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Arrhenius Mis-Applied the Greenhouse Effect

Arrhenius Mis-Applied the Greenhouse Effect

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Published by John Dodds
This summary paper identifies why the original Arrhenius 1896 paper is in error is identifying that "More GHGs causes More Warming" and in reality it is adding more energy that causes the warming
This summary paper identifies why the original Arrhenius 1896 paper is in error is identifying that "More GHGs causes More Warming" and in reality it is adding more energy that causes the warming

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: John Dodds on Sep 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Arrhenius Mis-Applied the Greenhouse Effect1
Arrhenius Mis-Applied the Greenhouse Effect
(Supplement 2 Rev 2 to Ch 2 of John Dodds Wobble Theory of Global Warming)(© J Dodds Feb 15, 2010, and Oct 5 2009 atwww.scribd.com)  (http://www.scribd.com/doc/19476991/John-Dodds-Wobble-Theory-of-Global-Warming-atwww.scribd.com  contains the more complete 150 page “Wobble Theory” paper )The original Arrhenius 1896 scientific paper is scientifically incorrect and a fraudulent basis for the California lawAB32 which mandated the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) or CO2 emissions, and for the IPCC report (AR4,WG1, Ch1, p116). Adding more GHGs does NOT result in more warming. It is also noted that mandating the use of 25 or 33% renewable energy at 3 to 5 times the cost of fossil fuels(in Ca) results in doubling the cost of energy tothe consumer/voters and in excessive inflation to all users such as transporters and manufacturers.
The Arrhenius justification for "more GHG emissions means more warming" (see Wikipedia for "Arrhenius" & ref 3 for the paper) or Delta_F=a*ln(C/Co), or the rise in temperature is proportional to the concentration of the GHGs,FAILS in the evening when the temperature decreases while the concentration is constant or increasing slightly dueto mankind's CO2 emissions. It FAILS in the morning when the temperature increases dramatically even thought theconcentration is constant or increasing slightly. It FAILS when the concentration of Water Vapor, the most potentGHG, increases when the humidity increases when it rains, but the temperature does NOT increase.
The reason the Arrhenius Law fails is because it incorrectly uses the concentration of the GHG or CO2 in the airinstead of the concentration of the GHG "IN USE" for the Greenhouse Effect. (GHE). More properly it should usethe number of energy photons IN USE for the GHE since it is this added energy that causes the warming, and forevery photon absorbed there must be a GHG to absorb it. Adding a GHG can NOT increase the warming unless anadded photon of energy is also used in the GHE.
Arrhenius improperly assumed (in Sec 5) that whenever there is more CO2 then it is used for an increasing GHE.The reality is that there is an excess of GHGs in the air over the number of absorbable photons, and hence the GHEwarming is limited by the available energy, not by the available GHGs. Every night when the available energycoming in decreases, then the number of GHGs in use also decreases and these unused GHGs are then "released " tothe air to become more excess GHGs. Whenever man generates more GHGs they are simply added to the unusedexcess GHGs in the air. They do not add to the GHE because there are no available photons to combine with theexcess GHGs. It is obvious that there are more GHGs than photons, because if it was the other way round with morephotons than GHGs, then the photons would just continue to increase the very real Greenhouse warming effect untilall the GHGs (CO2 and water vapor) in the ocean were in use and vaporized and the oceans had dried up.
The idea of excess GHGs available also raises the question of the validity of water vapor feedback mechanisms inthe models. If an added photon comes in why would it pass up the opportunity to get absorbed by a readily availableexcess water vapor molecule, when it could wait for man to generate more CO2 to increase the temperature to thenresult in more available excess water vapor molecules to cause the feedback warming effect? Mother Nature usuallydoes things in the most efficient method possible. This then eliminates the concept of AGW, or anthropogenic, mancaused global warming, and puts the burden back on natural mother nature, and it means that man's geo-engineeringcan not control the temperature unless it can reverse the effects of gravitational potential energy.- ie byinventing anti-gravity!
Given that the increasing energy causes the increasing GHE and warming, and that the incoming solar insolation, thesole source of energy used by the models and IPCC, has been essentially constant since the 1970s while the globehas been warming, then it is necessary to identify another source of cyclic energy on Earth to account for the coolingand warming. Papers are available at
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Gravity causes ClimateChanges
. http://www.scribd.com/doc/27343303/Gravity-Causes-Climate-Change (of which sections 2 through 5are reproduced below)and
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- to explain how gravity causes eccentricity whichcauses warming and cooling cycles as Earth's energy goes from potential energy to kinetic energy like apendulum. These gravity cycles correspond to the measured 12 and 60 year (1880. 1940, 1998...) Earth temperaturecycles and to the longer cycles identified in GISP2 ice cores. The gravitational effects of Jupiter in causing the
Arrhenius Mis-Applied the Greenhouse Effect2
thousands of kilometers of eccentricity in the Earths orbit and hence the cyclic variation in Earth-Jupiterdistance and gravitational potential energy far exceed the effects which solar insolation have on the Earth. Theincreased kinetic energy from the potential energy results in warmer ground temperatures which then radiate moreabsorbable energy photons. These effects have not been considered in the Models, IPCC reports or the Ca AB32regulations.It is the coincident current nearest approach by both Jupiter, Uranus and Venus that is causing the minimization of potential energy and maximization of kinetic or heat energy and the current 2009/2010 peak in Earth warming. Thisis mostly caused by the 12 year Jupiter orbital cycle which last approached this peak , coincident with Venus, duringthe 1998 warming peak. It is the increase in available kinetic energy from primarily the decreased gravitationalpotential energy due to nearness of Jupiter and Venus in the last half of 2010, that has enabled the weather extremesof increased Atlantic hurricanes, the movement of Hurricane Earl in Sept as far north as Nova Scotia in Canada, theappearance of a tornado in New York in Brooklyn and Queens in Sept 2010 etc.
In summary cyclic Earth eccentricity causes Earth cooling and warming, not the availability of excess Greenhousegases.
Arrhenius Mis-Applied the Greenhouse Effect3The following sections 2-5 of the
Paper are available at
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Gravity causes Climate Changes
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are reproduced below.
2. OTHER ENERGY SOURCES: Gravity, Potential Energy, 100 year impacts
Given that the theory above indicates that more CO2 does not cause more warming, BUT it is clear that while theincoming solar insolation has been essentially constant since the 1960s and there has obviously been global warmingfrom the 1970s through 1998, as well as cooling from 1880 to 1910, warming to 1940, cooling to 1970,Then there MUST be another varying source of incoming energy.It was identified that variable Gravity “wobbles” caused by planetary eccentricity is one source of energy, both asdirect energy transfer to Earth from the sun moon and planets (e.g. Earth rotation and friction, tides etc), and as thesource of Earths Gravitational Potential Energy relative to the sun and moon and planets. This is similar to howNASA scientists have identified that Jupiter’s gravity causes climate changes and the extreme volcanism (heatsource) on Jupiter’s moon Io. This is summarized below. The full details of the justification of John Dodds WobbleTheory are available atwww.scribd.com in the full paper http://www.scribd.com/doc/19476991/John-Dodds-Wobble-Theory-of-Global-Warming- 
These sources were not addressed in the IPCC analyses.
Which therefore invalidates the IPCC analyses (again!)The following Fig 2-1 chart of measured Hadley Temperature AND direct Forces of Gravity attempts to identifyand rank one of the causes and effects on Earth’s Temperature.First the forces of Gravity were identified with the Sun and Moon being by far the most significant. However theirvariation is essentially unchanged on a year over year basis. I.e. the annual seasonal variations. Next most significantare Jupiter (blue), Saturn (pink) and Venus (brown) in the chart below. Obviously there are significant variations,that far exceed the contribution from solar insolation

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