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Published by mostafa900sa
nursing defintion
nursing defintion

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Published by: mostafa900sa on Sep 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Defining nursing 
Nursing is...
Defining nursing 
Members of the Steering Group
Project Leader:
Professor Dame June Clark DBE FRCN (RCN Past President)
Steering Group:
Sylvia Denton OBE FRCN (RCN President)Jackie Burns (Council Member,Chair RCN North-West Board)Diane Rawstorne (Vice-Chair RCN Council)Eirlys Warrington (Council Member,Chair RCN Welsh Board)
RCN StaffSupport:
Professor Alison Kitson FRCN(Executive Director,Nursing)Colin Beacock (Nurse Adviser)Lynda Kenison (Executive Assistant)Cherill Scott (Research Fellow,RCNI)Jasmine Belgrave (Secretary)
Research Assistant:
Andrew Salmon,RCN MemberAndrew Salmon became a member ofthe DefiningNursing Workgroup in April 2002 when he took on the roleofResearch Assistant,in a voluntary capacity.Tragically,after a short illness,Andrew Salmon died on 2February 2003.Andrew's professionalism and friendshipwere greatly valued by the other members oftheworkgroup.Thanks to Andrew's skills,vision anddetermination,the values oftoday's nurses have beensuccessfully integrated into our report.Andrew Salmonmade an enormous contribution to our work.He will befondly remembered and greatly missed by us all.
The Steering Group acknowledges the contribution ofallthose – RCN members and others – who have participatedin the Defining Nursing project and have contributed tothis document.We acknowledge in particular the seminalwork undertaken in this field by the American NursesAssociation,the Canadian Nurses Association,and theQueensland Nursing Council (Australia) from which wehave drawn heavily in this document.
Further information
To obtain a summary copy of 
Defining Nursing 
you cancall RCN Direct on 0845 772 6100 and quote publicationcode 001 983 or you can down load a copy from the RCNwebsite at www.rcn.org.uk
Introduction1A definition ofnursing2Why defining nursinghas become an issue4What others have said6How the RCN definition ofnursingwas developed10Defining nursing illustration14Conclusion15References15Glossary17Appendix 1.Survey ofmembers ofthe InternationalCouncil ofNurses19Appendix 2.Thinking ahead:key issues for thedefinition ofnursing in the UK20
implicit,sometimes explicit,ofcodes ofethics,specifications ofthe scope ofnursing practice,andeducational curricula.Most countries have a legaldefinition ofthe title ‘nurse’and some also have a legaldefinition of‘nursing’.In the UK there is no legaldefinition of‘nursing’but ‘registered nursing care’hasbeen defined by the Health and Social Care Act 2001 insuch a way that it can be distinguished from ‘social care’or ‘personal carefor the purpose ofdefiningresponsibility for its provision and eligibility forfunding.This legislative definition,however,does notrelate in any way to professional definitions or tospecifications ofthe nurse’s scope ofpractice.Definitions can help to put key concepts into words,buta definition ofnursing,however sophisticated,cannotbe expected to overcome all ofthe misunderstandingsand stereotypes ofnursing that exist.Although it is auseful tool,its usefulness,like that ofany tool,dependson the way it is used.A definition cannot aloneaccomplish what only political processes can achieve.For example,a definition alone cannot determine therelationships between nurses and patients,nurses andother health professionals,or between nursing and theagencies that determine how health care is to bedelivered.The RCN expects that nurses will be able to use thisdocument to:
describe nursing to people who do not understand it
clarify their role in the multidisciplinary health careteam
influence the policy agenda at local and nationallevel
develop educational curricula
identify areas where research is needed tostrengthen the knowledge base ofnursing
inform decisions about whether and how nursingwork should be delegated to other personnel
support negotiations at local and national level onissues such as nurse staffing,skill mix and nurses’pay.
This document is written for nurses and others to helpthem to describe what nursing is.It incorporates adefinition ofnursing that can be used in developingpolicy and legislation,determining skill-mix,andresource management.
Defining Nursing 
describes whyand how this definition was developed,and explains itskey concepts.It is published as a policy statement by theRoyal College ofNursing,the professional associationthat acts as the collective voice ofnursing in the UK.The document has been prepared by a small steeringgroup and incorporates the results ofwide consultationand participation by RCN members and others.Areview ofpublished literature both from the UK andfrom other countries was carried out,and a survey wasundertaken ofall the members ofthe InternationalCouncil ofNurses to identify definitions ofnursing thathave been developed in other countries.To ensure thatthe statement reflects the views ofBritish nurses,and inparticular RCN members,a Values ClarificationExercise
was undertaken,the findings ofwhich wereused as a framework for developing the definition.Adraft document was the subject ofa web-basedconsultation,and this final version has been amended totake account ofthe responses received.Definitions ofnursing,like nursing itself,are dynamic;nursing is constantly evolving to meet new needs andtake account ofnew knowledge.This document is only abeginning.Later in 2003 the RCN will undertake asurvey,based on the work ofthe Queensland NursingCouncil
,to validate the document and the definition.
The uses and limitations of definitions
In 1999 the UKCC reported that it was sceptical aboutthe usefulness oftrying to arrive at a definition of nursing and concluded that:
“a definition ofnursing would be too restrictive for the profession.” 
In practice,however,some specification is necessary forpurposes such as the formulation ofpolicy,thespecification ofservices,and the development of educational curricula.As Lang has pointed out:
“Ifwe cannot name it,we cannot control it,finance it,research it,teach it,or put it into public policy.” 
Different kinds ofdefinitions are needed for differentpurposes.Definitions ofnursing are a part,sometimes

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