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Reading Words

Reading Words

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Published by telvin01
english words
english words

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Published by: telvin01 on Sep 19, 2010
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Although I had stayed in England for over a year, it wasdifficult for me to understand the British mentality. Traveling
to the office everyday by train, I watched people concealingtheir faces behind newspaper. They rarely conversed with
each other, occasionally lifting their eyebrows to look at their fellow passengers. But when I started a conversation under 
the pretext of the weather I found many had a natural gift for gossip.
Mentality: MindTo conceal: To hideTo converse: To talk Occasionally: Seldom, rarelyTo lift: To raisePretext: Excuse/ false reasonGift: Talent, skillGossip: Friendly chat
Complete the sentences with a suitable form of the wordsdefined above
1. Maggie crossed the room,..................the lid of the pot and sniffed
at the contents
2. Under the...................of wanting to return a pen which she had
left behind, I visited her.
3. It turned out that Jane had inherited a natural...................for music.
4. They were..................intimately, opening up their private problems toeach other with a freedom well beyond the usual.
5. Paul confesses his doubts such as he would have....................from
anyone he did not trust absolutely.
1. The writer
quite surprised............
as he could understand the British mindB)
 because almost noone on the train was talking to each other C)
since most people were reading newspaper D)
after he saw people traveling by train
E) when he saw the British way of life.
2. Using
the excuse of the weather
doesn't work all the timeB)
is how one can get the British to talk C)
is good for gossiping about natureD)
requires natural gift for gossipE) makes it easy to change the subject.
3. It can be inferred from the
 people in England cover their faces with a newspaper B)
.the British do not look at anybody in the trainC)
the British are in fact have a tendency to talkingD)
Englishmen always read somethingE) the writer wanted to stay for another year.
1. Unlike young people.
old people are not reasonable in their fear of deathB)
most old people are not afraid of deathC)
old people are always sadD)
old people are cheated of best thingsE)
human joys are not experienced by old. people
2. Young people are right
A) because they didn't have, best thingsB). to trouble the old people
as they are always J" ~L.":D)
for not having a reason for their fear E)
for their fear of death
3. Although they have experienced almost everything life willoffer 
all the old people fear deathB)
most young people are not ready to die in battleC)
some old people are still affected by the idea of deathD)
young people feel sad because they will be .old,somedayE)
old people get sad when they think of those happy days .

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