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CH 1B Vocab

CH 1B Vocab

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Published by Selena

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Published by: Selena on Sep 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ch. 7 Vocabulary1.
Memory-Persistent learning over time through storage and retrieval of information.2.
Encoding- Getting information into our brain.3.
Storage- Retaining encoded information over time.4.
Retrieval- Getting stored information out; using our stored info.5.
Sensory memory- Short term, fleeting memory. Involves the 5 senses.6.
Short-term memory- Temporary memory that holds a few items for a brief period of time. (Magic 7, plus or minus 2).7.
Long-term memory- Storage that is relatively permanent and limitless.8.
Working memory- A form of short term memory that is actively processinginformation.9.
Parallel processing- Processing multiple things at once.10.
Automatic processing- Unconscious encoding of information or concepts that isnot difficult to grasp.11.
Effortful processing- Conscious encoding that requires attention and is not easyto grasp.12.
Rehearsal- Repetition of information that helps encoding information intostorage.13.
Spacing effect- If you space out your study sessions, rather than cramming,information has a higher chance of being stored.14.
Serial position effect- When told to memorize a list, we tend to recall the first and last items on the list best.15.
Visual encoding- Encoding of things we see; imagery. AKA Iconic memory.16.
Acoustic encoding- Encoding of things we hear; sounds and words. AKA echoicmemory.17.
Semantic encoding- Encoding meaningful things; facts, words, and information.18.
Imagery-Mental pictures.19.
Mnemonics- Memory aids such as acronyms, and peg-words.20.
Chunking- Grouping information into smaller groups that are easier toremember.

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