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Proof of a Conspiracy - Globalists Speak Openly of Their Deadly Agenda

Proof of a Conspiracy - Globalists Speak Openly of Their Deadly Agenda



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Published by Jeremy James
Solid evidence that a highly co-ordinated international plan is under way to destroy the independence of sovereign states and create a centralised World Government run along fascist or totalitarian lines.
Solid evidence that a highly co-ordinated international plan is under way to destroy the independence of sovereign states and create a centralised World Government run along fascist or totalitarian lines.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Jeremy James on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Proof of a Conspiracy –Globalists Speak Openly abouttheir Deadly Agenda
by Jeremy James
Ye that love the LORD, hate evil
 Proverbs 97:10
Many dismiss those who believe in a global conspiracy as cranks and fools. And yetevidence that such a conspiracy exists is fairly easy to establish.One definition of 
reads as follows: ‘A secret agreement between two ormore people to perform an unlawful act.’That is okay as far as it goes, but it does not even begin to capture the breadth andscope of the Globalist agenda. Once you define it correctly, it starts to look less like aconspiracy and more like a business plan – which is exactly what it is:A secret agreement by a number of super-rich elite families to increasetheir wealth and power on the world stage by covert means, with a viewultimately to impose a unified world government under their control, andto employ a range of subversive techniques and programs in diversefields – political, financial, economic, military, industrial, medical,educational, religious, and media-related, among others – to achieve thisobjective.These super-rich families and those who support them are known by various names,including the Power Elite, the Ruling Elite, the cabal of International Bankers, theIlluminati, the Globalists, and the Black Nobility. One can even think of them as theTrillionaires Club.It is in essence an agreement among like-minded people who are seeking to establisha global monopoly on the commodity they value more than any other – Power.Given human nature and its dismal record of murder and corruption, it would be trulyastonishing if a group of this kind did not exist!
The question we should be asking
So, instead of asking ‘Does a global conspiracy exist?’ we should really be asking,‘What are these power-obsessed, ultra-wealthy people actually planning to do andwhat are the likely consequences for the rest of humanity?’
The following published quotations by members of the Global Elite should go a longway toward dispelling any doubts you may have about their existence. They shouldalso shed considerable light on their mindset, their methodology, their contempt forhumanity, and the remarkably sophisticated nature of their plan to destroy thesovereignty of independent nations and create a New World Order.They are so arrogant and so confident of success that, from time to time, some of theirmore outspoken members divulge just a little too much information about theirintentions.
The United States is the principal target
If you are living in the United States you need to be especially concerned about theGlobal Elite since the last major obstacle to a One World Government is the US itself.As a sovereign independent nation, and the foremost player in world affairs, with along tradition of liberty and democracy, it cannot be allowed to continue in itsexisting form. The Globalists have long planned to weaken it fatally – a processwhich is now at a very advanced stage – and destroy its sovereignty. A totalitarianregime of some kind is scheduled to take over, possibly on foot of an engineerednational crisis, and abolish the Constitution. The America that has existed since 1776will then disappear forever.Please consider the evidence for yourself. More than forty percent of your industrialbase has been ‘off-shored’, with most of it given lock-stock-and-barrel to a Marxist-Leninist regime known as China. Using a host of deceitful practices in the bankingsystem, successive governments have left the country saddled with such staggeringlevels of debt – at household, corporate, state and federal level, not to mentionmassive unfunded liabilities such as social security, Medicaid and Medicare – thatthere is not the slightest chance that even a fraction of it can be paid down from futuretaxation without destroying the economy. In fact it is so great, and growing at such analarming rate, that your great nation will very shortly be unable even to
itsdebt (i.e. keep up its interest payments to foreign and domestic lenders). Industrialemployment across the US as a whole has been radically reduced and most of the jobsthat remain are in the low-paying, insecure services sector. The erosion of your civilliberties since 9/11 has been so severe that any law-abiding American can now bepicked up and incarcerated indefinitely by his government on vaguely-wordedsecurity-related charges – against which he or she has absolutely no defense.‘It can’t happen here!’ you say. Really? The following quotations prove otherwise.Not only has it been happening but the pace of decay is now such that a majoreconomic collapse in the next 2-3 years is virtually inevitable.Please take this warning seriously and do what you can to protect yourself and yourfamily.If, after you have had a chance to study it, you find this paper has convinced you, thenplease share it with your friends and those you care about.
[All quotations have been checked against other sources to ensure they were not takenout of context or slanted in any way that might distort the author’s intentions. Thereader should be able to locate and verify many of them on the Internet.]******
A major admission by the Globalists in 2009
We should start with an astonishing admission by the Globalists in 2009. It canactually be found on the official website of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),which is one of the main institutions that secretly run the United States:"Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday.Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of theUnited States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered downthrough General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. Wehave a chain of command in the National Security Council that existstoday.”
Remarks by the US National Security Adviser, James L Jones at the 45thMunich Conference on Security Policy, Hotel Bayerischer, February 8, 2009.
This is probably the most public and most brazen confirmation to date by theGlobalist Elite that they control the US government. James Jones has been appointedthrough the democratic process approved by Congress, but here he is statingcategorically that he takes his orders daily from Henry Kissinger via two otherunelected individuals, Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger. Kissinger is a well knownglobalist mouthpiece for David Rockefeller. Many regard him as the author of severalbrutal wars and genocidal campaigns. He has been given no mandate whatever by theAmerican people, and yet, as Jones confirms, he has direct control over US nationalsecurity.This admission by the CFR should be a matter of great concern to all Americans.
German Chancellor explains how a Global Elite controls everything
Let’s turn now to Helmut Schmidt who was German Chancellor (Prime Minister) for8 years (1974-1982). In his memoirs,
 Men and Powers
(Random House, 1987), hewrote that American foreign policy is decided by two groups:The Establishment and the Council on Foreign Relations“One was a large number of outstanding career diplomats and careerofficials in high positions, who provided continuity; the other was a largereservoir of discerning private persons, who were committed to foreignaffairs and who had already served earlier administrations. This reservoir,earlier frequently called “the establishment,” had both its forum and itscenter in the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Its memberswere lawyers, bankers, some industrialists, and academics. The councilpublished (and still publishes) the excellent periodical
Foreign Affairs...

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