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Summary of Instant Persuasion by Laurie Puhn

Summary of Instant Persuasion by Laurie Puhn

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Published by Clay Skaggs
main point summary of the book Instant Persuasion by Laurie Puhn
main point summary of the book Instant Persuasion by Laurie Puhn

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Published by: Clay Skaggs on Sep 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COMPLIMENTSBeware of uncomplimentary compliments
Dont give a before-and-after comparison complimentIs your compliment a before-and-after? If so you only give the after part.
Punch with a smile
Dont focus only on what someone did wrongCompliment sincerely before you give criticism.
Spread gossip
Dont keep compliments about others to yourself Spread positive gossip by passing on the compliment to that person.
Magnify praise
Dont miss an opportunity to praise someone publiclySeize the opportunity to praise someone publicly when worthy of it.
Pay with words
Dont be stingy with words of appreciationBe generous with your words of appreciation. It will pay you back.
Appreciate criticism
Dont become defensive and retaliate against criticismWhen you receive criticism, especially uncalled-for, say Thank you for giving me youropinion. I will definitely give it some thought.
Create comfort in a difficult time
Dont avoid communicating with a close person that is having problems.This must be a difficult time for you. Is there anything I can do to help?
Complain with impact
Dont complain w/o offering a solutionWhen you tell someone a problem, offer a solution at the same time.
Save it for later
Dont criticize in publicCriticism should be done in private, especially if you want to be heard.
Avoid superficial offers
Dont offer to do something you dont want to do.Always expect a person to say yes to any offer you make.
Avoid after-the-fact comments
Dont make negative after-the-fact comments about a choice when it cant be changed.When someone has made a choice that is unalterable and regretted, offer positive help orsay nothing at all.
Say what you mean
Dont expect someone to read your mind.Be sure to say what you mean, especially when someone asks you about something thataffects you. If you dont you will be disappointed.
Disagree w/o being disagreeable
Dont automatically disagree with someones opinion before you take time to consider itAsk, What are your reasons for saying that? Listen to the answer before you respond.
Have balanced conversations
Dont create unbalanced conversations.Check yourself. If you talk too much, ask the other person a question and listen.
Close the deal
Dont neglect working out the specific details of a deal.
Create accountability. Work out the specifics and clarify your expectations.
Show you care
Dont put off following up on something important to someone else.When someone expresses something is important to them, follow up on it later.
Make people your partners
Dont order someone to do somethingIf you want cooperation, offer choices and ask questions.
Get a green light
Dont assume someone is ready to give you their full attention.Before sharing something important, ask, Is this a good time for you?
Ask and youll receive
Dont expect someone to offer you something you want.When you want something ask for it. Only you know what you want and need.
Earn your favors
Dont expect someone to do a favor for you when your relationship is inconsistent.Connect. Show an interest in people when you dont need anything from them.
Dont say you know something when you 100% dont.Admit you dont know or that you are wrong when necessary.
Use the 2-part apology
Dont only say Im sorryApologize by saying, Im sorry for . In the future I will .

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