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New Life

New Life

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Published by Rechealhearts

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Published by: Rechealhearts on Sep 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I was right where I wanted to be. Great job, living with my parents and siblings and getting ready to graduate high school.School in the morning then work and some video games at night atmy sisters house down the block. Seeing my boyfriend on theweekends after work. Happy as could be at this point in my life.Didn¶t want anything to change.I never stop to realize how good it was though, until it wasstripped away from me suddenly and without warning. I knew Iwas lucky but never did I realize just how lucky I really was. I took everything for granted. Now I pay the price.This is a diary from a girl who was a snob. She didn¶tunderstand hurt or pain or how much she actually had. It starts outwhen she is at her 18
birthday party. This girl is me.³Happy Birthday Chelly!´ Andy called from the car. I wasrunning out to get into the car before my parents could notice howdrunk Andy was. I jumped over the side door of his convertibleand we were off.We went out to a party on the other side of town and gotdrinks. This was the first mistake that I never thought I wouldregret as much as I do now.The next thing I knew I was in an alley puking my entiredigestive system out my mouth. I had no idea how I got where Iwas . I just woke up laying on the piles of trash near a dumpster. Ihad a splitting headache and seemed to be missing a shoe.I suddenly remembered I was also missing a boyfriend. I gotup again from a box I had sat on to calm my stomach and grabbedthe dumpster for support. I wearily looked up and down the alleytrying to remember where I was.³A «. Andy!´ I croaked. My voice sounded awful. My guesswas from puking. I took a stumbling, step forward and heard anodd noise coming from around the corner. I automatically startedwalking, or stumbling, toward the corner hoping to find Andy.³Hey look who it is!´ I froze. I knew that voice. The voicewas the one making the noise I realized quickly. He couldn¶t seeme which was a plus. This was the voice of the man that had beat
up my dad, in front of me, because my dad had not given him hismoney fast enough. My dad was always in trouble with the loansharks. I snuck up just enough to see who he was talking to.I gasped seeing Andy keeled over staring, at the huge pile of muscle called a man, terrified. The man heard my intake of breatheand turned to me. He smiled evilly.³I love it when they come to me!´ He said walking towardme. I started to slowly back away terrified now for my own life.³Awww! Don¶t be like that. I ain¶t going to hurt you«. Thatmuch.´ He chuckled at his joke.³Cheesy!´ I complained trying to sound unaffected. It didn¶twork. He knew I was scarred. I turned and took off runningthrowing the one shoe I had on at him. Even though it hit him inthe head it didn¶t make a difference. He still caught me and threwme over his shoulder. I took in as much breathe as I could while breathing this hard and let out an ear shattering scream that hequickly stopped with a punch to the face.The movies are so wrong. When someone gets knocked outthey just black out. They don¶t stand there and look at you whilefalling over. They literally have everything go black. They don¶thave any memory of what just happened for a few minutes after they wake.I woke up strapped up to a chair in a basement. My head wasthrobbing even more this time. I closed my eyes a little lettingthem adjust through the pain. I decided this time to be quiet nomatter what happened.I was so upset but still trying to be as quiet as possible. Iquietly sobbed not being able to control it. Suddenly a shadowappeared and I screamed unsure. I had meant to keep my mouthshut but since I was already so spooked, I couldn¶t handle it. Theshadow came closer and I whimpered. The shadow turned into a bloody and bruised Andy.³Shh! It¶s okay.´ He whispered. I felt relief and pain at thesame time. He brushed the tears away and then kissed my foreheadand walked to the back of me trying to untie me. Just then a loud
noise sounded. The front door! ³Freaking Aye!´ Andy cussed andhid under a table in the corner.I tried to remain as calm as possible but couldn¶t do a verygood job. We heard loud stomping and then the door to the basement raddled. I started to cry again unable to stop myself. Theman stepped into the room and turned to glare at me. I whimperedthrough my still streaming tears.³Where is he?´ He spat at me. I cried again unsure. ³Where!´He screamed.³Ralf!´ I heard an even more scary voice yell from up thestares.³Down here!´ Ralf yelled back. The door slammed open anda man whering a nice suit and tie stepped in.³Just finish them off and lets get out of here.´ The guy in thesuit said and I whimpered.³Well the boy was up in the bedroom and now he¶s gone.´Ralf told the man. Ralf seemed, I swear, sheepish.³What! How could you let him escape fool!´ The suited mancalled, furious. While they fought I decided to prolong any chanceI had at staying alive.³He went back to the ally.´ I cried as if feeling abandoned.The muscle man back handed me with a vicious growl.³Liar!´ He yelled turning on his heels. ³Your lying for himand I know it! Now tell me where he is!´ He glared.³If you don¶t believe me then how do you know whether Iam telling the truth or not aye?´ I answered feigning sarcasm.³Answer my question.´ He demanded.³I told you. He said he would be back to get me with help buthe had to get out of here. He went to the ally im positive.´³Why so sure?´ He raised an eyebrow at me and I sighed.³Never underestimate a chick and her boyfriend.´ I answeredas if he was crazy for asking such a question.He stomped toward the door and slammed it behind himlocking it. Andy didn¶t move until we heard his truck start. Then he jumped up and untied me. We both looked through the teeny tiny

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