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Masonry Construction Manual

Masonry Construction Manual

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The original German edition of this book was conceived and developed by
Review of Architecture Authors:Gunter Pfeifer, Professor, freelance architectDepartment of Design and Construction I, Darmstadt Technical UniversityRolf Ramcke, Prof. Dipl.-lng., architectDepartment of Planning Theory and Building Technology, Humboldt University, BerlinJoachim Achtziger, Dr.-lng.Forschungsinstitutfur Warmeschutz e.V. (Thermal Insulation Research Institute), MunichKonrad Zilch, Prof. Dr.-lng.Martin Schatz, Dr.-lng.Chair of Monolithic Construction, Munich Technical UniversityPublished by:Institut fur internationale Architektur-Dokumentation GmbH, MunichEditorial services: Andreas Gabriel, Dipl.-lng.; Christian Schittich, Dipl.-lng.;Sabine Drey, Dipl.-lng.; Cornelia Hilpert M.A.;Johanna Reichel-Vossen, Dipl.-lng.; Heike Werner, Dipl.-lng.;Drawings:Marion Griese, Dipl.-lng.; Kathrin Draeger, Dipl.-lng.; Martin Hammel, Dipl.-lng.;Oliver Katzauer, Dipl.-lng.; Emese Koszegi, Dipl.-lng.; Nicola Kollmann, Dipl.-lng.;Peter Lingenfelser, Dipl.-lng.; Isabel MayerTranslators (German/English):Gerd Sbffker, Philip Thrift, Hannover; Elizabeth Schwaiger, Toronto A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the Library of Congress,Washington, D.C., USADeutsche Bibliothek - Cataloging-in-Publication DataMasonry construction manual / [publ. by: Institut fur Internationale Architektur-Dokumentation GmbH, Munich].Joachim Achtziger... [Transl. (German/Engl.): Gerd Soffker; Philip Thrift, Elizabeth Schwaiger]. -Basel; Boston; Berlin: Birkhauser; Munchen: Ed. Detail, 2001ISBN 3-7643-6543-9This work is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved, whether the whole or part of the material is concerned, specificallythe right of translation, reprinting, re-use of illustrations, recitation, broadcasting, reproduction on microfilms or in other ways,and storage in databases. For any kind of use, permission of the copyright owner must be obtained.This book is also available in a German language edition (ISBN 3-7643-6478-5).©2001 Birkhauser - Publishers for Architecture, P.O. Box 133, CH-4010 Basel, SwitzerlandMember of the BSpringer Publishing Group.Printed on acid-free paper produced from chlorine-free pulp. TCF ~Printed in GermanyISBN 3-7643-6543-9987654321 http://www.birkhauser.ch 
PrefacePart 1 • Masonry in architecture
Rolf RamckeWhat is masonry?Positions in historyDesignMasonry - today and tomorrow
Part 2 • FundamentalsMaterial
Konrad Zilch, Martin SchatzMasonry unitsNatural stone unitsMortar for masonryPlasters
Masonry bonds
Konrad Zilch, Martin Schatzwith Christina RadlbeckGeneralFormats and specialsThe relationship between dimensionalcoordination and unit formatThe rules of bondingMasonry wall bonds
Structural masonry
Konrad Zilch, Martin SchatzThe loadbearing behaviour of masonryThe principles of masonry designDeformation and crack formationNatural stone masonryReinforced masonryPrefabricated masonry elementsMasonry in earthquake zones6
The building of masonry
144Konrad Zilch, Martin Schatz8Mixing and using mortar on site 144Protecting masonry against moisture 1459 Laying during cold weather 14510 Suitability and quality tests 14530 Perpends and bed joints 14651 Junctions with intersecting walls 146Chases and recesses 14854 Building and cleaning facing masonry 149Jointing 15055 Joint design 151Gauged brickwork 153Mechanical fixings in masonry 15355 Rationalization measures 1556363
Building science
16067 Joachim Achtziger72 Thermal insulation 160Climate-related moisture control 179Sound insulation 186Fire protection 19672 Units and symbols for building science 20272
Part 3 • Construction details
20476 Gunter Pfeifer, Rolf Ramcke7879 Flat roof 212Shallow pitched roof 21492 Pitched roof 215Floor junction 221Openings 22292 Balconies 22896 Junction with terrace 230105 Plinth 231112 Stairs 232113 Re-entrant corner 232119 Corner 234121 Free-standing walls 234
Masonry details
Konrad Zilch, Martin Schatz122
Part 4 • Built examples in detail
236Gunter PfeiferExternal walls 122Internal walls 129Columns and free-standing masonry walls 132Party walls 133External basement walls 133Natural stone masonry 135Openings in walls 137Vaulting and arch floors 139Point loads 141Connections 141Built examples in detailOverview examples 1 - 34 237
Directives and standards 384Bibliography and references 385Subject index 388Index of names 392Picture credits 392

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