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tindahan ko

tindahan ko

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Published by claide_gmz

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Published by: claide_gmz on Sep 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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cmp al,35hje candy5cmp al,34hje candy4cmp al,33hje candy3cmp al,32hje candy2cmp al,31hje candy1cmp al,30hje candyjne tamabeginc:jmp begin0candy:call candiesfullcall continuejmp beginccandy1:call pc1candyjmp beginccandy2:call pc2candyjmp beginccandy3:call pc3candyjmp beginccandy4:call pc4candyjmp beginccandy5:call pc5candyjmp beginccandy6:call pc6candyjmp beginccandy7:call pc7candyjmp beginccandy8:call pc8candyjmp beginccandy9:call candyOScall erasejmp beginctama2continue: jmp tama2tama3continue: jmp tama3tama4continue: jmp tama4begin1: jmp beginctama2:mov ah,2mov dh,18mov dl,32int 10hmov ah,1int 21hcmp al,39hje choco9cmp al,38hje choco8cmp al,37hje choco7cmp al,36hje choco6cmp al,35hje choco5cmp al,34hje choco4cmp al,33hje choco3
cmp al,32hje choco2cmp al,31hje choco1cmp al,30hje chocojne tama2beginh:jmp begin1choco:call chocolatesfullcall continuejmp beginhchoco1:call pc1chocojmp beginhchoco2:call pc2chocojmp beginhchoco3:call pc3chocojmp beginhchoco4:call pc4chocojmp beginhchoco5:call pc5chocojmp beginhchoco6:call pc6chocojmp beginhchoco7:call pc7chocojmp beginhchoco8:call pc8chocojmp beginhchoco9:call chocoOScall erasejmp beginhbegin2:jmp beginhtama3:mov ah,2mov dh,18mov dl,32int 10hmov ah,1int 21hcmp al,39hje bubble9cmp al,38hje bubble8cmp al,37hje bubble7cmp al,36hje bubble6cmp al,35hje bubble5cmp al,34hje bubble4cmp al,33hje bubble3cmp al,32hje bubble2cmp al,31hje bubble1cmp al,30hje bubblejne tama3beginb:jmp begin2bubble:call bubblegumfull

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