruntil Tanya finally left the table. I looked at Alice ´sorry, aboutthat.µ I told her, feeling guilty now. ´No problem, I understandBella never forget thatµ.

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