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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

6 Week Weight Loss Challenge



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Published by runrg
A six week, step-by-step, weight loss challenge that provides information on motivation, nutrition, and exercises
A six week, step-by-step, weight loss challenge that provides information on motivation, nutrition, and exercises

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Published by: runrg on Oct 09, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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fitnovo.com 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge 
Time Required:
30 minutes per day, 6 days per week for 6 weeks.
Long term sustainable health is what we promote at Fitnovo.com. This plan is an all inclusive 6week road map to help you find a life of fitness. The most important part of this plan is commitment. If youkeep working, you will see results. Specifically, this plan is designed for reducing body fat, increasing muscletone, and aerobic capacity.
Increase fitness and lose body fat in 6 weeks. To obtain further results, this plan may be repeated.
Level of Difficulty:
3 out of 5
This weight loss challenge is not difficult, but it does take a continuous andconsistent effort to succeed. This plan will only work if you are committed and determined to stick with theprogram for a full 6 weeks.The Fitnovo weight loss challenge addresses three aspects of health:
Diet is the most important piece of the weight loss puzzle. This plan contains nutritional guide linesfor you to follow. It also contains a sample meal plan and a few select recipes. It is highlyrecommended that you keep a food journal to track your progress. A food journal is available forfree at www.fitnovo.com .
Physical activity:
The basic goal is to be active every day. This program provides a mix of cardio and strengtheningexercises. This will help increase your metabolism and speed up the weight loss process. This planwill not substantially increase your muscle mass, but will help tone your muscles.
Inspiration is the key to any life change. If you aren’t motivated you won’t complete the plan. We
are committed to keeping you motivated, which is why we have created the website Fitnovo.com.We have a community as well as several tools to keep you motivated. We also send out weeklymotivating emails. Short of slapping the french fries out of your hand, we will do everything we canto help you succeed. However, motivation is largely an internal phenomenon. Find your passion,find your drive. Find your reason for change and remind yourself why you are doing this each andevery day.
Equipment needed:
 A gym membership - or -
Light dumbbells that can be lifted 12
15 times without terrible strain.
Stabilization (Swiss) ball that is inflated.
A sturdy chairA good pair of running shoes. Preventing injury is very important, and the right pair of shoes can go a
long way towards ensuring you aren’t sidelined. Find a shoe store that specializes in selling running
shoes and get fitted. Be sure they take into account your foot arch, weight, and stride.
physical activity:
Before starting any diet and exercise program, it is important to assess your current physicalshape and capabilities. Also, as a way to bench mark improvements, use this plan in conjunction with the freefitness tools found at www.fitnovo.com .
Body Mass Index (BMI) -
A calculator can be found at http://www.fitnovo.com/bmi_calculators.php  or use the following formula to calculate your body mass index:
weight (lb) / [height (in)]
x 703
A BMI of between 18.5
and 24.9 is considered normal; A BMI over 25 means you are consideredoverweight; A BMI over 30 means you are considered obese
Maximum Heart Rate -
It is important to know your maximum heart rate for the purpose of knowingat what pace
you should be training. It is also important to note that this formula represents a “bestguess” and heart rates
vary by individual depending on body composition and fitness.
206.9 - (0.67 x age)
Resting Heart Rate -
This fitness indicator allows you to judge your aerobic fitness. Many overweightpeople have an unusually high heart rate. You should record this at www.fitnovo.com weekly to mark your improvements.
Weight -
Obviously the most basic of fitness assessments. This should be recorded weekly and alwaysfirst thing in the morning, before eating breakfast. Weight often fluctuates, sometimes up to 7 poundsbased on water retention or dehydration, so it is not quite the benchmark of progress it has thereputation as being.
Waist Size -
A better indicator of your success than weight. Your waist size should be recorded weekly,before breakfast. A reduction in waist size means a loss of body fat.
The idea is to develop a habit of being physically active. This six week plan calls for 2 differentstrength training workouts, as well as 1 running/cardio workouts. Alternate between workout as described inthe chart below.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayWeek 1 Cardio Upper body Cardio Lower Body Off Cardio Upper BodyWeek 2 Cardio Upper body Cardio Lower Body
Off Cardio Upper Body
Week 3 Cardio Upper body
Cardio Lower Body
Off Cardio Upper Body
Week 4 Cardio Upper body
Cardio Lower Body
Off Cardio Upper Body
Week 5 Cardio Upper body
Cardio Lower Body
Off Cardio Upper Body
Week 6 Cardio Upper body
Cardio Lower Body
Off Cardio Upper Body
As you can see, you will be repeating the same three workouts continuously over the 6 week period. This willhelp lead to the development of a routine. And while it is always good to mix up your physical activities, youcan work on that after you are in great shape. For now it is important to stick to a routine of proven workoutsto help transform your body.Fortunately, these workouts only last 30 minutes and are challenging but not difficult.
Cardio Workout:
The cardio workout serves a few purposes:First, running/jogging burns more calories than nearly every other exercise.Second, running will improve your aerobic ability - quickly. You should notice a substantial difference ineffort around week 3 or 4. Improving your aerobic ability, or cardiovascular health will help ward off the first and third most fatal dieses in America
heart dieses and stroke.Third, increased cardio health will help you to better complete the strengthening workouts, which willlead to a more toned and shapely body.
Step 1:
Find your maximum heart rate using the formula on page 2 or atwww.fitnovo.com/heartrate_calc.php 
Step 2:
Complete the following workout on “cardio workout days.”
Strength Workouts:
The strengthening workouts accomplish several important health goals:Tones your muscles - which leads to a stronger more age resistant body when compared to an lesstoned and weaker body.Increases body metabolism - helping you to naturally burn more calories to just maintain your naturalbalance.Look Better -
Let’s face it, looking better is a major factor in most diet and exercise programs. Strength
training is great for helping to get looks and improving confidence.
Strength Workout Details:
The strength workouts are separated into two workouts
the first focuses on your upper body and thesecond focuses on your lower body. Each week you will perform the upper body workout twice andthe lower body workout once.Select one exercise and conduct five sets with it, starting with a set of 12 reps, then increasing theweight and doing 10 reps, adding more weight and doing 8 reps, adding more weight for 6 reps. Thenreduce the weight and do 12 reps. Immediately perform another set of 12 reps for that muscle groupusing the second selected exercise.
Cardio Workout
30 Minutes5 minute walking warm up6 minutes running at 50% of your maximum heart rate or effort3 minutes walking4 minutes running at 50% of your maximum heart rate or effort3 minutes walking4 minutes running at 60% of your maximum heart rate or effort.5 minute walking cool down

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i have a quick question ifor uper body workout i chooe 2eercises for chest do 5 sets then 2 exercises for back and do fivesets and so on and it shoud only take 30 mins?
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