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Soil Toilet

Soil Toilet

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Published by cocoy777

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Published by: cocoy777 on Sep 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Arnulfo Yu LanibaAgape-Sophia Foundation (Agasoft)September, 2010Done for public service
GOD’S SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE WAY OUT OF POVERTY:SOIL TOILETYeHoWaH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, was and is always a Godof freedom. In the Old Testament, He demonstrated His freedom-loving andfreedom-giving quality by liberating the Israelites from the 430-year  bondage of Egypt.One type of freedom is the freedom from occupation, colonization or oppression by a foreign people. In the years 1677 B.C. to 1462 B.C. Egyptwas the oppressor to Israel; from A.D. 1521 to A.D. 1898, Spain was theenslaver of the Philippines.Through Moses, YeHoWaH plucked out Israel from slavery in Egypt.Through the Americans and Filipino revolutionaries, God physicallyremoved the Spaniards from the Philippines.But the slavery to sins such as those injected to the slaves by the enslaversdid not go away with their human agents. The sins remained, even thoughthe sin-teachers had already gone away.Bonifacio and other Filipino revolutionaries thought that by driving theSpaniards away, the Filipinos would finally be free. Yes and No. Yes, physically and politically, we were set free; there were no more Spaniardswho ruled over us. But No too because even if the Spaniards were gone, wewere still slaves to sins and vices perpetrated by those evil occupiers for our weakening and continuous downfall. True, indeed, a little more than acentury after the exit of the Spaniards, the vices of gambling especiallycards and cockfighting, smoking, drunkenness and others have transmutedfrom being seeds into huge trees now, overshadowing the whole nation – read: almost every Filipino is either a practitioner or a supporter of suchvices.
So the sins-vices-teachers are gone – the Spaniards. But sins-vicesremained, even worsened! No Moses or Rizal or Bonifacio can set us free from sins and vices. In theOld Testament, Moses was called to help deliver political and economicfreedom to the Israelites, but not freedom from sin and death.Jesus was to be needed 1,500 years later to become our deliverer from sinsand vices. So, we have the whole New Testament teachings focused onspiritual freedom – freedom from sins-vices only possible with the LordJesus’ selfless sacrifice and teachings.Much of this spiritual freedom has been discussed by our pastors, priestsand ministers. What I am interested in this article to cite is this: THE OLDTESTAMENT IS REPLETE OF IDEAS HOW TO BE ECONOMICALLYFREE, e.g., free from poverty.POVERTY ALLEVIATION IDEA NO. 1: BURY YOUR HUMANWASTE IN THE SOIL ESPECIALLY IN YOUR FARM AND GARDEN, NOT INSIDE IN A SEPTIC TANK.The Old Testament is replete with ideas that can make us prosperous.Among these ideas, I would now choose one to discuss.It is about: HUMAN WASTE AS A KEY TO SUSTAINABLE ANDPRODUCTIVE AGRICULTURE.Let us quote Deuteronomy 23:Deu 23:12 [niv]Designate a place outside the camp where you can go torelieve yourself.[kjv]Thou shalt have a place also without the camp, whither thou shalt goforth abroad:

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