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2012 - Equation Solved

2012 - Equation Solved

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Published by travopas
End events , 2012 , Mayan calendar , Crop circles , Galactic energy wave , Sun becoming Red Giant , ET , OBE ,
Astral projection , Psionic info
End events , 2012 , Mayan calendar , Crop circles , Galactic energy wave , Sun becoming Red Giant , ET , OBE ,
Astral projection , Psionic info

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Published by: travopas on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Equation Solved
Dear brothers and sisters,
My name is
Pane “Astral Walker” Andov
and before I go on, I feel a need to tell you this:
There were two ways of creating this file.
I could have
held back information
which isstunningly bizarre, but true. This would be the easy way, staying within the comfort zone andcommunicating only that which would not challenge too many people’s sense of possibility.Or
I could treat the readers
like fully formed, fully connected multidimensional, adulthuman beings and communicate all the relevant information, including some which willstretch their sense of reality to breaking point.
As always, I have chosen the latter. It is not for me to edit information for thereaders, it is for the readers to edit the information for themselves.
It’s not easy for me to say this,
but this letter is the most important information
that youhave ever received regarding events that are going to happen in the near future. I would liketo ask you for your attention (PLEASE STAY WITH ME).For you to know on what ground I am standing, and how I know what I know, there is noother way but to get straight to the point:
I have been taken and have had contacts withthe ETs many times since I was of 7 years of age.
I will not go into the details at thismoment (we will deal with abduction phenomenon later) and for now I will just mention thatmy DNA has been altered, enabling me to use abilities such as Astral projection on a dailybasis. For the last 3 decades I have been visiting Stars and Planets in space which are atthe great distance from our Planet, and had contacts with the ETs. From all the visits, whatwas passed to me and which I clearly remember is that
the human race is headingtowards a great change
, many spirits will return to the stars and something
isgoing to happen.
In order to create a
bigger picture
so that you can understand what is going to happen inthe near future, I will have to explain couple of things:
Milky Way Galaxy, Chandra satellite, and Red Giant
Mayan (Sun) Long Count Calendar
The Crop Circles Phenomenon
What Are We and DNA structure
When a human being physically dies
How the game will be played by the Dark Force
Cosmic rays penetration into Solar system
Ancient Giants and DNA
Forgotten Past and Ancient nuclear conflicts on Earth and Moon
My personal experience with ET
What do we need to do?
Final Word
Once you see the bigger picture,
you will understand 
why you were 
not told 
about all this through the regular means of information.

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