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Published by Iroshan Priyantha
This is a brief research paper regarding branding.
This is a brief research paper regarding branding.

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Published by: Iroshan Priyantha on Sep 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page | 1
BRANDING - Research in Sri Lanka
Introduction 32.
History of Branding 33.
Brands & Branding 43.1.
Levels of Brand Meaning 44.
Branding Strategies 65.
Components of Branding 66.
Branding Scope 76.1.
Global Branding 76.2.
Local Branding 87.
Brand Identity 87.1.
Trademark & Service-Marks 97.2.
Brand Name 97.2.1.
Types of Brand Names 107.2.2.
Features of a Good Brand Name 107.3.
Brand Logo 107.3.1.
Types of logos 118.
Different Branding Approaches 128.1.
Individual Branding 128.2.
Family Branding 128.3.
Company Name Branding 138.4.
No-Name or No-Brand Branding 138.5.
Derived Branding 139.
Branding in Sri Lanka 1410.
Summary 15Bibliography: 15
Page | 2
Today the world is heavily commercialized, so that almost all the goods & servicesare value added. Many production companies or organizations produce consumerproducts & as there are many production organizations for a certain good or service,the competition for the consumers us also becoming very high. Everybody tries toretain their customers while grabbing other customers as well by implementingvarious business strategies. Therefore the marketing of business came towards thebusiness environment & people started doing researches in marketing the businessproduct better than others, marketing deals with identifying & meeting customerneeds & accessing them profitably. So for marketing their products, they foundvarious strategies to be competent with others in the market; one such big discovery isthe discovery of branding.In this report first consider on the history of the branding, & then brands & brandingmeanings are discussed. Then branding components & the scope of the branding isillustrated through the report. Eventually brand naming & identity of brands arediscussed deeply in the middle of the report & the branding approaches are alsodiscussed. At the latter part Sri Lankan branding approaches are discussed.
History of Branding
Although the commencement of the branding has no clear cut bounds, it is very clearthat the concept of branding was started whenever the people start selling goods &services. Earlier people started branding their cattle in order to identify them &differentiate with other cattle. Since then people did branding for various purposes. In
60’s the concept of Emotional Selling Proposition or ESP came forward. This means
similar brands perceived as different brands by having different names & logos. Thepurpose was to have emotional attachment & Coca-Cola & Pepsi are examples on
that. In early 80’s Organization Selling Purpose or OSP branding came forward & the
concept behind this was the corporation behind the brand becomes the brand itself.
 Nike is a good example on that. In 90’s the branding cha
nged to Brand SellingProposition or BSP. That means the brand is stronger than the physical dimension of the product which in turn gave an immense power to the product. In 2000 the Me
Page | 3
Selling Proposition or MSP came forward which describe the strategy of consumerstaking ownership of the brands. Then onwards the concept of branding moves forwardwith Holistic Buying Proposition or HBP. That means building a complete multi-sensory branding is concerned rather than implementing a part of it.
Brands & Branding
The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines the term brand as
a name,term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these, intended to identify thegoods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from thoseof competitors.
However, some professionals define the term in a more generic waysuch that branding is not only concerning products & services but also companies,commodities, groups & people. A brand is carefully designed to present the qualitiesthat will at
tract the targeted public. It depends on its creator’s belief & is created
focusing on its durability & long term consistency. The branding can have manymeanings. There are six levels of branding meaning are described by Philip Kotler inhis book Marketing Management, Millennium Edition [1].
Levels of Brand Meaning1.
A brand that can bring certain attributes to the consumer’s mind. For example,
when thinking of Maruti, the thoughts people would people may be cheap, small,high cost effective vehicles. Also Jaguar brings the attributes of sophisticated,high prestige vehicle.

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