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MANUAL Bio Rational Treatment 11 Pages

MANUAL Bio Rational Treatment 11 Pages

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Published by urbrioners

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Published by: urbrioners on Sep 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Opah Ibrahim Ricardo
(How to kill bamboo pests/bugs without killing yourself..... Or the Earth.)Guide to Bulk Treatment of small batches (500to 1000 poles)in one 7-day cycle, using;An environmentally Earth-friendly pesticide designedfor manufacturing facilities of Bamboo housing andcomponents (knock-down walling, roof, stairs etc.)
Powder Post Beetle,
D. Minutus
Dry wood termites,
Powder Post Beetle,
M. Regiculis
Table of Contents
 “Biorational Treatment for Bamboo in the 21st Century” byOpah Ibrahim RicardoChapter I.
Introduction ..................................................... page 1a. Why the increased demand for Bamboo?b. A new kind of Bamboo Producer and Buyer (foreign)c. The Treatment formulation and its characteristics.1. LongLife Bamboo2. Technical Description2.a Odour3. Safety and Quality
Chapter II. - THE TREATMENT and Delivery Methods
1. Treatment by immersion/ soaking2. Vertical Soak Diffusion3. Horizontal Soak Diffusion4. Treatment by injection/impregnationusing compressed air.5. Injection by water pressure(elevated tank)page 01
Chapter I. Increased demand for Bamboo as Building Material.2. A new Buyers’ mindset needs an equally new approach tothe manufacture and Treatment of Bamboo. 3. Treating Bamboo with plant based extracts and organicprotectants. “LongLife Bambu” (LLB). 
Due to health and environmental concerns over theuse of synthetic pesticides, we are forced to look into the pastfor an effective traditiona way of controlling pests.
A fast emerging market in the21st century---the market fororganically treated bamboo.
a. In the previous century, Bamboo was often referred to as
 “poor mans’ wood”. Not anymore. Technology for Treatmentand preservation has lenghtened its service life. While untreatedbamboo may last only for 2 years.Properly treated bamboo can last 15-30 years.Today, it is the scientists’ tool to mitigate or lessen thebuilding up of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) in the atmosphere.(Some bamboo species grow up to 80 cm every night!)This phenomenal growth rate has earned bamboo thereputation, “ the fastest co2 sequestor in all of the plantworld”.With this increased longevity, Bamboo has become aa choice material for construction.
b. A Tool to mitigate the effects of global warming.--
One important criteria that the foreign Buyer looks forin choosing a factory/supplier is:
 Is the factory supportingthe Sustainability of Bamboo? 
In the choosing of factory-suppliers, he is more prone to buyfrom companies that practice “stewardship principles”.---factories that support the continuance of the Earths naturalresources, and applying eco-friendly practices----includingthe minimum use of toxic synthetic chemicals, or none at all.(further reference, the internet, browse on “Neem”)
As of this writing, one can find in Bali (Indonesia),the biggest bamboo structure in East Asia, “TheHeart of School Building” built by PT Bambu (www.Greenschool, “Neem” ( Indian word for “Mimbao” (Java), “Intaran” (Balinese),was planted in Indonesia during the 12-19 century MajapahitEmpire. The plant, a cousin of Mahogany, is endemic to Indiaand Ceylon.

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