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INSTRUCTIUNI in This Group I Will Provide You All With Crystalline Light Body Attunements I

INSTRUCTIUNI in This Group I Will Provide You All With Crystalline Light Body Attunements I

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Published by Mircea Manafu
Instructiuni de activare a corpurilor de lumina
Instructiuni de activare a corpurilor de lumina

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Published by: Mircea Manafu on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this group I will provide you all with Crystalline Light Body attunements I'vechanneled- Bodies of Light - that will activate your DNA. Your Higher chakras willbecome moreactive, you will be able to receive higher and more pure energies, your connection withGod/Source will be deepened and deeper levels of potential will open up toyou.The term 'workshop' I use, may be confusing to people, because what I will beproviding here are attunements. There is no need for work(-shop) on your part. In the past I've come acros a sites where all were called workshops.Personally I use it to differentiate between one or more. So when I use theterm 'workshop' I mean multiple attunements in one package. When attuningothers to this workshop, the whole package containing these multipleattunements is send and received.In this time, while the Earth is raising its vibration, I think it is very importantfor human beings to raise theirs as well, activate their DNA and build light. Iwould like to take you all on a very powerful spiritual healing journey that willactivate your DNA and build your light. This will be a major step towardmastery and enlightenment.This I will do in a very easy way. What I'm gonna provide for you here areworkshops, containing multiple attunements, for the Crystalline DNAactivating Light Bodies. These are crystalline bodies of light that activate your DNA.In this group I will provide you with workshops for the following DNA activatingLight Bodies:For more information on each workshop, and to go the place where it will beposted, click on the name of the Light Body.Crystalline Blue Light Body
The Crystalline Light Body Workshops work automatically
A few year ago I bought attunements for the Crystalline Blue, Violet, White,Gold, Platinum, Ultra-Violet and Void Light Body myself for a lot of money. Ihad to work with them every day to anchor them fully for about 30 days. Istarted with the blue one and worked to anchor it every evening for 30 to 40days. It took a lot of time on my part and, because I couldn't spend much timeon energy work at that time, I had no time to do other energy work. Becauseof this I only worked with the blue one and only received the violet one. Therest I still have not yet asked to receive.Now I know I can channel everything myself. I always like things to be easy.And I like to do a lot of things. All this energy work is just all so fascinating.Preferably I would like to try it all right now! :p So I channeled these crystallinelight body workshops myself and also made sure they worked automatically.None has to work with them after the attunement to fully anchor and integratethe energies. Every system makes sure the energies get fully anchored andevery light body is build without having to consciously work with them after having received the attunement. I think it's so much easier for everyone. For those who want to work with the energies more consciously can do so next tothe process what will automatically anchor the energies.
Light Body Workshops Program
We begin with the first in line, the Crystalline Blue Light Body Workshop. Thenthe second, the Violet. After these the White, Gold, Platinum, Ultra-Violet andeventually the Void Light Body Workshop. This is the order in which theworkshops are received. Perquisite to each workshop are the ones earlier inline. And in between each Light Body Workshop a time of two weeks is
needed for integration to fully anchor the energies within you. During this timepeople may also experience clearing symptoms. So the Crystalline VioletLight Body Workshop will be provided two weeks after receiving theCrystalline Blue Light Body Workshop on the November the 21th, theCrystalline White Light Body Workshop two weeks after that etc.I will use embedded attunements so all will be able to receive them at anytime after the date (for example November the 21th for the Crystalline BlueLight Body Workshop) the embedded attunement file is posted.The dates on which I will provide the Light Body Workshops are:- Crystalline Blue Light Body Workshop: 21th of November - Crystalline Violet Light Body Workshop: 5th of December - Crystalline White Light Body Workshop: 19th of December - Crystalline Gold Light Body Workshop: 2th of January- Crystalline Platinum Light Body Workshop: 16th of January- Crystalline Ultra-Violet Light Body Workshop: 30th of January- Crystalline Void Light Body Workshop: 13th of February
Crystalline Blue Light BodyWorkshop
This workshop includes a clearing of anything and everything thatwould adversely impact your ability to activate and integrate thecrystalline blue light body and the accompanying attunements. After the clearing is done, the activation of the crystalline blue light bodywill take place. This light body will activate 5,000 to 10,000 strands of your DNA. An attunement brings in a pink ray to clear out cellular memory. An attunement brings in a turquoise ray to clear outmemories and trauma from your emotional body. And another attunement brings in an indigo purple ray to clear and repair thegenetic codes for the DNA, RNA and ENA (ENA being the emotionallevel of the genetic coding).The embedded attunement file and certificate I have added and you

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