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Reasons to Impeach Obama

Reasons to Impeach Obama

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Published by LaydiHD

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Published by: LaydiHD on Sep 18, 2010
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Barack Obama Needs to be Impeached Now!
A Policy Issues Institute Exclusive by Steve Baldwin

When some people hear that there’s a movement to persuade Congress to impeach President Barack Obama, they often dismiss it as a joke. But it is no longer a laughing matter. With the economy continuing downward and a foreign policy that is making America less safe, the impeachment option must now be seriously considered.

Many Americans wrongly assume that to impeach a president, an actual crime needs to be
committed. The reality is, however, that our nation’s founders were concerned that America
would some day have a president who may not commit an actual crime, but would rather pursue
policies so detrimental to America’s interests, that they would cause irreparable damage to the

As a result of this concern, our founders inserted language into the Constitution that gave
Congress the power to impeach the president for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and
misdemeanors.” The term “high crimes and misdemeanors” is an Old English phrase, which, in
those days, meant simply “bad behavior,” but can be translated in modern terms to mean
incompetent leadership that imperils the country. Indeed, some have interpreted this phrase so
broadly that it can mean just about anything. As former president Gerald Ford stated, an
impeachable offense is, “whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be

at a given moment in history.”

We believe it is necessary to impeach a president if his policies and actions have so endangered
and weakened the country, that his removal is essential for the country’s survival. Therefore,
with America on the brink of a depression and a President who seems unable to understand the
worldwide jihadist threat, we believe impeachment is necessary for the future survival of

We also believe impeachment is justified, not just on national security and economic grounds,
but also on Constitutional grounds. In numerous areas, Obama has initiated policies that
disregard the sprit and intent of Constitutional principles, as envisioned by our founding fathers.
Moreover, Obama has appointed to key positions throughout his administration—individuals
who flatly disregard the U.S Constitution. Almost all of them refer to themselves as
“progressives,” or a part of a movement to “progress” America beyond the Constitutional
principles we were founded upon and to move America toward the European notion that
government is the central force in our lives.

Of course, an impeachment campaign will require creating a massive amount of pressure on the
Members of Congress, but the American people are capable of carrying out such an effort. The
longer we wait, the more damage Obama and his administration will do to the country. It’s time
for the American people to start making their voices heard regarding the impeachment of
President Obama.

Let’s review some of Obama’s policies which threaten the security and well being of the United
States as well as those that undermine our sacred Constitutional principles.
The Obama Administration is treating the war on terrorism as a criminal
matter and downplays the war on terrorism.
Such an approach is endangering the lives of Americans. This attitude has manifested itself in a
number of ways:
Obama has granted Constitutional “rights” to terrorists. The Obama administration

wants to try enemy combatants in civilian courts with court-appointed attorneys and give them rights normally reserved for American citizens alone. The most glaring example is Obama’s desire to try the 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, in a civilian court. Already, this administration has lost valuable intelligence when it gave “Miranda” rights to the Christmas bomber and, consequently, he has refused to talk to US authorities.

The Obama administration refuses to interrogate terrorists. President Obama lied

when he claimed Bush violated the law by authorizing “torture” such as water boarding
and other techniques. Such techniques were all within the law and helped US forces
obtain information that saved perhaps thousands of American lives. It now appears the
Obama administration has decided to stop altogether the questioning of captured
terrorists, a policy that will clearly endanger America.

Obama is prosecuting intelligence professionals. Obama’s Attorney General, Eric

Holder, is currently investigating CIA agents involved with successfully obtaining
information by using enhanced interrogation techniques. These agents were operating
under lawful directives. This witch hunt is giving America’s enemies a propaganda

Obama has released Top Secret CIA documents detailing our interrogation
methods. This act is unprecedented in American history. Top Secret is our highest level

of secrecy classification and such information will only embolden our enemies. Had a private citizen released these documents, they would have been charged with treason, which is defined by the Constitution as giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Obama closes Guatanamo. Guantanamo was the ideal place to keep terrorists. Obama’s

reckless effort to close the area involved the releasing of some terrorists who have
already rejoined terrorist groups. Indeed, a quarter of all released terrorists are now back
in the battle against the United States. The closing of Guatanamo and the ending of
military trials for many terrorists makes no sense whatsoever and has only handed our
enemies a propaganda victory.

Obama’s Director of Homeland Security downplays terrorism. After Obama

appointed Janet Napolitano as Director of Homeland Security, she sent out a memo
instructing staff to refer to the war on terror as an “overseas contingency operation” and
terrorist incidents as “man-caused disasters.” She refuses to use the word “terrorism.”

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security calls Veterans (and others who oppose
him) terrorists. Rather than focusing on righting real terrorists, Obama’s DHS issues a
ten-page memo that claims military veterans, pro-life activists and those opposed to
illegal immigration may be attracted to terrorism.
Obama lifted the travel ban on a terrorist. Obama’s casual approach to terrorism has

led him to lift the travel ban on Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan al Banna and the founder of the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Ramadan himself is a leading European MB member.

Obama has filled the Justice Department with attorneys who are sympathetic to
terrorists. Obama’s Justice Department has hired nine radical attorneys who willfully

and happily defended or represented Islamic terrorists in the past. No wonder we are
giving terrorists “rights.” One, for example, was the attorney for Osama Bin Laden’s
driver. Attorney General, Eric Holder himself appears to have a casual attitude toward
terrorism. He even gave the keynote speech to a Michigan group, which included the
local branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR’s top leaders
have been indicted or arrested for pro-terrorist activity. We should not forget that it was
Holder who, during the Clinton years, pushed through pardons for 16 members of the
Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN.

Obama’s casual attitude toward terrorists will encourage further attacks.Obam a

has shownsuch a casual attitude toward terrorism. This attitude may have encouraged
domestic terrorist attacks, such as the Ft. Hood Shooter and the Christmas Airline
Bomber (Christmas 2009). It took Obama weeks to recognize the Ft. Hood event as a
terror-connected event and when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up
Northwest Airlines Flight 253, Obama remained silent and continued golfing in Hawaii.
Incredibly, Obama later claimed Abdulmatullab was an “isolated extremist,” even though
terror experts had already connected Abdulmatullab to terrorist training camps in Yemen.

Obama is prosecuting Navy Seals who successfully apprehended terrorists.The

Obama administration has given orders to prosecute our military men for the most
inconsequential “crimes.” In one case, three Navy Seals are being prosecuted because one
of them punched a terrorist in the stomach. Again, this sends a message to our enemies
that the USA is more concerned with the “rights” of terrorists than with fighting them.

Obama has implemented Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan that imperil our
troops. The Obama Administration has issued rules for our forces that are asinine and
place our men and women in jeopardy. For example, night searches are no longer
allowed; US soldiers may not fire upon insurgents unless fired upon first; and our forces

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