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Operation Blue Beam

Operation Blue Beam

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Published by Jeff Scott
Operation Blue Beam and mind control, New World Order
Operation Blue Beam and mind control, New World Order

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Published by: Jeff Scott on Sep 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OPERATION BLUE BEAMOperation Blue Beam - Details Exposed:Please read this incredible tale of apparations and modulatedmicrowave images and sounds and voices directed into your brain, I wastold today by those in the know that holographic images of tanks and warmachinery were projected over the desert to the Iraqis to scare them intosubmission during Desert Storm. Looks like it worked quite effectively.So there are two separate weapons. One projects images in the airwhile the other projects images into your mind. Every wonder why BufordMorrow the day care center killer checked himself into a psych-hospitalprior to going on his rampage and claimed that he heard voices telling himto kill people. They would not listen to him.NASA PROJECT BLUE BEAMThis is from the International Free Press in Canada. (address given, nolonger valid - International Free Press Network, P.O. Box 177, Magog,Quebec, Canada J1X3W8)The International Free Press network is not a religious group, neither isit a political organization, but an independent worldwide investigationpress agency in the field of politics, economics, medical and military.We specialize in investigating and publishing special reports and audiotapes to expose the underworld of the United Nations conspiracy toimplement a New World Order.Our task is to make the people realize that the agenda of the NewWorld Order is not a dream or some wild, paranoid theory; it is a real on-going Satanic project.For what?To abolish all Christian traditional religions in order to replace them witha one world religion based on the cult of man. To abolish all nationalidentity and national pride in order to establish a world identity and a worldpride.To abolish the family as known today in order to replace them withindividuals all working for the glory of the new one world government.To destroy all individual artistic and scientific creativity to implement a
one world government one-mind sight.And that kind of declaration of war from the United Nations is for theimplementation of a universal, obligatory membership to the UnitedNations, a strengthening of the UN by a multi-military and multi-policeforce, a world-wide justice department through the UN with aninternational tribunal, a worldwide new trade agreement for all nations, theend of cold war and local wars as they are today, and the obligation forpeace by scrapping all national and state constitutions.Also, a new world religion and a new culture for all men.If we really wish to understand the NASA Blue Beam Project, we haveto return to the "dawning of the age of Aquarius." Remember that song?That song said, "When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiteraligned with Mars, then peace will guide our planet and love will steer thestars."This related with the year 1982 to be, at that time, the opening for theconspiracy of the age of Aquarius, just before the implementation of thenew world order, supposed to begin sometime in 1983.I have to say that the Blue Beam Project was set up for the year 1983. Ithas been delayed; we don't know exactly why. But, since 1983 (elevenyears before the publication of this report), they have really improvedthemselves with new technology and innovations in space hardware andsoftware in which they are involved right now to make their systemspossible.So, the goals of the new age movement under which the United Nationsoperates right now, are the implementation of a new world "messiah."The tools of the new world order are,1.An international army;2.An international police force;3.A world bank for the economy;4.A world government under the United Nations;5.A world conservatory bank for wilderness preservation around theworld. That means all "green" movements will be melded into the new
international bank or disappear altogether;6.A world religion where all church doctrines will be destroyed at theroots to be replaced by the new world religion of the age of Aquarius;7.The world seven-races classification for all human slaves who willfulfill predetermined work tasks whether they agree with it or not;8.The world concentration headquarters at the United Nations forthose who will not accept the new system;9.The world agriculture and food supply control which will control foodand vitamin supplies around the world.The new world order will be an "in-between" government system forUSSR, Great Britian and all its commonwealths, and the United Stateswith its melting-pot population.This is, at the end, a new spiritual and political world order which willreplace the old ones under which we live right now.What are the new world order plans?They plan on the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible orworship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity. Toachieve this plan, the new world order is changing national laws to assurethat Christian beliefs and symbols:- like the cross, for instance, willbecome outlawed and unlawful. Religious holidays and ceremonies will bereplaced with new age festivities around the world.The elimination and complete destruction of all secret societies andsecret brotherhoods, lodges and sanctuaries, all of which they view as themost serious threats to their survival after the implementation of the oneworld religion and one world government.The new world order also plans the abolition of all national curriencies,and the transfer of commerce to electronic cash through the superhighway(Internet).The thinkers and the basic doctrine of the new age conspiracies booksare:Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, who wrote "Isis Unveiled" and "The SecretDoctrine."

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