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March 2008 Pisgah Post Newsletter, Pisgah Presbyterian Church

March 2008 Pisgah Post Newsletter, Pisgah Presbyterian Church

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Published by: Pisgah Presbyterian Church on Sep 22, 2010
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  Thoughts from Ground Level   
or several weeks now I’ve been noticing a banner atthe entrance to St. Leo Catholic Church onHuntertown Road. It’s a very nice, bright banner. Ithangs on their fence. Some of you may have seen it.In large letters it reads, “Why Catholic?” This banner promotes a faith formation opportunity for adults at the parish. I am always happy to learn aboutadults wanting to grow in faith by reading, studying together, and exploring faith questions. Jesuscommands us to love God with our wholeselves and this includes our minds. Onethousand years ago, Anselm, a church leader,put it this way: our faith seeksunderstanding. When I drive by St. Leo’s church and seethat banner, I actually see a message, not justfor St. Leo’s, but for the whole church. Firstof all, I am reminded that the word catholicmeans universal, and so I read the banner as,“Why Universal?” I also read it as aquestion. This month as we prepare for ourgreat celebration of Easter, here’s what thatbanner says to me: the whole church sharesthe same, universal message of God’scommitment to the world in the death andresurrection of Jesus Christ. This message forms the foundation on which the body of Christ, the church, isbuilt. It connects denominations, churches,congregations, pews, and people. I really value thatbecause there is within this human enterprise a tendency to see our differences before we see what we have incommon—if we ever get that far. Two people mightagree on nine things but if they disagree about the tenth,that’s what they’ll focus on. Why is that? Are we somehow wired to see the differences ineach other? Maybe it’s a survival instinct left over fromlong ago. Maybe it’s a symptom of our brokenness.Maybe it’s coded deep within our DNA. Maybe it’s justeasier to see differences than commonalities. And wehumans too often prefer the easy path of life. Not eventhe church is free from this human tendency to divide,and so it is good to lift up what is universal in the churchof Jesus Christ. Why Universal? The banner on Huntertown Roadreminds me to look for what we have in common withthe whole church. In these last weeks of Lent as weapproach Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and finally EasterDay, we journey through what is universal for us all: thestory of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and theimpact that event has on us. It’s where we all began—  with that great announcement that changes everything:He is Risen! Why Universal? This story belongs to the wholechurch and no one can claim to have the “correct” way of believing in this story. It is also true that we belong tothis story. We belong to its message of redemption andnew life. Why Universal? Right now many of the youth andtheir parents in Woodford County need the hope of thisstory. Families in Illinois trying to cope with thesenseless violence on a college campus need the hope of this story. In the face of great sadness over thetragic death of any person—athlete, student,spouse, parent or soldier in combat—we needto be reminded of the one who broughtresurrection life out of death and defeat. Why Universal? Because the world knowstoo much about division, conflict, war, andloss. There is a more excellent way. Why universal? Because it is God who isat work in us, enabling us to will and to work for God’s good pleasure.Did you know that the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce lists fifty-threechurches in the county? Would you haveguessed that there are so many? We drive by churches every day as we go to work, to thegym, to the library, to the store, or to our ownchurch, and I plan to start praying for churchesas I drive by them. As a church, I want to begin a season of prayer forall of the churches in Woodford County. These are oursister churches, our neighboring churches, and I shared with the session that we should be praying for oneanother. This isn’t meant to exclude praying for thechurches in our own Presbytery or in the countiessurrounding Woodford, it’s simply meant to be a starting point for prayer. When so much seeks to divide us, I want to begin something that unites.Of course, whenever we pray for the work of Godin the world, we are praying for these fifty churches— including ours—but God’s goodness in Jesus Christchallenges me to begin praying more specifically for what God is doing in our midst. I invite you to join mein this in the weeks ahead and by this demonstrateResurrection Life.Grace and peace, Jon
  The Pisgah Post 
Pisgah Presbyterian Church Woodford County, Kentucky  March 2008 Our Mission: to worship God,study the Scripture, practice the teachings of Jesus.
  Mission and Evangelism Notes 
Greetings from the M&E committee! Vange Lear, arepresentative from Baby Health, spoke at our February meeting and we were all impressed with the scope of themission of this organization. Baby Health provides freehealth care to approximately 4000 uninsured children(infant – 12 years) in Fayette and surrounding counties
. They cover laboratory and x-ray expenses as well as seek surgical help for those who need it. As a working board of directors, each member works 2 days amonth in the clinic. Although you must be a boardmember to work in the clinic, volunteer opportunities areavailable and include: building maintenance, clothing anddiaper drives, and rehabbing toys and books for in-clinicuse. Donations of new toys and books are also welcome.For more information please contact Baby Health or oneof your M&E members. We were pleased to presentthem with a $200 donation from Pisgah PresbyterianChurch in support of their work.In March our designated local charity is the TheChrysalis House, Inc. On March 3, Monday night, Jennifer Stamper from The Chrysalis House, Inc. willjoin the M&E committee meeting for the first 15minutes to give a brief overview of the services they provide to our community. Please join us for this chanceto learn more about this important resource for womenin recovery and their children. The 5
Sunday Offering on March 30 will go to aglobal mission project.May God bless and keep you through thismiraculous Easter month, Your Mission and Evangelism Committee
  Spring Cleaning 
Save everything for the first annual
PisgahPresbyterian Church Yard and Craft Sale, April 19,2008
, from 8:00a.m.-1:00p.m., to benefit the mission andevangelism work of our church. We promise if youdonate an item you will not have to take it home withyou! A Yard and Craft Sale committee is being formedso if you are interested in volunteering, please join us forour next meeting on March 10 at 7:00p.m. in the Academy Building. All volunteers are welcome!
  Project Linus 
  After a delicious lunch of sloppy joes,homemade soup and a variety of sandwiches, we spread throughout the Academy Building to cut and tie blanketstogether. Pisgah’s Project Linus yielded 21beautiful blankets for sick infants andchildren. May God Bless and comfort all who receive them.Mission and Evangelism Committee
  A Light in the Attic Youth Group 
 At the beginning of the month the Youth Groupparticipated in the Souper Bowl Sunday event and raisedmoney and canned food items for the Woodford County Food Pantry. We raised $327! Then, for the rest of themonth we learned about, talked about and participated inactivities focusing on World Hunger to prepare for the30 hour Famine. We ended the month by participating in the 30 hourfamine. Before and during the famine, we raised $1000for World Vision. We learned about how people inpoverty feel by taking on new identities and disabilitiesfor the whole event. We had a midnight candleceremony with 300 candles being blown out every few seconds to represent one child’s life lost every 3 secondsto hunger. The second day we collected food items forthe Woodford County Food Pantry and then we played abarter and trade game with Pisgah members where weshowed up at their homes with an item and asked themto trade us for something bigger and better. We endedup with a TV, cabinets, games, movies and a GeorgeForman grill as well as many other items. We broke ourfast with a quiet communion service up in the attic ledby Pastor Jon and served by Elders Jennifer Chandlerand Don Schmidt. We then ended the famine with aprogressive feast at the homes of Bobbi and DaveSweeny, Dottie and Don Schmidt and Lisa and Joe Johnson. Thanks to all of you for the meal. It was wonderful!! Andrew Johnson
  A Note from the Stewardship Committee 
One Great Hour of Sharing 
Easter Sunday falls on March 23 and theStewardship Committee will be receiving the One GreatHour of Sharing Offering. There will be special coindonation boxes (in the shape of a fish) given out the 3 weeks prior to the offering.
 You are invited!
It’s a
Chain Saw Party!
Event: Removal of brush along the fence rows Where: Pisgah Church Farm When: Saturday, March 8, rain date March 15Lunch will be served: Pizza and soft drinks Attire: Jeans, work boots, gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection.Please bring tools if you have them: Chain saw withgas and oil, heavy loppers, pickup truck and/or opentrailer, a bottle or two of water and anything else thatmight help with the job! We will have extra protective gear and tools, but dueto the risks chain saws should be operated only by theirowners.If you do not have a saw, there will be plenty for youto do. All of the cut brush and dead trees must beloaded up, hauled to the burn pile and unloaded. Smallbushes can be lopped and there is always clean-up to do.
  Pisgah College Scholarships 
 Attention 2008 graduating high school seniors andcollege students: Scholarship applications are now available in the church office and on the church’s website (  www.pisgahpresbyterian.org  ). The submissiondeadline is April 15, 2008. Persons who are presently members of Pisgah Church and who are supporting,nurturing and participating in the fellowship and life of the Church are able to apply. Those seeking aid fromthis scholarship must be anticipating attending anaccredited college, university or post-secondary  vocational school as a full-time student for the 2008-2009 academic year.Scholarships are awarded one year at a time for amaximum of four years for the purpose of undergraduate studies. In order to be considered theapplicant must have all application materials submittedby the deadline. Please return your application, essay and transcript to the church office at the attention of the Trustees. Questions, please contact Sue Fosson at 859-873-7582.
  A Note from the Administration Committee 
 We are now almost two months into the year andour 2008 budget. As you know this is a lean budget when compared to previous years. As of February 15our checking account balance is $27,296 and ourinvestments are $61,812. This doesn’t include fundsinvested by the Trustees. Our income to date is $47,099or 20.9% of budget and our expenses are $29,537 or13.1% of budget. We believe that income is ahead dueto payment of pledges early in the year. The good newsis that our unpledged offering is on track at 15.5% of budget.Our committee is also responsible for staff developmental reviews. This year we plan to do this by committee for our pastor and D.C.E. The committeeshave been formed and the reviews will be conducted inthe near future.If you have questions or would just like to discussPisgah’s finances or the developmental review processplease talk to any member of the administrationcommittee or of the session.Don Schmidt
  Pisgah Community Club Annual Meeting 
 The annual meeting for the Pisgah Community Club will be Monday, March 24 at 7:00p.m. in the Academy Building. This group organizes Saturday evening picnicsthroughout the summer between Memorial Day andLabor Day. Members of Pisgah Church and neighboring families who are not members of the Church jointogether in fellowship around the potluck table.Dues are minimal: $20 for a single person, $35 for afamily and tennis players pay an additional $15. Inreturn, the club maintains the tennis courts, buys thechairs and tables that the church frequently uses andannually contributes to ground maintenance. At theannual meeting w will decide the schedule, expenditureof funds and elect officers. Everyone is welcome!
 Holy Week Worship Schedule 
Palm Sunday, March 16
8:45am Early Worship9:45am Sunday School11:00am Morning Worship
Maundy Thursday, March 20
 6:30pm Simple Supper7:00pm Communion Service
Good Friday, March 21
7:00pm Tenebrae Service
Easter Day, March 23
7:00am Sunrise Service7:45am Breakfast

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