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Reiki Master Manual 1

Reiki Master Manual 1

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Published by mmorrison_2000

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Published by: mmorrison_2000 on Sep 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reiki RyohoPlain andSimple SiteIndex
IntroductionIndex of Techniques
Level One Manual -Shoden Level Two Manual -Okuden Level Three Manual -Shinpiden 
 Tendai Buddhism-Usui was a TendaiBuddhistthroughout his life.This sectioncontains links andother informationregarding Tendai.
Copyright 2000-2001 by Vincent Amador. All Rights Reserved.
Author's Note: SITE UPDATED May 22th, 2001. Welcome to thenewest addition to the Angelreiki.nu website. The
Reiki Ryoho Plain and Simple 
e-book is being written and developed to try tobring some clarity to the profusion of the "new" old material cominfrom Japan. This book continues to be a work in progress.
This update takes a look at some of the changing information thathas been surfacing about Usui Sensei's relationship with theGakkai as well as additional information about attunements. Alsobe sure to check out the newest web site, Reiki-Do. This site looat Living Reiki, BEing Reiki. Visit at http://reiki-do.org
Vinny Amador
Reiki practitioners have always had a certain curiousity and reverence aboit's founder, Mikao Usui. This curiousity surrounds the history of reiki, itsdevelopment, and the events and training in Usui's life that may haveinfluenced the development of Usui's reiki.
Mts. Takata began using teaching stories about Usui's past to try to helpwestern students. These teaching stories contained information that sheadded about him being a Christian Monk, working in a university, and othethings. This was undoubtedly done to help her western students understaUsui's life and search in the context of their cultural frame work so it wouldbe easier to understand.
Page 1 of 7USUI REIKI RYOHO12/21/2001http://angelreiki.nu/ryoho/ 
Unfortunately many began to codify these teaching stories as dogmafollowing the death of Mrs. Takata. Some stories began to take on a life oftheir own, such as the story of the beggars being used to justify "energyexchanges". Many began to lose the connection to the points that Mrs.Takata was trying to make with her teaching stories. This was the "reikihistory" as it was known in the west.
The history was the history, until it was no longer the history.
Many began to channel wild theories regarding this and soon reiki waschanneled to be from Tibet, Atlantis, Egypt or Lemuria. It's 'original"founders were said to be "ascended masters", "galactic brotherhood's", anancient Chinese named "Wei Chi", and many others.
(author's note: myfavorite theory involved the space aliens, I always love those,especially the X-Files....)
While these channelings were interesting, thelacked any historical evidence that might lead someone to take themseriously.
It was commonly taught in the US that Hayashi Sensei was Usui's star puwho received the mantle of Reiki. It was also commonly thought that thelineage was passed to Mrs. Takata. Because of this there was nomovement to explore reiki in Japan. It was not until quite recently that thibegan to occur. The people exploring reiki in Japan began to uncover anumber of interesting things. Unlike the western practices of Mrs. Takata,reiki was not an "oral tradition" in Japan. Usui and Hayashi both had writtmanuals that they gave students and there were handwritten notes ofsymbols and practices that students had been given that survived to thisday. There were historical "facts" that began to emerge such as Usui wasnot a Christian Monk, he did not teach at Doshisha University, he did notrequire payments or exchanges and on and on. What initially was astartling finding was that there was an organization that remained in anunbroken line from Usui. This was called the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.While this was a boon to find an organization that claimed to have the direlineage from Usui, the Gakkai is a tight and closed society of members ando not freely share information regarding their art.
One of the first pioneers to look back to Japan to try to see if there wasevidence remaining of reiki's past that survived Usui was Frank ArjavaPetter. He found Usui's memorial stone with a lengthy description of his lifand virtue. He began to track down leads of surviving traditions in Japan.Much of Petter's findings are written in his books. Recently Petter wastouring the United States teaching the new history and other techniques thhe discovered being practiced in Japan. Petter released much of thisinformation in his first book, "Reiki Fire".
Petter found that there were several remaining lineages in Japan. In thewest, it was thought and taught by the Reiki Alliance that Takata was "Gramaster" of reiki and that reiki was no longer taught in Japan. Both theseassertions proved incorrect. He discovered that Usui had made a number
Page 2 of 7USUI REIKI RYOHO12/21/2001http://angelreiki.nu/ryoho/ 
masters besides Chujiro Hayashi. Some of these were Eguchi, Taketomi,and Gyuda (also known as Ushida). These masters, like Hayashi, hadtaught students and made a number of masters each. Additionally, Hayashad made 13 or more masters, and several of them were still living,including master Tatsumi. There was not one reiki school in Japan, therewere many. There was not one history of reiki in Japan, there were manythem. There was not one set of "true reiki techniques", there were severalstyles. It is important to keep this in mind in evaluating the importation ofthese techniques.
Another person that explored reiki in Japan was Dave King. Mr. Kingreceived his material from a living surviving Hayashi Master whose namewas Tatsumi. This material was put together and called "TraditionalJapanese Reiki", and more recently "Usui-Do". Initially, those that receivethis material were quite reluctant to share any of it and they continue to bethis way.
Starting about 1998, a new stream of information began to trickle fromvarious other individuals who were researching this in Japan. Frank Pettreleased a second, and then third, book about the subject. Several westemasters made the acquaintance of a man practicing in Japan named HirosDoi. Doi was brought over in September 1999 and taught a seminar onReiki Reiho based supposedly on the teachings of the Gakkai.
This "new" material from these Japanese sources has been lumpedtogether under the name "Reiki Ryoho", "Usui Reiki Ryoho", or just plain"Reiho". Some new schools have started calling themselves Usui ReikiRyoho International" or "URRI". In the west, the vast majority of lineagesand teachings come from Hawayo Takata, who was a master and studiedunder Hayashi in the early 1930's. She called her Reiki, "Usui Shiki Ryohor Usui System of Natural Healing. Tatsumi, another of Hayashi's masterscalled his reiki, "Hayashi Reiki Ryouhou Kenkyu-kai", or Hayashi ReikiResearch Society. It needs to be noted that Hayashi continued to developreiki in Japan in his organization and he taught others after Takata. It shobe no surprise therefore that there are surviving lines of reiki in Japan, andlines that differ from one another. However it should also be no surprise tthey are more alike that different and different from reiki as it evolved in thwest. There are surviving Hayashi lineages from Hayashi, and from theMasters that he made during the course of his teaching.
This Reiki Ryoho material is mostly from the Petter and Hiroshi Doi sourcePetter is originally a western Hayashi lineage master that began teachingreiki in Japan. Doi Sensei was a western trained reiki master that alsostudied with masters in Japan. It needs to be noted that despite DoiSensei's impeccable credentials, he is only Okuden (level II) in the Gakkai,not a master. He has never been taught the secret teachings. (There arethree levels, Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden (master or secret level). Dotrained with western masters and then went to japan and trained withmasters in some of the surviving Japanese lineages. It is said that he also
Page 3 of 7USUI REIKI RYOHO12/21/2001http://angelreiki.nu/ryoho/ 

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