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Aqeedah 101 Notes - Session 1

Aqeedah 101 Notes - Session 1

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Published by ilhan_omar

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Published by: ilhan_omar on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 |
The Importance of Inten
The Prophet (saw) said:
“ Verily, actions are but by intewhose migration was for Allahmessenger, and he whose migr in marriage, his migration was
The Prophet (saw) also narrat
“Indeed Allah has forbidden for thereby nothing but Allah’s Fa
The condition in the Hadith aBefore any religious deed is ac1.
Must be purely for All2.
Must be in accordance
Before we proceed, let’s makebenefit and reward inshaAllah 
On Seeking Knowledge…
 Abdullah ibn Mubarak used t
then understanding, then actio
Knowledge has 3 rights over y 1.
To learn it2.
To act upon it3.
To teach it to others
Some of the blessings of Knowle
Seeking knowledge is(saw) was commande
“And say: My lord! Increase m
Knowledge is a sign of Prophet Muhammad (saw) saioc Sisters Aqeedah 101 – The Key to JannahSession 1
tion and every man shall have that which he iand His messenger, his migration was for Allation was to achieve some worldly benefit or t for that which he migrated.” 
ell the person who testifies
‘La ilaha illa Al 
e (pleasure).” 
[Bove is that one is seeking Allah’s pleasure wcepted, it must fulfil 2 criteria:h’s sake, i.e. have the correct intention. with Qur’an and Sunnah.
cerity is the musk of our hearts.” 
Ibn Al Qayyim (rahimahullah)our intentions purely for Allah’s sake so we o.say: “
The beginning of knowledge is the intenn, then preservation, and then spreading it.” 
o important that it is the only thing the Propto ask for more of, not wealth or status.
in knowledge
.”[Surah Ta-Ha: 114] Allah’s love for a person.d:
ntended . Thus heh and Histake some woman
ukhari, Muslim]
ukhari, Muslim]en doing deeds.tain maximum
tion, then listening,
het Muhammad
2 |
“If Allah wants good for someo
[Bukhari] Abu Huraryah reported that t
“Allah makes the way to janna
Knowledge is so blesse
''When the son of Adam dies, hSadaqah Jaariyah (continuingoffspring who will pray for him
 The blessings and benefits meopposed to secular knowledgecategory of reward as seeking
Introduction to Aqeedah 
Definition of Aqeedah:
Linguistically: Derived"to establish". Also des
 According to our schofixed upon without an
It is the cornerstone o
Definition of Tawheed
Linguistically, derived which refers to the act
Islamic, (Shar’ee) defi
His Lordship –
His right to be worshi3.
His names and attribThe division of Tawheed intocompanions, as there was noprinciple of faith. However, thahadith narrated by the Prophoc Sisters Aqeedah 101 – The Key to JannahSession 1
ne, Allah will give that person an understandi
e messenger of Allah (saw) said: 
h easy for him who treads the path in search o
d that the benefits remain after ones death
is good deeds come to an end 
except three
: harity
knowledge which can benefit othe
[Muslim]ntioned above refer to those who seek Islami, which is also praiseworthy but doesn’t comIslamic knowledge.from the term
- a verb which meanscribed as “that which binds you down.”ars,
is the firm creed and beliefs tha wavering or doubt.our faith, and the basis for all other good de
from the root verb -
-Tawheed is the v of ascribing unity to something.
ition: The uniqueness of Allah with regards t
ed Ar-Ruboobiyyah
ped –
Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah
 tes –
Tawheed Al-Asmaa’ wa Sifaat
 ts categories was not done by the Prophet (seed to do this at the time of the prophet – these categories can be found in verses of theet (saw).
 g of the religion.” 
 , or virtuous
knowledge, asunder the same"to hold fast to" orone's heart isds to sprout from.rbal noun of this,o:
 w) or by hisis was such a basicur’an and in
 3 |
UCLU IsDue to the vast spread of Islanecessary that the essence of IIt is reported on the authority Mu‘adh (ra) to Yemen:
"You are going to a people whocall them should be the testimthey acknowledge Allah, then iduring their days and nights."  
[This Hadith stresses the impoTawheed before all else, evenThe first verses of the Qur'anthree concepts of Tawheed ab
“All the praises and thanks be Merciful. The Only Owner (anResurrection). You (Alone) we
[Surat Al-Fatiha: 2-5]oc Sisters Aqeedah 101 – The Key to JannahSession 1and thus greater absorption of Islam by varislam (belief in Allah) remained uncorrupted.of Ibn `Abbas (ra) that Allah's Messenger sai
are from the People of the Book: So the first tny that no-one has the right to be worshipped nform them that Allah has obligated upon the
Bukhari, Muslim]
tance of Tawheed, and highlights that we malah.n Surat Al-Fatiha, the oft-repeated verses, en ve.
o Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. The Most Benthe Only Ruling Judge) of the Day of Recompworship, and you (Alone) we ask for help.” 
ous cultures, it was when he sent
ing to which youexcept Allah. If  five prayers
st begin withompasses the
eficent, the Mostense (i.e. the Day of 

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