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Published by joseph kunikina

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: joseph kunikina on Sep 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Instruction to candidates
1.Answer all questions in section A and B plus any twoquestions in section C.2.Answers for section A must be written in the Boxes3.Write answers for section B in the spaces provided4.Write answers for section C on the papers provided
1 The blood vessel in man with capillaries at both ends is the:A Pulmonary arteryB Hepatic portal veinC Hepatic arteryD Hepatic vein2 The following organs and blood vessels form a possible passagefor an amino acidFrom the gut the lung cells; Pick the most correct sequence.1 Villus 2 Liver 3 Lung cells 4 pulmonary artery5 Heart 6 Hepatic portal veinA 1, 2,4,3,5 and 6B 2, 6,5,4,2, and 1C 1, 6,2,5,4, and 3D 5, 4,6,2,1 and 33 The blood constituents involved in the prevention of loss of blood, when the skin isInjured are;A Platelets, globin and calciumB Prothrombin, fibrin and plateletsC Fibrin , glycogen and prothrombinD Fibrinogen, haemoglobin and calcium
4 When blood is passing from the kidneys , it passes throughA Renal artery
bicuspid valve
aortaB Pulmonary artery
bicuspid valve
aortaC pulmonary artery
tricuspid valve
aorta5 In which one of the following constituents of mammalian blood ishaemoglobinFound?A PlateletsB SerumC ErythrocytesD Fibrinogen6 Which one of the following blood vessels contains highlyoxygenated blood?A Hepatic portal veinB Pulmonary veinC Pulmonary arteryD superior vena cava7 Red blood cells are disc shaped so as toA capture oxygen more easilyB increase their surface area to volume ratio for gaseousexchangeC fight bacteria more easilyD increase their surface for efficient absorption of oxygen8 Which of the following is a function of the lymphatic system?Pulmonary1.Carries glycerol and fatty acids from the intestines2.Filters white blood cells which are file with bacteria from thecirculatory system3.Removes body tissues fluids from the tissues4.Carries some digested food to the blood systemA 1, 2, and 4B 1, 2 and 3C 2, 3 and 4D 1, 3 and 49. Which of the following is not true about lymph?
It is a colorless liquid that surrounds the body cellskeeping them moist
It is made of plasma and white blood cells which pasthrough the thin walls of bloodCapillariesC Lymph vessels have valves like veins but are thinner andtransparentD The movement of lymph is aided by the heart which sucksin lymph as it pumps10 In a mammal, the blood vessels connected to the left auricleis theA.Aortic archB.Pulmonary arteryC.Pulmonary veinD.Superior vena cava11 Soldiers stood for a long time in a parade. After sometime,they started fallingone after another.A.The air at the altitude was less denseB.Their leg muscles were momentarily paralyzedC.There was an accumulation of lactic acid in their musclesD.There was less supply of food to their brain12 When a foreign protein or organ enters the human bodydefense force may react byProducing antibodies. The specific white cells which produceantibodies are?A.LymphocytesB.PhagocytesC.LeucocytesD.Polymorph13 The raw material of anaerobic respiration isA.OxygenB.Carbon dioxideC.Ethyl AlcoholD.Glucose 14 Which of the following is used for gaseous exchange by anewly hatched tadpole?

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