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Trade Import Export Declaration[1]

Trade Import Export Declaration[1]

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Published by Erik Treasuryvala

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Published by: Erik Treasuryvala on Sep 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.tradetnt.com/billoflading.shtmlTrade Import/Export Declaration
Import/Export Declaration Verification and Assessment
Q1.What are the requirements of law on import/exportdeclaration?
A1.Under the Import and Export (Registration) Regulations,every person who imports or exports any article other thanan exempted article is required to lodge with theCommissioner of Customs and Excise an accurate andcomplete import or export declaration within 14 days afterthe importation or exportation of the article. Prosecutionmay be initiated against any person who fails to lodge therequired declaration, or knowingly or recklessly lodges anydeclaration that is inaccurate in any material particular.
Q2.What is the time limit for lodgement of import/export declaration?
A2.An import/export declaration should be lodged within 14days after the importation/exportation of the article.
Q3.How is the time limit of 14-day computed?
A3.The 14-day is computed with the day following the date oimportation/exportation as day one. Then count to day 14inclusive of intervening public holidays. However, if day 14happens to be a public holiday, a gale warning day (i.e.typhoon signal No. eight or higher hoisted), or a blackrainstorm warning day, the time limit shall extend to thenext following day not being a public holiday, a galewarning day, or a black rainstorm warning day.
Q4.How can I lodge import/export declarations?
A4.Starting from 1 April 2000, import/export declarations canonly be lodged electronically through the services providedby specified service providers, currently being TradelinkElectronic Commerce Limited (Tradelink). Service is alsoprovided to convert paper declaration information intoelectronic messages if necessary. To foster marketcompetition, Global e-Trading Services Limited (Ge-TS)has been appointed by the Government as an additional
service provider of the service for lodgement of import andexport declarations starting from January 2004.
Q5.What are the procedures of lodging import/exportdeclarations electronically?
A5.a.Direct Electronic Declaration ServiceDeclarations are to be lodged electronically throughthe services provided by the following serviceproviders (SP) appointed by Government:Global e-Trading Services Limited (Ge-TS)Enquiry Hotline : 8201 0082Website : http://www.ge-ts.com.hkTradelink Electronic Commerce Limited(Tradelink)Enquiry Hotline : 2599 1700Website : http://www.tradelink.com.hkAfter registration with SP, importers/exporters maymake use of the front-end solutions provided, suchas end-user software or web-form, to compile thenecessary information into structured declarationmessages as required. With proper electronicsignature, the electronic declarations can be sent toSP's system.If a declaration is in order and acceptedby SP's system, the declarant will receive an"acknowledgement message" from the system whilethe declaration message will be transmitted toGovernment's system. The payment of relevantGovernment charges and the SP transaction fees willbe settled between the declarant and the respectiveSP. On the other hand, if a declaration is rejected bySP's system, the declarant will receive an "errormessage". The declarant therefore has to re-submitthe declaration after completion of appropriatefollow-up action. Importers/exporters should notethat they have to pay late lodgement charge andmay be liable to prosecution if they fail to lodge therequired import or export/re-export declaration
within 14 days after the importation or exportationof the article.b.Paper-to-electronic Conversion Service via SpecifiedAgentsPaper-to-electronic conversion service for declarationis also provided by SP through a network of serviceagents in Hong Kong. Importers/exporters have tocomplete a specified paper authorization form. Theservice agents will convert the information intoelectronic messages and send them to the respectiveSP for onward transmission to the Government. Anextra service charge will be incurred for suchconversion service.
Q6. What forms should be used for declarations?
A6. The following prescribed import or export declarationforms are to be used :1.For general imports - Form 12.For imports of food items - Form 1A3.For general exports or re-exports - Form 24.For exports of Hong Kong manufactured clothing andfootwear items - Form 2A
Q7.Where can I find the information on the commoditycode for an article?
A7.You may refer to the following publications of the HongKong Harmonized System :-Hong Kong Imports and Exports Classification List(Harmonized System) 2002 Edition (3 volumes) whichcan be purchased:(i) online at the "Statistical Bookstore Hong Kong"(Address: http://www.statisticalbookstore.gov.hk)(ii) in person at the Publication Unit, Census & StatisticsDepartment (Address: 19/F, Wanchai Tower, 12 HarbourRoad, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; Tel: 2582 3025; Fax :2827 1708)or enquire with the Census and Statistics Department at

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