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FDN Annual Report_2009

FDN Annual Report_2009

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Published by AARPfdnLA

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Published by: AARPfdnLA on Sep 22, 2010
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AARP Foundation Annual Report / 2009AARP Foundation Annual Report / 2009
2 /
Letter rom the Chair—N. Joyce Payne
3 /
Letter rom the President—Robin Talbert
4 /
Job Skills and Scholarships
8 /
Building Wealth, Protecting Consumers
12 /
Promoting Helpul Benets
14 /
AARP Foundation Litigation
16 /
Strengthening the Fabric o the Community
20 /
Individual Donors: Real Support
24 /
Foundation and Corporate Support
28 /
The AARP Foundation Board o Directors
29 /
The AARP Foundation Leadership Team
30 /
Summary o Financial Inormation
AARP Foundation Annual Report / 2009AARP Foundation Annual Report / 2009
We received a heartelt letter in October rom90-year-old Dorothy Wever o Caliornia thatocused on AARP’s ounder, pioneer educatorDr. Ethel Percy Andrus. The letter serves asa testament to the values o independence,dignity and sel-suciency that Dr. Andrusespoused—and the values that drive the work o the AARP Foundation to this day.During the Great Depression, Ms. Weverattended Abraham Lincoln High School inEast Los Angeles, where Dr. Andrus wasprincipal, and worked in her oce duringher study period. “My amily was very poor,”the ormer student wrote us, “and I was theonly one in the senior class who could notaord a class sweater. She arranged or meto help the janitor wash desks, windows andfoors to earn me enough to buy a sweater.She also helped me get my rst job. It is so wonderul what she accomplished in herlietime. I am very proud to have known her.”
We appreciate thosekind words, and striveevery day to bring life toour founder’s motto: “Toserve, not to be served.” 
The AARP Foundation has had a prooundimpact on lower-income people. In 2009,in the midst o the longest recession in ournation’s history, AARP Foundation helpedmore than 5 million older Americans,delivering services, inormation, educationand legal advocacy to assist them in gettinghelp to meet crucial needs or ood, healthcare and housing; nding work; avoidingbecoming victims o raud; and managingtheir nances.Here are just a ew examples o what weaccomplished:
• Thanks to our army of 34,600 dedicatedTax-Aide volunteers, more than 2.6 million
people received ree tax-preparationassistance.
• We helped people obtain nancial security,
providing on-the-job training to more than
20,000 low-income adults, helping 32,500
more with skills assessment and job-ndinghelp and awarding scholarships to 108
 women age 40-plus who had tremendous
potential but very ew resources.
• After three years, our Volunteers in
Consumer Fraud Prevention Project reacheda milestone in 2009 when they contactedthe 2 millionth potential raud victim.
• Through our Benets QuickLINK program, we helped nearly 31,000 low-income older
people learn about benets designed to helpthem pay or groceries, prescription drugs,heating and other necessities.
Robin TalbeRT
President, AARP Foundation
Letter rom the President 
In 2009, AARP Foundation’s charitable workmoved orward, helping millions o olderpersons in need eel more secure, protectedand empowered. The Foundation sta, led byFoundation’s president, Robin Talbert, carriedout these eorts fawlessly.These dedicated men and women havedisplayed an unyielding commitment tomaking a positive dierence in others’ lives—or the mother who can live her dreamand provide or her amily because o theWomen’s Scholarship Fund, or the ather who lands a new job using Work
 ater long-term unemployment and orthe grandparents who visit the AARPFoundation Grandparent Inormation Centerto nd tools to help the grandchildren intheir care excel in school.I have been inspired, too, by the manyFoundation volunteers, clients and allies Ihave met rom coast to coast. In March, orexample, Foundation Board members visited
a government center in Virginia where AARP
Tax-Aide Program volunteers were helping walk-in clients complete their tax returns.The hugs and proud smiles o achievement when each return was signed won praiserom the IRS sta who accompanied us. It was the type o rewarding experience we seetime and again.As 2010 dawns, we will bid a ond arewellto Robin Talbert, who will retire rom AARPater 21 years o service, including seven years with the AARP Foundation. Heroutstanding leadership and commitmenthave created the pathway or theFoundation’s continued success in the yearsahead.As we enter a new decade, I truly believethat i we remain steadast to the goals o theAARP Foundation, we can bring renewedhope or a better uture to those who havelost it. We can break the cycles o povertyand social isolation.
We can move millionsinto the mainstreamof American promiseand prosperity. Working together, we canaccomplish all of this—and much, much more.
 joyce payne
Chair o the Board, AARP Foundation
Letter rom the Chair 

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