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Daniel's 70 Weeks - The Timetable

Daniel's 70 Weeks - The Timetable

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Published by scuggers1
correct dating for Daniel prophecy
correct dating for Daniel prophecy

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Published by: scuggers1 on Sep 22, 2010
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Isaac Newton and the End-Time Prophecies of Daniel
Sir Isaac Newton was not only one of the greatest scientistsof all time, but also devoted decades of his life to the study of the Scriptures, striving to learn the will of God, the truth of history, and the understanding of end-time prophecies. Hisrevelations were uncanny. The story is amazing, dumfounding,mind-boggling! What did Newton think about the coming of Armageddon, the prophecies of Daniel, and the “end of days”?William F. DankenbringAccording to the Biblical research of famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton, and otherevidence, the road to Armageddon and the final battle between good and evil areimminent!The TV History Channel aired a program on Sir Isaac Newton (17
Century-inthe1600’s) this week. It pointed out that not only was Newton a great astronomer,physicist, mathematician, and one of the greatest geniuses that has been born. Hediscovered optics, divided the spectrum of light in crystal and showed that white light iscomposed of 7 major colors of light which altogether make white, discovered the lawsof motion and the law of gravity.But what people don’t know is that he dedicated the last few decades of his life tothe study of the Bible scriptures and ancient history in an effort to decode God’smessages for mankind and the future. He had tremendous understanding. Back in thosedays if he had let his real beliefs be made known public, he would have been put to deathfor being a heretic. Papers were discovered in the last few decades written by Newton andrecently auctioned in England. A past Nobel Prize recipient bought some of the papersand some of the papers are now at Hebrew University in Israel. It was found that Sir Isaacdid not believe in the Trinity but considered it pagan and stated that the Roman CatholicChurch is the “great whore of Babylon.” He was right in understanding that paganismhad engulfed Christianity.He sought to understand the meaning of Biblical prophecy, especially the booksof Daniel and Revelation and the time lines in those books. Newton came up with threevery basic principles of prophecy being fulfilled and that were going to be fulfilledcenturies after his lifetime. He came to the understanding that in the Bible in propheticterminology, a day equals a prophetic year being fulfilled which is a very basic principleof prophecy.
The Bible – a Coded Book
Scholars and Bible students know that the two most mysterious books of the Bibleare the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. In these books, even on the surfacelevel, are predictions of unimaginable horror and apocalypse for the “end of days.”These predictions, however, were “sealed up” and not revealed to their writers.Daniel was told, concerning his prophecies, “And there shall be a time of trouble,such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time” (Dan.12:1). The angelthen told him, “But you, Daniel, SHUT UP the words, and SEAL THE BOOK,
until thetime of the end;
many shall run to and fro [at that time], and KNOWLEDGE shall beincreased” (Dan.12:4).Later on, Daniel was again told, “Go your way, Daniel, for the words areCLOSED and SEALED
till the time of the END.
Many shall be purified, made white,and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand,but the wise shall understand” (verses 9-10, NKJV).The prophecies of the enigmatic book of Revelation were similarly sealed. Johnthe apostle was shown in a vision a “scroll written inside and on the back, SEALED withseven seals” (Rev.5:1). Only the Lamb of God was worthy to open the seals of the book.The seven seals and their prophecies are then set forth in the remaining chapters of thebook. But to simply read about them is not to understand them and their meaning. Manysymbols and mysterious images and “time periods” are mentioned. Most people comeaway uttered confused and confounded. Yet it is a book of Revelation – and in the timeof the end is meant to be understood!Many Bible prophecies are written this way. The prophet Isaiah wrote, “For theLORD has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep and has closed your eyes, namely,the prophets; and He has covered your heads, namely, the seers. The WHOLE VISIONhas become to you like words of a BOOK THAT IS SEALED, which men delivered toone who is literate, saying, ‘Read this, please.’ And he says, ‘I cannot, for it is sealed.’Then the book is delivered to one who is illiterate, saying, ‘Read this, please.’ And hesays, ‘I am not literate’” (Isa.29:10-12).Who then can understand God’s sealed book? Isaiah gives the answer. First, heexplains the problem: He writes: “The priest and the prophet have erred throughintoxicating drink [false doctrines], they are swallowed up by wine, they are out of theway through intoxicating drink; they ERR IN VISION, they stumble in judgment. For alltables are full of vomit and filth; no place is clean” (Isa.28:7-8).Isaiah had several things to say about foretelling the future, and to understandwhat is to come we must look back at his words. He declared that fulfilledPROPHECIES are the outstanding, undeniable PROOF of the existence of GOD, and of the inspiration of the BIBLE! No other book predicts the future as it does!
13“ ‘Present your case,’ says the LORD. ‘Bring forth your strong reasons,’ says theKing of Jacob. ‘Let them bring them forth and show us what will happen; let them showthe former things, what they were, that we might consider them, and know the
latter end 
 of them; or declare us
things to come.
Show the things that are to come hereafter, that wemay know that you are gods. . . . Indeed, you are nothing, and your work is nothing’”(Isaiah 41:21-24).God speaks through Isaiah’s prophecy, and says: “I am the First and I am theLast; besides Me there is no God. And who can proclaim as I do? Then let him declare itand set it in order before Me, since I appointed the ancient people.
 And the things that are coming and shall come,
let them show these to them. Do not fear, nor be afraid; havenot I told you from that time, and declared it?” (Isa.44:6-8).“Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I amGod, and there is none like Me,
declaring the END from the BEGINNING, and fromancient times things that are NOT YET DONE . . .”
(Isa.46:9-10).Fulfilled PROPHECY is the greatest single PROOF of God, His Word, and itsdivine inspiration!
Sir Isaac Newton and the Bible
Sir Isaac Newton believed that not only the Bible but the whole Universe was a“cryptogram set by the Almighty,” a great puzzle that mankind was meant to solve.Philip N. Moore, in
The End of History, Messiah Conspiracy,
discusses Sir IsaacNewton’s vital interest in the Bible. Newton’s friend, John Craig, wrote shortly after hisdeath that he wrote long explications of parts of the Bible which he would not publish inhis own time because “they showed that his thoughts were sometimes different than thosewhich are commonly received” (p.489).Newton’s writings on theology amounted to more than one and a quarter millionwords, mostly unpublished. These he regarded as his most important works of all. WroteProf. Richard Popkin, of UCLA, “Newton was convinced that God had presentedmankind in Scripture with certain most important clues about the future history of humanity” (
). Newton spent almost 60 years on his theological work.Newton knew the Bible prophecies – he predicted, based on Scripture, that Israelwould return to the holy land. Newton stated that there would be many unbelieving Jewswho would become believers in the same era when Israel would once again become anation. In his
Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John,
first published five years after his death, Newton wrote that the Jews will return totheir homeland.

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eengelbrite added this note
Since Christ was born on September 11th, when terrorists brought down the twin towers on that day, we should have looked for a correlation for Christ's return. In my timeline 9/11/01 is the opening of the first seal, and King Jesus returns on Rosh haShanah 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEz5fA...
eengelbrite added this note
I studied the reign of Artaxerxes and found he had a 9-year co-reign with his father beginning in 474 BC. Though he provided articles for the temple in his 7th year, it was in his 20th year (454 BC) in which Artaxerxes decreed Jerusalem to be rebuilt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgZEaU...
eengelbrite added this note
Brother William, your article has greatly encouraged me. Thank you for clarifying Newton's notes on end-times. I disagreed with his using the basis of the corn harvest for his dating of Christ's birth. I agree with Dr. Martin's date of Jesus' birth on September 11th 3 B.C. A dozen early church fathers concurred it was either 3 or 2 BC., which makes Christ's baptism as Prince in 29 AD.
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