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Interview for Research on FF.N

Interview for Research on FF.N

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Published by Syao Chan

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Published by: Syao Chan on Sep 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. How long have you been an author? What influenced you to join such websites?
I¶ve been an FF.net writer for 9 years. I wanted to say it was drugs that influenced me, but Ibelieve this is for a research paper, so I¶d provide a more serious answer.I used to send fanfics via e-mail to a separate couple fansite, when the webmistress told meto post them on FF.net, where it can get more feedback. The thought of getting more people to readmy work encouraged me, and that¶s how I ended up on this site.
2. How did fictionpress and/or fanfiction help you as a student?
It gave me lots and lots of practice on my English vocab and grammar, that¶s for sure!
Butmore significantly, it helped me survive my lonely, isolated years at high school. At the end of everyday, I always have something to look forward to²reviews, e-mails from fellow fanfic pals, etc.
 3. Did you notice any significant difference in your grades because of these websites?Especially in Math or English which uses critical thinking.
No, not really. I think it¶s more of the other way around, my school subjects impacting myfanficwriting, etc.
 4. You have been receiving reviews for your stories, how do these reviews from people youdo not know from all over the world affect your writing?
It boosted my morale, knowing that there are people outside my family and friends whoappreciate what I do. It also makes me feel really, really proud when people ask if it¶s okay totranslate my stories in their own languages.With these in mind, I always make it a point that every chapter I write will entertain thesewonderful people who take time to tell me what they like about the story, what can make it better, orwhat needs work.
 5. How old are you when you started to write at fanfiction and/or fictionpress?
I was fourteen when I started writing in FF.net, though as early as nine, I was already fillingmy notebooks with ³what-ifs´ from childhood anime staples like Sailormoon (and later, Card CaptorSakura).
6. Despite the fact that fanfiction and fictionpress are not completely under the category of social networking, did anything hinder you frommaking friends? If yes, from where did these friends come from? Were they also from thePhilippines?
Even before Friendster was the big thing (then it died and Facebook became the BIG thing,but I digress), I was receiving mails from readers via my Yahoo inbox. Back then, the FF.netmessaging system isn¶t that solid yet.These people later became my online pals²some for months, others for years. Until now, Ikeep in touch with two people, though not via FF.net anymore since I¶ve gone hiatus.Yes, most of my friends were Pinoys, but a lot of them came from other places, too. Mostly,they¶re from the United States, but I also am friends with people from Singapore, China, Japan, andCanada.
7. As an author and reader, how seriously do you take that responsibly as youedit/proofread your works or review works of others?

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