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30 Years in Hell

30 Years in Hell

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Published by sudhanshunegi

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Published by: sudhanshunegi on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thirty Years In Hell
The Project Gutenberg EBook of Thirty Years In Hell, by Bernard Fresenborg This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away orre−use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online atwww.gutenberg.orgTitle: Thirty Years In Hell Or, From Darkness to LightAuthor: Bernard FresenborgRelease Date: March 23, 2006 [EBook #18040]Language: EnglishCharacter set encoding: ASCII*** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THIRTY YEARS IN HELL ***Produced by Marilynda Fraser−Cunliffe, Geetu Melwani and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team athttp://www.pgdp.net[Illustration: Yours in His name Bernard Fresenborg.]"Thirty Years in Hell"... OR ...
Thirty Years In Hell1
"From Darkness to Light."BYEx−Priest, Bernard Fresenborg,Who for thirty long years tread the slippery and deceitful path of abhorrent Catholicism, but who to−daystands at the Vatican's door, with the torch of Protestant wisdom, and denounces Popery with a tongue lividwith the power of a living God.Like a Meteor From God's Throne,This great book has stirred America from center to circumference.About 400 Large Pages,And each Page a stinging rebuke to Roman Catholicism.Published by North−American Book House, St. Louis, Mo.Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1904, by NORTH−AMERICAN BOOK HOUSE, In theOffice of the Librarian of Congress, Washington, D.C.Transcriber's Note: A number of typographical errors found in the original text have been corrected in thisversion. A list of these errors is provided at the end of the book.Author's Announcement.A structure of enlightenment is to be built in this land, which to finish, every man of intellectual power mustcontribute.The structure which I refer to, is the structure of "SPIRITUAL LIBERTY," as the spiritual part of man musthave room to expand and grow the same as any other God−given privilege that man is blessed with.Unless we grow in faith we become dwarfs in the worship of God.Those who go forth into the world and profess to be the teachers of men should be giants of intellect and fullyprepared to contribute to this monument of "SPIRITUAL LIBERTY."These giants are the "KNIGHTS OF THE SPIRIT," who stand upon the summit of righteousness andproclaim an intelligent God to a sinful world.Many say they do not feel that they possess the ability to contribute to this structure of "SPIRITUALLIBERTY," but I say, none who possess the power to reason are exempt, for if they cannot place in the archof this structure the golden "key−stone" that shall securely bind this structure together, they can carry mortaror stones, which is as imperative in this structure, as the polished "Cap stone" which shall complete this greatpyramid of emancipation.I do not crave to have my name engraven in bold letters upon the "Cap stone" of this structure, but I do desireto contribute my mite towards the completion of this grand structure of free thought, which, when completed,will stand out upon the horizon of time as a towering monument to Christ and his cause.
Thirty Years In Hell2
Roman Catholicism, as taught by our modern priests and inspired by the papal power at Rome is naught butthe distant rumblings of an antiquated chariot of darkness, as the teachings of this MONARCHICAL creedhas naught in view but the enslavement of reason for the financial gain and benefit of the "Robed" few whoclaim the right to think for the masses.For thirty long years I was bound to this bewitching spirit of darkness by the chords of superstition and neverdared to look above my blind superiors for wisdom, until a "something" which I will call "fate" broke thewindows of my mental dungeon and permitted the light of "SPIRITUAL LIBERTY" to filter through mybeing which awoke "reason and common sense" from her long sleep of lethargy.Now, what I once thought "Holy" I detest as abominable; What I once worshipped, I now hate.It is not the glitter of gold nor the applaudits of the protestant world that I crave, but it is the Master's approvalthat I desire. Therefore I deem it my duty to both God and mankind to proclaim to the world what I know of the awfulness of Roman Catholicism, and I know enough to make my poor soul often wonder if I shall ever bepermitted to sing with the blest around that GREAT WHITE THRONE in the New Jerusalem.As you peruse these pages, I pray that you may whisper a prayer to God in my behalf, as I am now fifty−sixyears old and only a child in wisdom.With pity for the blind hosts of Catholicism and a prayer upon my lips for their deliverance from the trenchesof paganism, I dedicate this book to the world as coming from a heart which poured out its youth's vitalityupon the barren fields of superstition, and wasted its vigor in serving only the god of myths. With a feeling of brotherly love for the entire world, I am,Yours in His name,BERNARD FRESENBORG.TABLE OF CONTENTS.
Page. Who I Am, What I Am, and Why I Am What I Am. 15
Some of the Abominations of Catholicism Carried On in the Name of Our Blessed Savior. 33
All Children of Protestant Parents, Declared Bastards by Catholicism. 51
Tear from the Citadel of Reason, the Power to Reason and You make Slaves of Humanity. 65
Innocent Girlhood at the Confessional Box. 81

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