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Why You Should Study Spanish

Why You Should Study Spanish

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Published by Erika Vagay

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Published by: Erika Vagay on Sep 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why You ShouldStudy Spanish
In This Chapter
 What Spanish has to offer
How to study and succeed
 Where Spanish is spoken
 Twenty important phrasesIf you haven’t already purchased this book, you’re probably leafing throughit wondering, “Can I
do this?” No doubt you’re deciding whether you’ll have the time, whether you have what it takes to stick with it, and whether, indeed, it’ll pay off in the end. Just like David Letterman on late-night television, I’m going togive my top 10 reasons why you should study Spanish:
Reason #10
 You want to impress your date at a Spanish restaurantby ordering in Spanish.
Reason #9
 You loved the movie
 Man of La Mancha
so much that you want to read
Don Quijote
in its original language.
Part 1:
The Basics
Reason #8
 When you meet Paloma Picasso on the street, you want to be ableto ask her questions she’ll understand.
Reason #7
 You want to buy time-share property on the beach in Puerto Rico.
Reason #6
 When you get pulled over for speeding in Tijuana, you don’t wantto wind up in jail.
Reason #5
 You want to study flamenco dancing in Madrid.
Reason #4
 You can get a discount on Cuban cigars if you order them
en español.
Reason #3
 You want to sing along with Richie Valens when they play 
on the oldies station.
Reason #2
 You want to run with the bulls in Pamplona, but they don’t under-stand English.
Reason #1
One word—Cancún.
Seriously Speaking
Now thatwe’ve had a little fun, it’s time to seriously consider why you should study Spanish. Let’s take a look at some more credible reasons:
Real Reason #10
 You love music, especially music with a native beat. It justmakes you want to move your feet. Although your friends are into more modernmusic, you have to admit you really find Casals’s cello pieces and Segovia’s gui-tar solos very relaxing.
Real Reason #9
 You love to dance. The music starts to blare and you can’thelp it—your hips start to sway and your feet start to move. Let’s face it, you’vegot rhythm. You want to mambo, cha-cha, salsa, even tango. Just reading thismakes your feet start tapping.
Real Reason #8
 You’re an aficionado of Spanish movies, and you really wouldenjoy watching them without having to read the distracting, poorly translated,sometimes invisible subtitles.
Real Reason #7
 You’re an artist at heart. You long to spend time at El Pradoadmiring the works of Zurbarán, Velázquez, Murillo, and El Greco. Picasso’s
brings tears to your eyes, and Dali’s surrealistic paintings make you wonder what was going on in his mind. You truly are a cultured person, and theSpanish-speaking world has a lot to offer.
Chapter 1:
Why You Should Study Spanish
Real Reason #6
 You definitely are not money-hungry, but you’d like to im-prove your chances in the job market. With so many fields open today, a knowl-edge of Spanish would be a real plus. Here’s your opportunity to get that littleextra knowledge that will put you above all the others who are competing forthe job you want.
Real Reason #5
 You want to live in a warm climate, and the countries in Spanish America have a lot to offer: The landscape is beautiful, the people are friendly,the food is delicious, and you won’t need an expensive winter wardrobe.
Real Reason #4
Speaking of food, you love to cook. You want to learn how tomake an authentic paella valenciana or a truly hot and spicy salsa picante. If you want to do it right, you have to go to the source. Besides, you probably won’t beable to get all the spices and ingredients you need in your hometown.
Real Reason #3
 You hateto cook but you love to eat, and you like everythinghot and spicy. You’re a fan of tropical fruits, and you dream of sipping an ice-coldpiña colada on a white sandy beach in Mexico. You’re tired of the same old fare,and you want to sample all the different types of food available in countries thatare really quite close by. You can plan your next vacation accordingly.
Real Reason #2
 You want to prove to yourself that you are smart. Foreignlanguages have always had the reputation of being impossible to learn. Howmany of your friends and acquaintances studied a language in school for two,three, or even four years and then claimed, “But I can’t even speak a word!” That doesn’t have to be the case. Learning a foreign language can be easy andfun. Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Real Reason #1
 You’re a traveler. You want to see the world and all it has tooffer, so you make sure you never go to the same place twice on vacation. If that’s the case, keep in mind that Spanish is spoken by more than 350 millionpeople throughout the world in more than 20 countries. You have a lot of tripsahead of you! Look at the following map to see all the countries in whichSpanish is the primarylanguage.
Go For It!
 The bestway to become proficient in a language is to plunge right in. Immerse your-self in anything and everything Spanish. Have a love affair with the language and cul-ture. Follow these suggestions to ensure a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship withSpanish:

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