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Exercise #2 Augustin Phylicia

Exercise #2 Augustin Phylicia

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Published by phyliciaa

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Published by: phyliciaa on Sep 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exercise # 2 Abortion 1Running Head: Abortions by CharacteristicsAbortions by Selected CharacteristicsExercise #2 Problem Definition Paper: Secondary Data TablesPhylicia AugustinSocial Work 300 Section 02J.L. McArthurSeptember 19, 2010
Exercise # 2 Abortion 2AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to examine the issue of abortion in reference to the charts I havelocated from the use of the internet. These charts analyze numerically the amounts of abortionsthat occur based on a wide variety of characteristics including race, age, marital status andnumber of prior abortions. I have also incorporated some of my own views about abortion andthe current challenges that are faced with abortion. This paper also reviews the affects thatabortions have had on the African American community.
Exercise # 2 Abortion 31.
Problem Identification.
An abortion is the termination of an embryo from a pregnant woman. They are done so
for a multitude of grounds such as for personal reasons, preservation of the woman’s health or 
the elimination of a child having being born with a threatening condition or disorder. Withindifferent locations of the world, some countries have implemented laws against or madestipulations on abortions.Particularly in the United States, no act of Congress has made the concept of having anabortion illegal thus far. The U.S. Supreme Court case,
 Roe v Wade
, was a well noted that madeabortion a right given to women for use at her discretion. Abortion is a prime discussion foundamong people throughout the United States that causes some controversial responses. Thisconflicting issue has brought about some division within the country as it has also beenaddressed in recent presidential election campaigns.2.
Problem Description.
 Abortion is the only man made right that is solely given to a woman.
 Roe v Wade
was thefirst major Supreme Court case that addressed the issue of abortion to the public. The Supreme
Court’s decision made it possible that a woman’s privacy would be respected in her decision to
have an abortion. This landmark case prompted states to develop abortion laws particularly tothose that are trying to be obtained illegally.Pro life, as abortion is sometimes referred to as, is the belief that an embryo should begiven the opportunity to live life outside of a woman. It is resistant upon the views that the

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