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Chinese Sichuan Cuisine Translation

Chinese Sichuan Cuisine Translation



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Published by yalo
English translation of typical dishes of Sichuan cuisine (Chinese cuisine)
English translation of typical dishes of Sichuan cuisine (Chinese cuisine)

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Published by: yalo on Jul 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Famous dishes Hunan cuisine. Translation to English.For more information on Chinese cuisine go to:http://chinese-menus.blogspot.com
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Pinyin English description
shui3 zhu3 niu2 rou4
Boiled Beef Slices with Spicy Soup. Beef slices cooked insoy sauce, spicy bean paste, lettuce, chillies and meatstork.
deng1 ying3 niu2 rou4
Old Sichuan translucent beef slices. Spicy and delicious. Sotransparent that remind hand shadows. Prepared using calf shanks seasoned with chillies, soy sauce and ginger.
gan1 bian1 niu2 rou4 si1
Dry-fried Thin slices of beef. Seasoned with spicy beansauce, pepper, chilli sauce. Dry-frying is a famous Sichuancooking technique, which involves continuous stirring in awok with a very small amount of oil.
huo3 bao4 niu2 du4
Stir-fried beef stomach.
qing3 dun4 niu2 wei3 tang1
Oxtail soup. Oxtail cooked with ginger, cooking wine, chilli,spicy red bean sauce and sesame oil.
hui2 guo1 rou4
Twice cooked pork. Slices of pork gristle, with a little bit of lean meat are cooked with hot peppers and onions in a redsoy sauce. It is called “twice cooked” cause it is first boiledand then fried.
ma2 la4 rou4 pian4
Spicy Sliced Beef. Tender with a rich spicy flavour. Beef stir-fried with cornstarch and egg. Seasoned with ginger,Chinese prickly ash, soy bean paste and soy sauce
he2 chuan1 rou4 pian4
Hechuan-style sliced pork. Small pork cutlets fried withbamboo, ginger and spices.
ban3 li4 shao1 rou4
Stewed chestnuts with pork lard
he2 ye4 zheng1 rou4
Steamed pork wrapped in lotus leafs
shi1 zi5 tou2 Fried pork meat balls (Lion heads)
zha4 cai4 rou4 si1 Marinated mustard tubers with thin pork slices.
qing1 zheng1 jiang1 tuan2
Steamed Yangtse river bream
gan1 shao1 yan2 li3
Braised carp. Tender carp meat braised and seasoned withginger, vinegar, garlic, onions and rice wine
gan1 bian1 shan4 si1 Dry-fried eel shreds. Dry-frying is a famous Sichuancooking technique, which involves continuous stirring in awok with a very small amount of oil.
dou4 ban4 ji4 yu2
Fried small red fish with a spice bean paste
pao4 cai4 yu2
Fried small red fishes with pickled vegetables
tang2 cu4 cui4 pi2 yu2
Crispy sweet & sour fried carp
san1 se4 yu2 wan2
Carp fish balls of three colours. Fish balls cooked coatedwith egg white and spinach; egg white and egg yolk.
yu2 xiang1 da4 xia1 Spicy shrimps. Shrimps fried with chillies.
zui4 xia1
Drunk shrimps. Fresh shrimps served in liquor.
fei3 cui4 xia1 ren2
Emerald shrimps (shrimps cooked with peas)
gan1 bian1 you2 yu2 si1
Dry-fried squid shreds
suan1 la4 you2 yu2 tang1
Sweet & spicy squid soup
gong1 bao3 ji1 ding1 Chicken cubes Gongbao. Classical fried chicken cubes withchillies
sui4 mi3 ji1 ding1
Chicken cubes fried with peanuts
liu1 ji1 si1
Chicken shreds fried with bamboo shoots
sheng1 shao1 ji1 chi4
Stewed chicken wings

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