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Design Funnel

Design Funnel

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Published by Kishan Rama

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Kishan Rama on Sep 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Design Funnel A Manifesto for Meaningful DesignStephen Hay
 Are you a professional designer? Would you like a process to create more consistently creative work which distinguishes itself from the work of your peers? Would you like a process which would help translate the often vague,unclear wishes of your clients (and yourself, for that matter)into a clear and solid basis for your design?This manifesto will show you how.
Everyoe as teir ow processes, teir ow way o workig. May elds also ave poplarizedprocesses or acievig a desired otcome. Ad wit te eld o desig comes a special callege.Desig’s reliace o creativity as te same eect as o may o te arts; people ted to attribtegreat desig to some rare, almost magical ability. Yo eiter ave it or yo do’t. Ad to a certaiextet tis is tre. Te best desig is most ote created by extremely taleted idividals, peoplewo’ve spet years exercisig teir creativity ad e-tig teir desig sese. Talet certailyas its place i desig. Bt te law o cotrast is also at work. Good desig is good i comparisoto bad desig. Ad tere’s LOTS o bad desig.I desig or te Web, ad i tere’s oe place were lack o creativity abods, it’s te Web. Makeoe good desig, ad tosads will simply copy it i some way. Tis seems to be tre i all areaso desig, ot jst or te Web. Lack o creativity (ad peraps laziess) leads to desig sameess.Good desig is always tailored to te message oe wises to commicate. I or desig is more orless a copy o wat oters ave desiged, wat are we commicatig?
Desig leged Pal Rad oce said tat desig is te metod o pttig orm ad cotet togeter.Tis implies tat cotet is as importat as orm. Desig is ot a prely visal exercise. Te resltsare visal, bt te etire process o desig is ot.Some wold arge tat creativity is a sdde fas o isigt, sometig wic jst appes magicallywile oe, peraps, takes teir morig sower. Tis is ot creativity; tis is simply spotaeosispiratio. Creativity ad ispiratio ca appe spotaeosly, bt it is possible to acieve tesetrog a process, ad ot leave everytig to cace. Ad let’s ace it: i today’s world, yor clietswat teir desig tomorrow, ad tey do’t acy waitig or yor magical sower.
Thi maiet i t at learig t e creative.
Tere’s aoterexcellet maiestowicwill elp wit tat. It is abot a tested process wic ca elp yo to create work wic is tailored tote message, ad elps tell te story yo eed to tell. Tis process will also ecorage yo to cosis-tetly test yor desig, ad will elp steer yo rom vage reqests ad geeralizatios to cocretegoals ad reslts wic are satisyig to yo, ad eective or yor cliets.
Good design is always tailored to the messageone wishes to communicate. If our design ismore or less a copy of what others have designed, what are we communicating?

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