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M-037 CH53K Prochure Final Web

M-037 CH53K Prochure Final Web

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Published by Solomon

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Published by: Solomon on Sep 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 CH-53K Helicopter 
 A heavy lift capability above all others
The next generation heavy lift helicopter is here
 Vertical heavy lift is critical to successful 21st century operations in anti-access, area-denial environments globally to enable force application and focused logistics within the joint operating concepts. The Sikorsky CH-53K helicopter provides the assault support function in support of Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare, significantly improves operational capabilities, and reduces life-cycle costs.The CH-53K helicopter is the United States Marine Corps’ choice to pro-vide heavy lift capability well into the 21st century, delivering the following increases in performance and capability:- Four times the lift in USMC hot day conditions at 110nm as compared to the current heavy lift aircraft- Reduction in material maintenance cost- 23% reduction in operations and support- Increased survivability- 20% reduction in fuel consumption
Leading the way.
 Versatile heavy lift capability 
Transports equipment, supplies and personnel during amphibious assault operations and sustained operations ashore. Capable of both internal and external transport of supplies.Outstanding performance in high altitude, mountainous terrain. Shipboard compatible and capable of operating in adverse environments both day and night. Recovers disabled aircraft and performs long-range rescues.
Superior performance
Will conduct an unrefueled mission of 110 nm radius with a 27,000 lb (12,247 kg) external payload. Meets the stringent performance parameters on a “high-hot” Navy day (a pressure altitude of 3,000 feet and 91.5˚ F/915 meters/33˚ C).
Precise shipboard compatibility 
Full shipboard compatibility, including automatic blade fold and pylon fold, deck-edge power compatibility, fuel storage safety, HERO compatibility, deck strength compatibility, and shipboard buoyancy effects.Rotor blades and pylon are capable of folding and spreading in winds of 45 kt from any direction.
Outstanding aircraft readiness
The Integrated Support System interface with OOMA provides robust data col-lection and analytic capabilities aimed at ensuring operational readiness/avail-ability by optimizing the maintenance and supply chain philosophies to reduce Life Cycle Costs (LCC).
 Advanced digital cockpit
Rockwell Collins Avionics Management System (AMS) incorporates fully integrated flight and navigation displays to reduce crew workloads in the demanding tactical environment.
 Advanced technology. Increased performance.
Increased payload and range
Three GE38-1B engines and new dynamic system enables the CH-53K helicopter to meet all USMC heavy lift replacement mission requirements including the critical Operational Maneuver From The Sea (OMFTS) mission.
   P   a   y   l   o   a   d ,   t   h   o   u   s   a   n   d   s   o    f   p   o   u   n   d   s
0 50 100 150 200Radius, nautical miles
 CH-53K  CH-53E 27,000 lb (Thres, KPP)PL=27,870 lbPL=6,872 lb
110 nm ROA
Integrated Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) system with helmet mounted navigation displays reduces pilot workloadIntegral Engine Air Particle Separator (EAPS) improves performance and reduces maintenance Advanced light weight armor protects passengers and crewElastomeric main rotor head reduces total ownership costs and increases flight readinessFly-by-Wire electronic flight controls improvise mission capability with reduced weight and lower total ownership cost Advance drive system incorporating multiple path split torque main gearbox for lower total ownership cost, and improved reliability and performance Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) with pneumatic startLong range, crashworthy and ballistic tolerant 2,286 gal (8,653 l) main fuel systemRockwell Collins Avionics Management System (AMS) increases situational awareness)

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