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Alinco DR-M03SX_06TH Service Manual

Alinco DR-M03SX_06TH Service Manual

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Published by Yayok S. Anggoro

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Published by: Yayok S. Anggoro on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Service Manual
SPECIFICATIONSPARTS LAST1) General2CPU Unit222) Transmitter2MAIN Unit22~243) Receiver2VCO Unit24CIRCUIT DESCRIPTIONSP Unit251) Receiver System3Mechanical Parts252) Transmitter System4Packing..253) PLL Circuit4DRM03 PA Unit254) Terminal Function of Microprocessor5 ~ 75) Terminal Connection of Microprocessor8ADJUSTMENTSEMICONDUCTOR DATA 1) Required Test Equipment.271) AK23419 2) Adjustment for DR-M06/0328~292) AN78L05M10 3) Adjustment Points303) AN8010M10 4) Adjustment Quick Reference304) BU4052BF105) LR40872111CIRCUIT DIAGRAM6) M5218FP11 3) Main Unit 327) M56760FP12 4) Main Unit338) MC7808CT13 5) CPU Unit349) RH5VA32AA-T11310) RH5VA45AA-T113PC BOARD VIEW11)M5773514 1) Main Unit Side A3512) TK10487MTR15 2) Main Unit Side B3613) AT24C02N-10SI-2.715 3) CPU Unit Side A.3714) AT24C08-10SI-2.715 4) CPU Unit Side B3715) uPC1241H16 5) VCO Unit Side A3816) Transistor, Diode and LED Outline Drawings16 6) VCO Unit Side B3817) LCD Connection17EXPLODED VIEW1) Bottom View182) LCD View183) Top, Front View 1194) Top, Front View 2205)DRM03 PA UNIT21VERSION TABLE 21
TWIN 21 M.I.D. TOWER BUILDING 23F, 1-61, 2-CHOME,SHIROMI CHUO-KU , OSAKA, 540-8580 JAPANTel (81)6-6946-8150 fax (81)6-6946-8175e-mail: export@alinco.co.jp
GENERALFrequencyDRM03SX28.00 - 29.700MHzDRM06TH50.00 - 54.00MHzStep5 , 10 , 12.5 , 15 , 20 , 25 KHz selectableChannel100ModulationF3E (FM)Antenna impedance50 ohm unbalancedPower supply13.8V DC +/- 10%CurrentTx high.approxl 3.0(DRM03SX)Rx squelched.less than 600mADimensionsDRM03SX140(W) x 40(H) x 115(D)DRM06TH140(W) x 40(H) x 155(D)WeightDRM03SXapprox 681gsDRM06THapprox 800gsTransmitterPower outputDRM03SXHigh : 10W Low: 1WDRM06THHigh : 20W Low: 2WModulationvariable reactance frequency modulationMax deviation+/- 5.0kHzSpurious-60dB or under below carrierMicrophoneElectret Condenser MicrophoneOperatin ModeSimplex/Semi-DuplexOffset0 to +/-15.995MHz freely programmableReceiverReceiver sysDouble-conversion superheterodyneI.F.10.7MHz and 455kHzSensitivityDRM03SX0.16uV (-16dBu) 12dB SINADDRM06DX0.25uV (-12dBu) 12dB SINADSelectivity+/- 6kHz or under at -6dB+/- 15kHz or under at -60dBAF Output2.5W with 8ohm at 10%distortion8ohmPage 2
1) Receiver System1. Front EndThe signal from the antenna is passed through a low-pass filter and input tothe voltage step up circuit consisting Of L14. The signal from L14 is led tothe gate of Q1. D19 is the diode limiter circuit against the excessive inputpower of more than 20dBm. Q1 is the FETwhich has two gates. Thevoltage of the gate 2 is set higher to get the high gain and sensitivity. Thesignal from Q1 is led to the triple band pass filter (L4, L5, L6), and gets thehigh image rejection ratio.2. Mixer CircuitThe signal from the triple band pass filter is converted into the first IF signalof 17.2MHz. The receiving signal is led to the gate 1 of Q2, and the firstlocal oscillator signal is led to the gate 2 of Q2. To get the high conversiongain, the local oscillator signal voltage is set to about 1V. To reduce thehigh adjacent channel interference, the band width of the FL2 is set to20kHz. The signal from FL2 is amplified by Q8, and input to FM IF systemIC3 of TK10487.3. IF CircuitThe TK10487 has the second local oscilltor circuit, mixer circuit, detectorcircuit, squelch circuit, and so on. Pin1 and 2 are the terminals of the crystaloscillator circuit. Pin2 (emitter) is connected to the ground via the resisterR3 to prevent the oscillator from decreasing the power at the low tempera-ture. Pin4 of IC3 is connected to FL1 directly because the matching resistorfor ceramic filter is built-in. The quadrature circuit (pin10 of IC3) is con-nected to the ceramic resonator X2 for the temperature stability and goodquality. The signal from pin11 of IC3 is connected to the LPF. The detectedAF signal, which has flat frequency characteristics, is led to the control unitand used as both squelch signal and tone squelch signal. De-emphasiscircuit consists of R31, R32, C26 and C27. The LPF amplifier consisting of Q5 and Q6 is located far away from the VR in the control unit, so it outputsthe high voltage signal to prevent S/N from the deterioration. The squelchswitch circuit consists of Q4 and Q16, and switches on/off at the point wherethere is no voltage to prevent from the switching noise. The S meter signalfrom pin12 of IC3 is led to the CPU in the control unit after adjusting the levelat D20 and VR5. The S meter signal is thermal compensated by TH1 andstabilized. The noise amplifier consists of pin13 and 14, the built-in OPamplifier in IC3. The output signal of noise amplifier is amplified by Q14,rectified by D5, and then led to the pin15 (hysteresis comparator input) of IC3.4. AF CircuitIC4 is about 5W audio power amplifier IC. When the capacity of pin1 in C16is increased more, the output incidental noise becomes smaller. The high-pitched tone becomes smaller at the same time, This radio's capacity of C16 is determined considering the high-pitched tone.PAGE-3

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