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Chapter 3 Between You and Me

Chapter 3 Between You and Me

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Published by timtams_yum
This is the third chapter of between me and you
This is the third chapter of between me and you

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Published by: timtams_yum on Sep 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 3: Hello Tyler....and Keira?My heart was throbbing like a hummingbird's wings as I approached the school,thud, thud, thud and thud. I felt too cold, frozen to the core with fear. I was tryingto gulp, but my mouth was too dry. My palms were sweaty, and I was constantlyrubbing them against my skirt. I felt shaky, so unstable that I could faint anymoment now. I was never one to be scared of approaching someone, but now Iwas suddenly off balance. What Ruby had told me had ensured that.And tried to act breezy and fluid, like I was just casually walking up to my locker,but anyone could tell that I was scanning from left to right in search of him. Ididn't know what I would do when I saw him; I just knew that I needed to talk tohim. It should be an easy enough feat to search him out, after all there weren'tall that many tall, darker guys around here and he stood out like a red rose in abunch of white lilies. I ran over the scene I had rehearsed in my head for the past hour, I would go upto him and ask if I could talk to him alone and then I would spring it on him. I hadpractised my lines and envisioned the moment so perfectly, that anything thatwasn't according to plan might throw me off. I tried to remember the gold mineof information that I had received from Ruby and her uncanny ability, and itwarmed my heart to a radiant glow. I beamed with the memory of it."Sophie, trust me when I say that I can read what people will think in the future,but just bear in mind that the future can always change" Ruby has told me,looking as dazed as though she had just remembered something crucial."Well, does he even like me or does he just want to use me" I had begged,desperate to know the answers."Sophie, he can't get you out of his head and it's driving him crazy, so yes hedoes like you" Ruby explained, but she never ceased to frown."So, should I ask him out" I asked, filling my heart with unpacified joy."If that's what you want to do" Ruby shrugged. That's how I had made mydecision, I wanted Tyler, badly. I was in love with him and nothing would stop mefrom getting him. After all, he did have the same feelings, so it was certain thathe would say yes. He wasn't asking me because he was desperate, he was justasking because he liked me.
I rounded the corner, smiling happily at the thought of me and him. That's whenall my illusions shattered, like splintered glass. I was halted, riveted to the spot,as I held my breath. Tyler was standing there, smiling like a lazy alley cat, as hewent in to peck Keira tenderly on the lips. She was slowly closing her eyes andsmiling as she continued the pretty moment. He leant over to whisper in her earfor a second, and in return she giggled daintily. In full view of the world, he had just attached himself to her, making it clear who he had affections for.My warm heart froze over, like a lake in winter. I felt stupid and vulnerable, andhere I was fantasising about us, when less than a metre away he was smoochingmy best friend. I wanted to run, to go and cry until I felt better. My throat wassore, which was my natural indicator that I was going to burst into warm, saltytears. My vision was getting blurry, but yet even I could see people turning tostare at me, wondering what my problem was. For a second I forgot who I was,and what people expected from me. I tried to block out the gossip and all thefuss that would follow, because I knew I was at breaking point and realizing whatwould follow would only make the pain worse. I was choking on my tears, willingthem to stop but I couldn't because I knew that people were watching me now,and that just made it worse. I bolted, pushing bewildered people out of my way,basically blind with tears.Why now, why here? It seemed whenever I genuinely wanted to cry, I couldn't doit, but when the reason why was ridiculous, they sprang up giving my tear ductsa workout."Is that Sophie?" Some stupid and insipid girl whispered behind her hand."Why would she be crying, that's so babyish" another one squealed. I didn'twant to hear them, I just wanted to disappear and never be found. Barking sobswere rippling through my chest, impossible for passerby's to ignore. I groped thenearest brick wall and coughed out a few more wails, before slowly slumping andsitting still, leaning with my back against the wall. I pulled my knees to my chest,wiping my eyes on my school skirt. I knew I was smudging all my mascaraeverywhere, but I didn't care. I quietly sat there whimpering, while I tried to getmyself under control. I knew people passing by could see me crying, and I knewthat they were well aware of it. Yet, they still passed me, ignoring the obviouspain in my sobs. No one stopped to see if I was ok, to ask if there was anythingthey could do. They tried to avert their gaze, embarrassed by the very sight of me. How cruel could a world become, that people would be embarrassed by thesight of a girl crumpled and crying. How cold blooded could society be. It wasatrocious that despite all that, not one person, in an entire school asked me if Iwas ok. Even teacher's pretended that I wasn't there. Never before had I felt thislonely, sure, I had friends but they were with me for convenience, not because
they cared about me, or how I felt. I sat there and cried for a good half an hour,for me, for my sister and my mother and even for all my friends. I cried for theworld and all it had become.I finally set my heart like stone, it hardened as though every tear I had shed hadcreated another stone wall, which would protect me from feeling, from hurt. Iknew that I would be happy again once I had achieved my goal. I was a fool tothink that Tyler would wait for me, despite being rejected at his most vulnerablemoment. No one was that strong, and now my task was to make him want meagain. I gathered that Keira had asked him out last night, because those kisseslooked a little too comfortable to be just friends having a little flirtation. I wouldplay all my cards, just to get him back.I stared back at the Halloween mask that was in the mirror. My face was swollenfrom crying and red all over, and to top it off, had ghoulish black mascarasmudged all around my eyes. I t looked like one of those movies where theabused wife has been crying, while her husband was out drinking. My blue eyesseemed to pop out from the mess, like the moon in the middle of a starlessnight. My eyes were red rimmed, and it was apparent that I had been crying. Ipulled out my art deco make up pouch, which had come in a show bag that wasat the carnival. I proceeded to wipe off all the makeup that had beenpainstakingly applied this morning without regret. I was imagining that I waswiping off the mask that was the Sophie Latoya and I was stripping back to plainSophie again. I began applying another coat, but this one was more natural andlighter. I used less dark colours around my eyes and exchanged it for a fawngreen, which accented my blue eyes which popped. I smiled at the cool andclassy girl in the mirror. No one would see this girl cry, no because this girl wouldnever let anyone get into her heart enough to hurt her. I smirked at my reflectionand stalked out of the bathrooms."Sophie, is it true, like because everyone is going around saying that you had amental break down" Becky was pulling me off to the side, whispering tightlyunder her breath."Chill becks, yeah I was crying but it was because my grandmother is in hospital,and I really like her" I reassured her. Of course it was a complete lie but shewould never catch me out on it."Oh, really I had no idea, what is she in for" she asked out of social etiquetterather than true curiosity."Um, well they are scanning her for cancer, and they think that there is a highrisk" it sounded a little thrown together, and even suspicious but if Becky caughtup on it, it didn't show.

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