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Pretty Boy Pete, Little Lost Skipper, and Kitty the Turtle

Pretty Boy Pete, Little Lost Skipper, and Kitty the Turtle

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Published by Nancy Williams
This is about our entertaining parakeet, our lost puppy, and my pet turtle.
This is about our entertaining parakeet, our lost puppy, and my pet turtle.

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Published by: Nancy Williams on Sep 21, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Pretty Boy Pete, Little Lost Skipper,and Kitty the Turtle
It seems like back in the fifties, every household had a pet parakeet and anaquarium, full of guppies or goldfish. Ours was no exception. For years, we werethoroughly entertained by our perky, blue parakeet, Pete. He really ruled the roostat our house. He was quite the socialite, appearing to enjoy our company as muchas we did his.Knowing how my parents used to be such clean-freaks, it¶s hard for me toimagine how much they let their guard down, when it came to our parakeets,
especially Pete. This behavior on their part, seems completely incongruous, to howtidy and particular they were about keeping the house immaculate and germ-free.All of the parakeets we owned, throughout the years, spent most of the timein their cage. It was located in the dining room, between a window and the diningroom table. The birds were often let out of the cage, to fly around the house. Pete,however, had special privileges. During meals, while we were seated at the table,he was frequently allowed out of his cage, to visit with us as we ate.This funny blue parakeet liked to perch on the top of the dark, thick rim of my father¶s eyeglasses. He would lean over, upside down, and look into Dad¶sglasses, pecking on the lens. I¶m not exactly sure, but I guess he could see his ownreflection on the glassy surface, and was pecking at the ³other bird´ he saw.He also liked to perch on the brim of my father¶s coffee cup, and take agulp of coffee. I don¶t think Dad ever actually drank after him, but it still bafflesme, that Pete was permitted to even come near the dining table, much less participate in the meals, and perch on his coffee cup.Mom spent quite a lot of time working with Pete, and trained him to do afew tricks. He could nod and turn around on command. She taught him to say,³Pete¶s a pretty boy,´ which he muttered repeatedly, with somewhat impressiveclarity, and recognizable words.One green parakeet didn¶t survive an episode of eating some of the garland
off of our Christmas tree. Another flew to his fate, as he escaped out of the frontdoor, over our mom¶s head, as she opened the door to answer it.I don¶t remember a time when we didn¶t have some kind of pets at home.One year, we got baby ducks, as Easter presents. Those precious, little yellow peepers were so tiny and cute, for a little while. Then they grew to be big, noisy,quaking, solid white ducks. We delivered them to a family, who lived down theroad from our camp. They had a nice farm, and were delighted to get them for their  pond.One of my pets, who I was quite fond of, was Kitty. She was a little petturtle I had, back in grade school, for what seemed like a long time. I remember  picking Kitty out, from the multitude of tiny turtles on display, in the basement of Young¶s Department Store. Each turtle¶s shell couldn¶t have been much larger thanthe size of a fifty-cent piece. Most of their shells were decorated, with decals o brightly-colored cartoon animals.The turtle I chose, had a decal of a hot pink kitty on its shell, hence the name³Kitty.´ I loved that turtle. She never grew any larger, and lived comfortably in her shallow, aquarium home. It had a curved ramp, which she often crawled down,allowing her to get into the water, whenever she so desired. While I was home, Iliked to take Kitty outside, and let her walk around the yard. The bright pink decalmade it easier for me to keep an eye on her, as she walked through the green grass.

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Nancy Williams added this note
This is about our spoiled parakeet, my pet turtle, and the day we lost our puppy.
wedgehead3 added this note
Sorry about the typos....I'll try to do better........Larry W.
wedgehead3 added this note
I don't think I ever heard thevstorynabout losing Skipper atbthe "Dam Celebration". I'm sure that was a day to remember!

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