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National Sustainable Development Strategy of Romania 2013-2020-2030-Eng

National Sustainable Development Strategy of Romania 2013-2020-2030-Eng

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Published by: dtds on Sep 23, 2010
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Government o Romania
Ministry o Environment and Sustainable Development
United Nations Development Programme
National Centre or Sustainable Development
Bucharest, 2008
National Sustainable Development Strategy o Romania2013-2020-2030
Keep healthy what keeps you in good health
Document approved by the Romanian Government Decision No. 1460 on 12 November 2008,Of cial Gazette No. 824 / 8 December 2008
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12/11/2008 4:27:14 PM
Teams o Contributorsto the National Sustainable Development Strategy
Călin Popescu - Tăriceanu, Prime MinisterAttila Korodi, Minister o Environment and Sustainable Development, National Co-ordinator
Government Co-ordination
Ministry o Foreign Afairs:
Ana Voicu, Director General; Ioana Iliescu, Deputy Director.
Ministry o Economy and Finance:
Eugen Teodorovici, State Secretary; Darius Meşca, State Secretary.
Ministry o Justice:
Zsuszanna Peter, State Secretary; Estela Tauciuc, DeputyDirector.
Ministry o Deence:
Col. Aurel Gheorghe; Lt.Col. Vasile Bădescu.
Ministry o Internal Afairs and Administrative Reorm:
 Emilian Birjaru, Director General; Petre Ţâgorean, Director.
Ministry o Labour, Family and Gender Equality:
Theodora Bertzi, StateSecretary; Eugen Blaga, Director.
Ministry o Agriculture and Rural Development:
Rodica Matei, Director.
Ministry o Environmentand Sustainable Development:
Silviu Stoica, State Secretary; Octavian Popescu, Director General.
Ministry o Transport:
SeptimiuBuzaşu, State Secretary; Matei George, Head o Section.
Ministry o Education, Research and Youth:
Remus Pricopie, State Secretary;Mihai Matekovits, Director General.
Ministry o Culture and Religious Denominations:
Mircea Angelescu, Director General; CristinaCotenescu, Public Aairs Manager.
Ministry o Public Health:
Mihai Laurenţiu, Director General.
Ministry o Communication andInormation Technology:
Ionuţ Negrescu, Director; Mihaela Cioară, Counsellor or European Aairs.
Ministry or SMEs, Commerce,Tourism and Liberal Proessions:
Octavian Arsene, Director General; Cornelia Maria Simion, Director General.
Ministry o Development,Public Works and Housing:
Mihaela Vrabete, Director General; Anca Ginavar, Deputy Director General.
Romanian Academy:
FlorinFilip, Vice President; Gheorghe Zaman, Corresponding Member.
Accreditation Association o Romania – Bureau o Legal Metrology:
 Fănel Iacobescu, President and Director General; Cristian Dorin Nichita, Director General.
Standards Association o Romania:
MirceaMartiş, Director General; Iulian Florea, Head o Department.
National Authority or Consumer Protection:
Mihaela Enache, SecretaryGeneral; Mihail Meiu, Director.
National Forest Management O ce:
Dan Ioan Aldea, Director General; Cristian Apostol, Director.
NationalSanitary-Veterinary and Food Saety Authority:
Nicolae Lazăr, Director General; Theodora Vasile, Counsellor.
National Research andDevelopment Institute or Building and Construction Business:
Dan Constantinescu, Director General; Dan Georgescu, ScienticDirector.
Urban Design Institute Urbanproiect:
Doina Bubulete, Director General; Valentina Dumitru, Scientic Director.
NationalInstitute o Statistics:
Vergil Voineagu, President; Dan Ion Gherguţ, Vice President; Constantin Mândricelu, Director.
Romanian Agency orEnergy Conservation:
Corneliu Rotaru, Director.
National Agency or Mineral Resources:
Mihai Claudius Radu, Director General; MihaelaSmărăndescu, Counsellor.
Romanian Agency or Foreign Investment ARIS:
Raluca Olivia Gheorghe Anghel, Secretary General; IustinaLuţan, Counsellor.
State Assets Management Authority:
Gabriel Dumitraşcu, Director General; Mugurel Răducan, Director.
NationalCommission or Control o Nuclear Activities:
Vilmos Zsombori, President; Lucian Biro, Director.
State Inspectorate or Construction:
 Victor Cândea, Director.
National Authority or the Regulation and Monitoring o Public Procurement:
Gheorghe Cazan, DirectorGeneral; Raluca Marţian, Director.
National Forecasting Commission:
Ion Ghizdeanu, President; Daniela Plăvicheanu, Director General.
National Energy Regulatory Authority:
Maria Mânicuţă, Director General; Mirela Pleşca, Director.
National Youth Authority:
IonuţStroe, Director.
National Agency or Government Strategies:
Dan Jurcan, Director General; Bucur Bogdan, Director.
National Agencyor the Roma:
Gruia Ioan Bumbu, President; Dan Oprescu Zenda, Senior Counsellor.
National Administration Romanian Water:
MariusPostelnicu, Director General; Daniela Rădulescu, Technology Director.
National Research and Development Institute on EnvironmentProtection:
Neculai Mihăilescu, Director General; Vasilica Dăescu, Scientic Director.
National Research and Development Institute onMarine Science “Grigore Antipa”:
Simion Nicolaev, Director General; Alexandru S.Bologa, Scientic Director.
National Research andDevelopment Institute on the Danube Delta:
Romulus Ştiucă, Director General; Mircea Staraş, Scientic Director.
Environment FundAdministration:
Gheorghe Papuc, Director.
National Meteorology Administration:
Ion Victor Pescaru, Executive Director or Science.
Romanian National Commission or UNESCO:
Octavia Costea, Researcher, Educational Science Institute; Gheorghe Ionaşcu, SeniorLecturer, “Spiru Haret” University.
Co-ordinators and members o Working Groups
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12/11/2008 4:27:15 PM
Călin Georgescu, Co-ordinatorSergiu Celac, EditorVladimir AlexandrescuBogdan AndreescuDan BarnaAlexandru BădescuRăzvan BuzatuAdrian CurajVasile GheţăuMoise GuranGeorge IonescuDragoş JaliuValentin LazeaAureliu LecaGheorghe MencinicopschiSilviu NeguţuGheorghe OnuţDan PuricIonuţ PuricaCătălin SârbuŞerban SturdzaMadlen ŞerbanElena TeodoreanuAdrian Turek Angheluţă VădineanuLetiţia ZahiuGheorghe ZamanIonel Haiduc, Co-ordinatorVirgiliu ConstantinescuDaniel DăianuGleb DrăganVictor GiurgiuCristian HeraMircea Maliţa
Drating GroupScientifc Council
Romanian Academy
Operational Secretariat
Ministry o Environment and Sustainable Development
Technical Secretariat
National Centre or Sustainable Development
Octavian Popescu, Co-ordinatorNicoleta DobreLuminiţa GhiţăFlorian MoldoveanuMihaela ŞteănescuCristina StănicăFlorina VoicuRaluca Puiu Tania Mihu, Co-ordinatorDan Apostol Teodor FilipFlorin IscruOlivia PopescuDaniel TobosAna Maria VasiliuRadu VădineanuPetre Săbădeanu
sndd01.en.04.indd 3
12/11/2008 4:27:15 PM

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