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GR Pump Engineering Handbook

GR Pump Engineering Handbook

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Published by lastindiantango

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Published by: lastindiantango on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Engineeingspecifictionefeencefo industi& municipmkets:
Fiefighting& Pevention
The inormation in this book should be used as astarting point onl, not or fnal calculations. While Gorman-Ruppprovides the inormation in this book as a courtes, it should benoted that it is gathered rom man sources and Gorman-Rupptakes no responsibilit or the accurac o the inormationcontained herein. It is the responsibilit o each individual usingthis inormation to check its accurac.
Mansfield, Ohio
One miner’s inch = 1-1/2 cubic eet per minute = 11.25U.S. gallons per minute = flow per minute through1 inch square opening in 2 inch thick plank under ahead o 6-1/2 inches to center o orifce in Ariona,Caliornia, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. Nine U.S.gallons per minute in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, NewMeico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah.One horsepower = 33,000 oot pounds per minute.Cubic eet per second =
Theoretical water =
U.S. GPM  head in eet  Sp. Gr.
Theoretical water =
U.S. GPM  head in pounds
Brake horsepower =
theoretical water horsepower
pump efcienc
Velocit in eet =
.408 U.S. GPM = .32 GPM
per second
(diameter o pipe in inches)
pipe area
One acre-oot = 325,850 U.S. gallons.1,000,000 U.S. gallons per da = 695 U.S. gallonsper minute.500 pounds per hour = 1 U.S. gallon per minute.Doubling the diameter o a pipe or clinder increasesits capacit our times.Friction o liquids in pipes increases as the square othe velocit.Velocit in eet per minute necessar to dischargea given volume o water, in a given time
cu. t. o water  144
area o pipe in sq. inches
Area o required pipe, the volume and velocit o waterbeing given =
no. cu. t. water  144
velocit in t. per minute
From this area the sie pipe required ma beselected rom the table o standard pipe dimensions.Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.7 pounds persquare inch. This pressure with a perect vacuumwill maintain a column o mercur 29.9 inches or acolumn o water 33.9 eet high. This is the theoreticaldistance that water ma be drawn b suction. Inpractice, however, pumps should not have a totaldnamic suction lit greater than 25 eet.
Static head is the vertical distance between the reelevel o the source o suppl and the point o reedischarge, or to the level o the ree surace o thedischarged liquid.
ToTAl dynAmic HEAd
Total dnamic head is the vertical distance betweensource o suppl and point o discharge when pumpingat required capacit, plus velocit head, riction,entrance and eit losses.Total dnamic head, as determined on test whereSuction lit eists, is the reading o the mercur columnconnected to the suction nole o the pump, plus thereading o a pressure gauge connected to dischargenole o pump, plus vertical distance between pointo attachment o mercur column and center o gauge,plus ecess, i an, o velocit head o discharge overvelocit head o suction, as measured at points wherethe instruments are attached, plus head o waterresting on mercur column, i an.Total dnamic head, as determined on tests wheresuction head eists, is the reading o the gaugeattached to the discharge nole o pump, minus thereading o gauge connected to the suction nole opump, plus or minus vertical distance between centerso gauges (depending upon whether suction gauge isbelow or above discharge gauge), plus ecess, i an,o the velocit head o discharge over velocit heado suction as measured at points where instrumentsare attached.Total dnamic discharge head is the total dnamichead minus dnamic suction lit, or plus dnamicsuction head.
SucTion liT
Suction Lit: Suction lit eists when the suctionmeasured at the pump nole and corrected tothe centerline o the pump is below atmosphericpressure.
GEnERAl inoRmATion

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